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Telecom Plus, or the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, aims to provide significantly cheaper energy than most other providers.

Selling points

  • Claim to offer the cheapest gas and electricity rates in the UK.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel
  • Economy 7

Packages on offer

General domestic electricity tariff

Electricity units are charged at the same price regardless of when the units are used.

Economy 7 electricity tariff

Electricity units used during the night are charged at a cheaper rate, meaning that this is a suitable option for households that use more than 15% of their electricity at night.

Standard gas tariff

This low rate is reduced when your pay by direct debit.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Prepay
  • Cash
  • Cheque
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per kg/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
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43 responses to “Utility Warehouse”

  1. claire davey says:

    Hi does anyone know how the cash back works if you got a prepayment meter cos I only got gas and electricity on my account and will get a lot of cash back cos I use my card a lot. Thanks

  2. Kieren Trinder says:

    God awful firm – utterly inept customer services (when reachable), who deliver different information each time, based, I assume, on dice rolls.. Worst experience I’ve ever had.

  3. s ganderton says:

    Seven years I have been arguing with this company as even though I have been on prepayment meters they think I have worked up a debt of nearly £2000 on electricity in less than ten months! Every time I have called (after trawling the internet for their phone number as everyone printed on correspondence has been wrong) they have told me I owe a different amount to the time before. Every statement they have ever sent, after months of me pestering them has also had a different amount on it. Apparently they cannot give me a breakdown of how much I have used and how much I have credited to my metre because they dont keep a record of it! Not sure how they can calculate any bills without that info! Seven years on, I have had a breakdown due to stress and my bill is the same it was over six years ago despite me paying £40 plus per week onto my electricity pre payment card! AVOID EVEN IF IT MEANS LIVING BY CANDLE LIGHT AND RUBBING STICKS TOGETHER TO KEEP WARM!!

  4. Ms P says:

    The worst company ever. They land you with unexplained charges. They don’t take over the utilities very well. Trying to talk to anybody is a nightmare. There’s no general complaints department. I’ve been with them for almost 4 months and am trying desperately to get back away from them. I was paying less to Eon and BT. Nobody should have to live in fear of turning on a light or having hot water because you might get stung with a huge bill you can’t pay!

  5. David Bone says:

    UW. have cost me over £4000. 00 in lost rent because they refused to remove the debt our tenant (their customer) left on our property. I emailed their chief executive Mr. A Lindsay direct in the finish to resolve the problem. Then after 2yrs and being with British Gas without, warning UW. are upsetting our new tenant by sending her bills. I would say to all these people who reckon UW. are great. Just reserve judgement and they will see them in their true colours should they wish to change suppliers.

    • Andrew says:

      Isn’t that the responsibility of the landlord anyway? If the tenant leaves the meter in debt and leaves the property, you have to pay and then recover the funds from the tenant.

  6. Unknown says:

    I will never get with this company again !!! After not having a bill for my gas for 4 months I then have a letter saying they are going to get a court order to break door my door and change my meter or cut it off (I’ve got 3 small kids ) then I was on my way out on Wednesday a small white van pulled up just feet from my home I thought nothing of it I noticed he saw me coming out my home but carried on doing my school run, to come home and find a letter though my door saying they came today to break into my home but due to the fact I had a dog in my home they couldn’t do so but they would return with a dog warden (which was all on a4 paper typed and printed ) but the man put a note on the paper aswel stating he will return with a dog handler WITH DOGS!!!! My dogs wouldn’t harm a fly yet they are happy to threaten me and my family pets !!!!!! Just wrong then we called them up to speak about this matter to which he told me full payment of 659.60 or they will come change my locks and bring a dogs we asked him why dose he need dogs for are you planing on hurting our dogs to which he didn’t reply!!! We told him to send a letter with a day when he wants to come out and change the meter to which he said he will be back but didn’t want to give me a day at all!!!!! So he wants to wait till I’m out to break into my family home hurt my dogs and then leave us outside with no way of getting in apart from going 8 miles with small kids by bus to claim my keys!!!! And all they are doing will be funded by me!!!! As it will be added to my bill !!!

    • Daz says:

      You could have phoned them. Surely, when using gas appliances you know it will cost money, you should call and ask “How much do I owe?”

      However, if you’re not in, they’re not allowed to force entry and it is highly unlikely a court would grant permission to break in over an energy bill.

