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Southern Electric
Inveralmond House
200 Dunkeld Road

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  • General Enquiries 0845 026 0654
  • Electricity Emergencies 0800 072 7282
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General Information

Southern Electric is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE), and provides energy to 2.6 million of the 5 million SSE customers.

Selling points

  • Free Air Miles are available to Southern Electric customers, with added Air Miles bonuses for customers who buy their gas and electricity from them.
  • Southern Electric also offers free Argos points for its customers.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel
  • Green
  • Economy 7

Packages on offer

Electricity domestic standard

Standard electricity, where units are charged at the same rate, regardless of the time they are used.

Electricity Economy

This package is suitable for households where over 15% of electricity is used at night, as units are charged at a cheaper rate during the night-time.

Gas Standard

Standard gas, where units are charged at the same rate, regardless of the time they are used.

Nil service charge

For those who wish to pay only for units they have actually used.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Postal Order
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Special Services

Energyplus Air Miles and Energyplus Argos are packages available that allow customers to collect Argos points and Air Miles every time they pay their bill.

Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
54 28 1 15 2 613 0.00011169

211 responses to “Southern Electric”

  1. Scott says:

    Scottish and Southern Electric have ripped us off for the last 3 years! Overcharging us for offpeak electricity on an a peak rate? We only realized a couple of months ago when I got an electrician to check all our power sourcing and metering. He confirmed the meter was over 2 hours out GMT, over 3 hours BST. This is a nationwide scandal of falsely overcharging customers, I know a number of people who have all experienced the same thing. This simply amounts to fraud on a national scale. I don’t believe this company is going to continue to get away with this. They should be shut down! I am going to do my utmost to make sure they feel my suffering, I have lived in fuel poverty for years because of their scam. We could not afford to put the heating on due to the billing expense and therefore lived in deprivation. I am now persuing compensation for this. Do not use this company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kat says:

    I have received a letter from SS about a new service charge of £100 per year for gas. I range them saying that I do not gas in my property but they stated that they are still going to charge me as I have the meter in my property. Anyone in the same situation? Is this company joking?

  3. flowers says:

    Very poor service from southern electric. I am trying to register my accounts online during the last week and the website will not allow me to do so, there is always something wrong with the website, one would think that southern electric will put a card advising you to read the meter if they do not find you at home and put the card freepost to them.

  4. shirley allen says:

    After being with you for 8 years not one time have I had reduced bills a statement bill by mail. Help on insulation special concession for over 60yrs?????????? Having only electric no gas. No special offers why?

  5. shirley allen says:

    Your letter yesterday is not right. I am 69yrs old only have electric no way do I use 80pounds per month, don’t use water heater, iron, vacum. Dont have central heating just washing machine kettle lights fridge freezer tv vcr cctv camera laptop.

  6. wescoelec says:

    I’ve had a such a dispute with one of the bills and was able to solve at the end after talking to the supervisor.
    Try speaking to the customer service and ask for their supervisors because CS will just repeat what they said they can’t make any decision.

  7. A DICKENS says:

    I was an SSE customer in my previous address, having been moved over a year was very surprised when a £800+ final bill came for my old address, I’m very shocked and think this has to be a mistake as we had pre-payment metres for both gas and electric, I wouldn’t use this company ever again, they are a joke and I’m making an appointment with our local CAB, no way have we run up over £800 with pre-payment meters, I strongly recommend everyone stays away from this company. Oh yes, the last straw. We have a disabled child and are meant to get some money back every year and not had anything from this company.

  8. aj says:

    6 years loyal service but the buck stops there.
    Had nothing for over the year but hassle even now, my last bill was 300 quid but suddenly shot up to 1,356,89p funny thing they rang me a week before that saying they’re overcharging me for gas and need to calculate the bill, finally managed to get them to 900 quid after readings, pissed off aint the word here, decided to pay on a plan 5 quid a week till I get the 900 pound in total together from work, they wiggled out of the plan claiming my usage is too high yet funnily enough I turned off the gas supply at the metre for 8 months now, being a truck driver I eat out all time anyway and wash round at family houses or in other places hahah now they reckon they will take me to court over 630 quid outstanding. When I politely rang em up after a error with my wages they won’t help at all.

    Stay away form them. That’s coming from a customer of six whole years.

    • A DICKENS says:

      Hey I’ve just been reading your story and am discussed, have you had any joy with these rip offs, I too am being taken for an idiot x

  9. diane datson says:

    Appalling! Such high bills compared to everyone I know apart from those on Southern electric – disgusting. Marks and Spencer should look into it as they are allowing the sales men from this truly terrible company to tout their business in their branches.

  10. bj says:

    SE electric called in September to say they were increasing my direct debits from £120 per month to £150 per month for gas and electric. I queried this and they said I owed £30 but said they wouldn’t charge the new rate. In October they then charged me £217 per month on DD and have continued to do so since. I am furious.

  11. Star says:

    Southern gas are a rip off! They are charging upto £5 for a two day period when I barely cook and only put heating on an hour a day. I’m a single mum with a young child. Do not understand how I have to keep topping up constantly! Their customer service agents are the worst. Telling me how it is completely normal to be topping up £40 a week for the above usage?? As though I have never used gas/electric through another company. They want an additional amount if I were to change my supplier/ want a new meter! As soon as I can afford it I will definitely change my supplier! Officially the worst gas supplying company ever!

