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PO Box 7506

Contact Information

  • Electricity Enquiries 0800 052 5252
  • To report a power cut 0800 052 0400
  • To switch to SWALEC 0800 34 34 36
  • Meterline 0800 015 5180
  • Careline 0800 622 838
  • Email customerservice@swalec.co.uk

General Information

SWALEC is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE). SSE has around 5 million energy customers.

Selling points

  • Free Air Miles are available to SWALEC customers, with added Air Miles bonuses for customers who buy their gas and electricity from them.
  • SWALEC also offers free Argos points for its customers.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel
  • Green
  • Economy 7

Packages on offer

Electricity domestic standard

Standard electricity, where units are charged at the same rate, regardless of the time they are used.

Electricity Economy

This package is suitable for households where over 15% of electricity is used at night, as units are charged at a cheaper rate during the night-time.

Gas Standard

Standard gas, where units are charged at the same rate, regardless of the time they are used.

Nil service charge

For those who wish to pay only for units they have actually used.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Postal Order
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Special Services

Energyplus Air Miles and Energyplus Argos are packages available that allow customers to collect Argos points and Air Miles every time they pay their bill.

Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
54 28 1 15 2 613 0.00011169

44 responses to “Swalec”

  1. Edward harris says:

    And just to add to that too, that I have kept a very good record of my phone calls and emails to them and recorded the many fob off lines they spun me when I got through to them and I’m sending them off to the right quarters, when I can find a quarter that are not corrupted in this country.

  2. Edward harris says:

    I applied for a free boiler with swalec last april 2013 and I met all the qualifications to get one by the chumps they appointed to survey the job but it seems like the chumps are in league with swalec to delay it on purpose because swalec are miffed off because of the tiny contributions they make to the eco scheme. Their help line are pathetic, except for the way they try to fob you off with pathetic excuses. Probably swalec’s help team will get a big xmas bonus for their skill in fobbing pensioners off. They are all want want want, without any capability to give back. Their help team are just recycled teenagers and very probably play games on their Ipads all day and don’t like being interrupted by people phoning them.

  3. kadnezia says:

    I am now totally disgusted with swalec. I moved 8 mths ago to my new house I was with british gas and was very happy but as new property was on swalec I had to go wive them until things could be sorted, its now been 7 mths and still no change over plus the other reason is so far in just over a week my prepaid gas meter has asked for call help each time they’ve said it just needed updating or something stupid so when I rang yesterday with same problem again told them it needs to be replaced or the problem would keep happening, ho yer they did but now I’m being charged for their mistakes and not sure I’m gona pay as I’m on low benefits as I’ve lost my dla. Not sure what to do now.

  4. Kevin Wright-Brown says:

    I was charged £780 + for 10 weeks as a single person last winter. A local engineering factory including offices was charged less than £500. A local pub and busy B&B less than £500. Swalec insist this impossible amount is correct. I used two small night heaters on low!

    I am starting a big campaign. Anyone with bad experience of rip off please post here.

  5. Hannah Jones says:

    It seems as if Swalec is unsatisfactory and Scottish power is a rip off. Don’t know where to turn for a decent electric supplier. Even paying a bill is getting impossible.

  6. J TO says:

    I rang up and asked if I could have a gadget which measures electricity – as per the SWALEC leaflet.

    I was just told it would be in the post.

    But Swalec changed my account without my knowledge – and I ended up losing all my Argos points. Around £30.

    And yes, they confirmed that I ahd never agreed to switch accounts.

    I have emailed SWALEC – and got replies -around 10 times and the account STILL isn’t right.

    As an organisation that is supposed to be on top of finance, it’s a truly pathetic performance.

    Agree with the comment above – Steer clear SWALEC if you want to be a customer who signs up to one account and expects to stay that way unless you agree to change.

  7. William Lyon says:

    I’ve been many years with swalec for my electric and always had good service and paying through my bank D/D have no worrie’s when I phone in my meter reading they are always polite also being a pensioner have had free light bulbs off them

  8. Ryan Carter says:

    Swalec can’t make up their minds whether or not I’ve paid my last bill. They think that the last payment was made via a natwest cheque in August. I don’t use cheques, I’m not with Natwest and I didn’t make a payment when they think I did. STEER CLEAR IF YOU LIKE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Frankly I’m gutted I have to rate them at all

  9. Omar Dualeh says:

    I believe your customer service is very good, better than the british gas. A couple months ago you sent me a letter saying my bill will come down, but I’m still buying same things. If you give me any feed back will be fine.

  10. Helen Griffith says:

    Swalec owe an 81 year old lady over £600 they have over charged her. She needs her money and they seem unable to pay it back. Should I send them a letter and disconnect them, because that’s what they would do to us. I am disgusted!!!

    • john hathway says:

      Under the section 75 act if she has made the payments by card she is entitled to a full refund.

  11. Reza. Mirelmi says:

    I have been contacting swalec for 2 weeks but I don’t get any where. I just want to change my key meeter to monthly meeter. I’m already paying around £100 for gas and elec every WEEK.