  7. Jeremy Stopher says:

    Customer service???? Who knows you can never get through to them, is the number correct? I need to get a meter removed and I have now stopped my DD payments in an effort to speak to someone. Hopefully that may get their attention. A heavy drinking session in a brewery comes to mind.

  8. E Smith says:

    This is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. They did not follow regulatory procedures when taking over supply as neither the meter serial number nor the address matched the actual address/meter. When I moved in and inhertited the contract they sent threatening and intimidating letters wanting £200 deposit, despite being told I would be changing suppliers. Customer serice is inept and ineffectual and Ombudsman now involved. Five months and I still cannot change my supplier!!!!! They are either really thick or really obstructive. They are not to be touched with a bargepole!!!!!!!!

  9. Tony says:

    The Utility Warehouse has always been great to me!

  10. Judy Scott says:

    I got my annual electricity costs recalculated and they discovered these were set by Utility Warehouse at £33 a month too much. Watch out!

  11. Polly says:

    I have used this company for a few years and was amazed how they helped out when i had difficulty paying my bills from the first year so i stuck with them . I have both electricity and gas with them. I only hope that all companies would alter prepayment meters rates lower to match normal meter rates for everyone .

  12. natasha says:

    Inherited this company and have had nothing but trouble. Sent paperwork to wrong address. HAVE HAD NO PAPERWORK SINCE DEALING WITH THEM. Stay away if you value your sanity!!!!

  13. A Freem says:

    We became a customer of Utility Warehouse years ago, after reading Which Magazine and scruntching the numbers. Delighted with the services and the further discounts from shopping on the high street.
    First Class, we would definitely recommend!

  14. Mark Evans says:

    We also used to be a distributor but not anymore as our prices are much more expensive than they need be. The only thing that we have kept is the gas so we can keep the discount card.

    Our phone is cheaper with BT! We don’t use international calls so that is no benefit but we do ring a lot of 0845 numbers and they are no longer free with Utility Warehouse.

    Recently compared our electric and as a high user we can save 35% with EDF which far exceeds all the savings made with the discount cards.

    And they kept adding extra little charges here and there until you complained and then they would remove them.

    Great idea, shame they don’t just stick to what they say they would do.

  15. Darren Foston says:

    This has to be the most inept company I have ever dealt with. The simplicity of the difference between 2 readings equals energy used seems to be far above their ability and 4 months on and countless emails later I am still being charged for energy not yet used. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  16. Rachel Sinclair says:

    I’ve been with Utility Warehouse for some years and have found them extremely helpful and the bills very competative. When something did go wrong when I moved they dealt with it so efficiently and effortlessly.

    I would recommend them to anyone.

  17. Ali says:

    This company is the worst one I have seen. I have got a flat with two bedrooms, and I pay 220 pound every month for this company, just for electricity. It is so expensive and so bad.


  18. Fiona Howarth says:

    I am an ex Utility Warehouse distributor – I have stopped as the service personally has been appalling bad.
    Utility Warehouse have a very bad reputation amongst most lettings agents and we deal with Spark Energy instead – much less hassle.
    Might be 40% cheaper, although I doubt you could prove that or substantiate that claim at the moment!
    Give UW a wide berth if you want a pain free life!

  19. mal warehouse says:

    I think the company is great and have been a customer for a number of years. I save money every month.

  20. Mitch Hayworth says:

    Absolute rubbish cannot wait to break ties with this appalling company. 6 months trying to sort out wildly inaccurate bills, they cut telephone off because of disputed bill. Ombudsman finally intervened and found in our favor. Unable to provide proper and intelligible billing information. Customer services a shambles. dreadful company that does not even deserve the one star. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY

  21. Anna Pike says:

    The Energy Helpline contacted me recently saying they could probably help me save money by finding me a cheaper electricity provider (we don’t have gas). They told me that I could almost certainly save by switching from Telecomplus (Utility Warehouse) to Scottish Power based on the rough estimate of our household consumption. However, I checked our bills for the last two years to work out our average consumption and calculated the cost exactly using the tariffs from the two companies. Good old Telecomplus still came out cheaper – the guy from the Energy Helpline didn’t seem to know what to say when I gave him all the figures! We have telephone, broadband, mobile and electricity from Telecomplus (which includes the cost of the line rental). All our phone calls to landlines (at any time of the day and week) are included in the fixed monthly charge – including 0845 and 0870 numbers – and phone calls to the USA, France and many other countries are also included. It’s just calls to mobiles we have to pay for, and they seem to be much cheaper than other people seem to pay. The regular monthly bill for all the services on one account is really easy too. Go for it!

  22. Kirsty Hamilon says:

    I have just recently took over a business and am looking for a reconnection of electricity asap. The electric supply got cut of from the previous owner and I am struggling to get the mains back on. I have phoned many companies which say british gas (which was previous supplier) has to reconnect the electric. I have phoned them and they want a lump sum of money which I am not going to pay as cut off electric was not my problem, if you can help in any way would be great.

  23. Shanu Varma says:

    I am a Utility Warehouse distributor and our prices are 40% cheaper prices than BT, British Gas, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power, EDF and Southern!

    3 years on the trot Which? magazine have awarded UW cheapest dual fuel supplier in the UK!

  24. Mr Roger Godwin says:

    The customer services support have been no use to me over a period of two months that I have been tryying to resolve an issue where I am installing Solar PV. I will end up leaving this company. Not very happy.

  25. Zak Bailey says:

    Best value for money by far. Excellent customer service and it really saves a lot of money.

  26. R. D. Yousafzai says:

    I am so far new to the company. When I called them for a quote, I was told some rates for electric and gas, but on 1st bill it was different(increased one). I called them back and got a reply that the rate I am talking about was for DD not for cheques. Dodgy Salesmen. They don’t accept cash from any other bank, except Barclays (which they don’t like either). Club Membership fee is useless, because many of the things on discounted prices are 99% for elites. I also found not much of adifference in rates campared to other companies.

  27. Mrs A Oliver says:

    Great value for money on all the services I have with The Utility Warehouse. My local Distributor David Guest has saved me hundreds of pounds a year. Thank you UW and David.

  28. Osama Bin Laden says:

    Got my fist bill and it is……. £675 Oh my god… switching straight away looks like my cave isnt getting any light for a long while 🙁

  29. Vlenters says:

    Very Good. Much reduced prices and a much simpler bill then my previous supplier. When I was with Scottish power I had to pay a huge amount of gas and electricity every 3 months over and on top the monthy “budget”. Now I read the meter every month and my monthly debit is a true reflection of what we used.

  30. Andy says:

    I have everything with the Utility Warehouse. Broadband, Home Phone, Mobile, Gas and Electricity. Customer service is great as my advisor Andy lives next door to me and uses all the services himself. I will never move away from this supplier. UK based customer service as well. Brilliant!!!

  31. Ms J Smith says:

    Great customer service and we’re saving £40 a month on energy alone. Fantastic company and I’m sure we won’t need to switch again. The cashback card is great!

  32. Colin Course says:

    hello good feedback this company might have but hard to join ,sent email no reply rang up and you have given a wrong number ,the number given is for a ferniture warehouse

  33. Ann Billman says:

    can anyone who is a customer please give a contact number as the one printed is wrong thanks

  34. James W Lomas says:

    Please advise what the economy 7 working hours are for my area BB4 8UG
    I do not have any other way of finding out the answer from your website/homepage etc – very frustrating ! !

  35. Mr A Redfern says:

    this website is advertising a furniture store general enquiries number lol instead of energy providor.

  36. M Evans says:

    Much cheaper prices, excellent customer service and FREE phone calls and I have my very own local adviser who did the whole switchover for me… simple and hassle free.

  37. Viv Nwoj says:

    Do you have a meter that can be connected to a particular AC induction motor to measure and display the amount of energy or electricity consumed?

  38. Jane Atkinson says:

    I have been with The Utility Warehouse for over 2 years. They are excellent value for money and I have all my services with them telephone and calls, gas and electric, broadband and mobile. All theese services are on one fully itemised monthly bill,and their call center/head office is based in London, brilliant company service.

  39. Bill Dootson says:

    Brilliant , I have all my utilities, broadband and phone on one bill. I pay 1 standing order. Extremely competitive and a UK call centre which answers my calls in 15 secs, yes 15 secs.

  40. Richard says:

    I can recommend UW and signed up with Esther, her personal service is second to none.

  41. Mr A D Hutton says:

    Great value for Gas and Electricity. Also, I have all my utilities on one bill so only one place to call if I have any questions. Brilliant customer service!

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