  12. Claire Williams says:

    I don’t trust them I got a bill for over £200…. I am on a prepayment meter so how can I owe them that much, I’m too scared to pay by direct debit and have the meters taken out because I’d never know if they were over charging me.

  13. Danielle Lyons says:

    We have been with swalec for 7 years and have not had any problems with them what so ever, I was on prepayment meters, when I lost the card for my gas meter, a replacement was sent immediately, and as I had a small child on site, they arranged for an engineer to put emergency credit on for me until my card arrived. They also arranged for my gas and electric meters to be changed to normal meters with no problem, and both meters got changed the same day.. I will happily recommend this company to family and friends.

  14. Robert Adams says:

    Just had a phone call from an independent fuel company trying to get me to change to them. They rate British Gas as the cheapest then N Power then E.ON where is SWALEC in the cheapest table? Can you keep my custom by being the cheapest???

  15. Ericbrophy says:

    Are there any special rates for oaps?

  16. Mr Spence says:

    Whilst it is easy to find fault with anything or anyone.
    On the plus side, I find the 0800 number a big plus and generally I get a good response to my questions.
    On the negative as with lots of Companies, I find they like to take a lot of your money in DD’s and if you do not keep your eye on the ball they will continue doing just that until, one day you wake up and do the figures and find they have overcharged you by over £2,000.
    Again on the plus side, what a bonus!!!
    Next holiday settled. (:
    Have a nice day and a happy new year to all you lovely people in Swalec.

  17. Patricia Nash says:

    Swalec are great. Polite customer services. I have saved 10% on my electric consumption in a year. Cannot find fault with them.

  18. Victor N Edwards says:

    I have now changed supplier because of total failure of swalec in any customer satisfaction. The company are a waste of your time.

  19. David Jones, says:

    Why haven’t I been repaid for the meter rental this was stopped last yr now I have gone to gas board as you didn’t want to know now we are looking at going to court to get all the money back the gas have now cleared this off my meter.

  20. Dewi Roberts says:

    To view swalec web site – I need to download adobe flashplayer – why do I have to do this?
    Flashplayer is not free software – I have no idea if it is totally safe to use – therefore I cannot use your web site.
    Please therefore change your web site.

  21. Trevor Benjamin says:

    SWALEC are crap! Phoned them about changing the address name on bills, as it was (and is) in the tenancy agency name, also to change the amount on the bill as it was our first since moving and was billed from before we moved in, “no problem, we’ll arrange all that and send an altered bill for you.”. Great, I thought! Easy-peasy……..then the bill arrives with the EXACT SAME INFORMATION AS THE FIRST BILL!!! NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Pillocks.

  22. J Wilkinson says:

    I have been with swalec since May 2007 and have found them to be obstructive and unreasonable. When their own customer services adviser informed me i had been paying for electricity used in this property prior to my moving in, i requested a full written break down of charges, that was almost 18 months ago, I still have not had these and even yesterday was told that i could not have them… Yet they expect me to pay for something i don’t think i have used? They have apparently the legal backing to be able to break into my home to change a meter or cut me off, I have nothing to help me sort out this issue, I can’t even find out how much they charge per Kwh so to assess if I am being overcharged! Disgusted with them completely, as for their home service? pah, i had paid for them to look after my boiler and radiators, when British gas took over this mantle they discovered that the boiler membrane had infact ruptured and needed replacing, swalec engineers never found this problem!

  23. J Truscott says:

    Swalec seem to be holding back posting out bills right until the last minute – this means you cannot get a discount because you cannot pay it in time.

    The date on the bill is about 10 days before you receive it – if you are lucky.

    I wouldn’t have twigged this new money making idea – but I have to pay the bills of two houses in two different counties.

    And it’s happened to me three times. After two times, I rang up and asked for the billl to be sent. Funnily enough it arrived the next day – so no problems with the post. But doesn’t leave me anough time to pay it to get the discount.

    Rang SWALEC and asked to speak to a supervisor to explain why this was – of course, I couldn’t speak to one.. gave up after 11 minutes.

    But young Andrew told me that I must take up the late delivery of bills with the Royal Mail.

    Er… no Andrew, it’s not my business to chase up late delivery of your bills.

    I can just easily change to another company.

  24. W. T. R. James says:

    I too will switch if this online access is not resolved quickly.

  25. Naser El Farrajabi says:

    3x months no bills are sent or even someone come look to the maters, I know later I’ll get charged more! y?
    I’d like 2 pay as Direct Debit to save money & not get headaches from waiting for the post (bills). Thanks

  26. Robert William Jones says:

    Having been promised a paper bill quarterly, and meter reading twice yearly,and numerous reqests for bills, i,v yet see recieve one both for Gas and Elec.

  27. Tracy Flint says:

    swalec have been great for us we used to be with scottish power and the prices are alot better now. They also help us when we have any questions or need advice. They will be soon installing more insulation in our loft for FREE!

  28. Chantelle Santwris says:

    I have my gas and electric through these people, the other day a representative from swalec called at my home and told me she was here to save me money on my bills. when she finally left she had conned us into letting them supply me with my telephone, telling me i would save hundreds of pounds a year by having my token meter taken out. then when i contact them they wont do it, saying i owe them money. as the representative said to me they are making hundreds of pounds a year from each customer. these meters are put in to help people, right. WRONG they are there so swalec can prey on people that are struggling. ROBBERS

  29. David Brill says:

    From what date are your price increases effective. How can I be sure that I will not be charged at the new rate for fuel used prior to the increase.

  30. Alison Feehan says:

    swalec are useless first of all they hadnt noted that my electricity meter had been changed from pre-pay to quarterly after umteen phone calls giving them the same info every time “meter point refrance number. meter reading” and so on it took them almost 12 months to sort it out by which time i was in £900 debt with them the cheeky sodseven had the cheek to threaten disconection. then they replaced the meter AGAIN so that i could pay the arrers off ,that was their doing to start with. i asked before the appointment was even made to change the meter was there any charges for the pre-pay meter as i didnt think that i should have to pay for a mistake that they where responsable for bla bla bla the exact reply i got was “NO DONT CHARGE ANY MORE FOR PRE-PAY THAN YOU DO FOR QUARTERLY” what a joke that was not only pay upto £300 a year more than if payments by DD
    but they are charing me £1.30 a week for the “PRIVELAGE” of having a pre-pay. if your thinking about changing to swalec, DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Michelle French says:

    i have tryed on a number ot occasions to get back the money swalec owes me snd have failed october o7 449 .10 was owen to me said it wouldbe carryed forward to my next bill this bill recieved 11 aprilo8 now owed 410.10.i would like this money back as its rightfully mine i have apre pay metter if i dont put tokens in my metter i dont get eney electric so you owe me it befor this i was satisfied with swalec now
    jm not sure

  32. Patricia Greaney says:

    Although we pay our bills by direct debit, is it possible for our bills to be shown to us on line so we can see how our usage and money is going?

  33. Kevin Simpson says:

    I spend by the debtors key method but the weekly arrears in the contract is not visible on their meter. Economy 7 is useless because I have no freezing need.

  34. S. Cooper says:


  35. Paul Smith says:

    Swalec homeservice or sheild for boiler cover is TOTAL CRAP,8 missed appoitments endless unskilled engineers turn up,even had one of they so called technical engineer from cardiff to turn up who after 2hrs said he new what the problem was then left,came back and had wrong part again.After telling me he would be back in the morning,later that night we had to call out TRANSCO because this so called technical engineer left a gas leak on my boiler which transco said could have killed us,he left open a screw on the gas valve.AVOID AVOID AVOID ,TOTAL CRAP

  36. Susan Cox says:

    we have had endless trouble with swalec gas and electricty. we asked for meters to be put in so we could pay for what we used.our electric meter needs a key and so far we have had 7 keys each of which does not work in the shops,so they have to send somebody out to put 25 pounds on each time,that goes straight on to our bill.our gas meter takes 7 pounds of us every time we top up sometimes it goes within a matter of days,at the moment our electic meter is not working so they have left us with three small children with out power now for three days we have had to stay at the parents house.

  37. Anno says:

    Swalec have really helped me out with a query that has been on going with British Gas. They have resolved the issue. I also like the fact they answer the phone quickly and the level of customer service is fantastic.

  38. Martin Shaw says:

    I have used Swalec Gas and Electric for quite some time and have always found them helpful and friendly and efficient when I overpaid I always got prompt return of my money so I suppose it varies who you talk too and which area you are in !

  39. Sadie Alexander says:

    I have been waiting since May 2007 for a refund of almost three hundred pounds from SWALEC. I have phoned them many times and keep getting told that they will process it and it should be with me in 7 – 10 working days. They are most unhelpful and when I have asked why it has not been sent out they assure me that it will be “this time”. I am now changing my supplier as I am fed up with being told lies by SWALEC. I am sure if I owed them money since May they would have cut my supply and sent lots of nasty letters.

  40. Trevor Ernest Walker says:

    I took out the SHIELD central heating protection, I had to wait some time before I could use the service, I now wish to have a time clock replaced as it is faulty. SWALEC did not turn up for 2 appointments, the 3rd eventually turned up 3 hours late. That was 2 weeks ago, the part has been ordered, should now be in stock, and guess what, all has gone deathly quiet yet again. I must be one of the many forgotten customers put to the back of a dark filing cabinet. PLEASE!!! SWALEC can I have my timer clock fixed as quickly as you take my payments. So far the crap service is still ongoing. Others beware. I agree with the comments on customer care 100%.

  41. Peter Carter says:

    Thank goodness I have still got billing by paper/post…the site for electric is easy to find but one embarks into a journey to every area on the swalec website just to find your own gas bill. This time round I gave up after half an hour of seaching which led me to my elec. bill for the umpteenth time.

  42. Sue Smith says:

    We have had trouble with Swalec Elec and Gas since starting with them in 2001, even our 1st application went missing !! None of the staff know what each is doing and I agree NO CUSTOMER SKILLS WHATSOEVER.

  43. Susan Hewitt says:

    I think that this company is very bad with customer skills and they give no importance to the customer and they are useless as they left me with out electric last time for three days i think you they need to work on their skills as a company.

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