  12. share says:

    When did they change to having no off peak on standard rate. We are being bleed dry by these companies.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    My mum is paying for electricity and the bill came yesterday, we have to pay £475 for 3 months.We have 3 heaters in our house and we were using just one heater every night because it was cold. How come just 2 people have to pay £475!!

  14. Kelvin says:

    27 Jan, put £30 on the key meter, checked 4th Feb, £25 used over the 8 days, normally it would last 14 days. Even with the cold weather that’s going on, we haven’t turned on any extra electricals. At this rate, our bill for monthly electric will have raised form £60 per month to £100 per month, which is outlandish for just using electricity.

  15. VALERIE says:

    The meters were put in due to debt about £350 electric and £750 gas due to circumstnces beyond my control I have been paying back the debt through a key in the electric meter and a card in the gas meter. Southern electric has placed the gas meter so low down that we all find it painful to place the card into the slot. This has been going on for such a long time that the debt must have been paid by now.

  16. VALERIE says:

    I have osteoporosis am 60 years old and have two disabled children of 17 and 14 years. I have a meter for gas and one for electric. They were put in 2009. I am spending huge amounts per week for gas and electric. It has got me down it seems that the meters are just eating the money. Where can I go for help. I can’t change my provider while i have these meters.

  17. Dennis Paling says:

    Southern Electric Gas have treated my wife and mother in law very badly. There was a gas leak at their property in a pipe between the meter and the gas boiler. National Grid issued a warning notice. The house is council owned. Southern Electric are pressuring my wife and mother in law to pay for the gas lost in the gas leak.

  18. Wills says:

    SSE major ongoing dispute re latest bill. They just make up dates and readings to fit their user profile for me, telling me the previous bills contained readings different to those printed on them. All seams to have started when new meter was fitted, ie daily usage soared app. 200% over night!

  19. Cedric elian says:

    I know must energy companies are bad but southern energy is the worst of england. Not only the harass people for payment just a week after sending the bill, but they also threat people very severely of termination contract with they dont get full payment just a week after sending their bill. This company is a very crook one.

  20. harry says:

    Having to pay more when you pay upfront on a prepayment meter for electric is simply wrong, the poor are paying more. I’ve just spent 2 hrs logged in to my Southern Electric details and I still haven’t managed to find what I’ve used, how much I’ve paid or what tariff I’m on. It’s disgusting.

  21. Lee says:

    Are you guys for real? You are clearly USING more electricity. By stating that you can save that much per month/week is pure ludicrous. There is very little difference in price per unit between the most expensive and cheapest suppliers. You can check any comparison site you like that will confirm this. What you will find is that SSE aren’t the cheapest, but aren’t the most expensive and of the 7 main comparison sites SSE were voted top supplier in 6 and second best in the other out of the ‘big 6’ in a survey that included customer service, price, and call queuing times amongst other criteria. SSE are in fact the only supplier of any of the big 6 to have reached the prestigious 5 star service award.

  22. mrs karen griffiths says:

    We have been in our small bungalow 12 months. They have been estimating bill because they say they cant gain access to my home (the meter is in a cupboard outside the front which is never locked lol ) then someone came to look at meter, he found it fine, read meter and says they’ve undercharged me by £1.164 so there and then fitted a pre-payment meter to get their money back. Plus the summer gas bill was over £200 I have no gas appliances except the boiler but we dont even have a bath as we have a wet room with elec shower so dont need much hot water, we use a dish washer, so dont wash up by hand. Cant remember last time I had heating on. Must tell hubby to stop having a shave lol .

  23. Derek Bowbanks says:

    Received a letter this morning telling me that they are doing away with the tariff I was on, “Energyplus Care”.
    As l am on a ESA, a pension from the Health Service, as l was medically retired, and DLA how do they expect me, the wife who is my carer, to survive.
    More money for the Directors of the firm, at a preview of what l have read, Oil was only about $50 a barrel.
    Disgusted with all Energy Firms & The Government.
    Hope l have notwritten this in vain, companies take note, there are always other firms to deal with.

  24. Newt says:

    I pay less than £5 per week on my pre pay meter. Things that I have on stand-by or turned on 24/7: Digital oven, fridge freezer, HDTV, Network Attached Storage device, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, router, laptop, Virgin media box, heat lamp for snake, cordless phones. And then I use a lot of the above for a lot of the week.. properly turned on. Plus other stuff that I don’t leave in standby but use regularly. No way am I letting them change my meter lol.

  25. elvis says:

    I also think I’ve been conned. I took over a flat as new tenant, was paying £15 a week, lasted me more than a week. Meter was changed, suddenly cost has gone up to £45 a week, have phoned loads of times, some staff have been helpful but still can’t find the problem, other staff are down right rude. I’ve now changed companies, this is recommended, get a much better service only costing me a tenner a week, wish I’d changed ages ago, sse didn’t seem to care, made lots of money out of me.

  26. elvis says:

    I had a bill for £149.90 for (14-06-11) and I received another for £85.97 for (31-08-11) and my past bill does not match with present ones I’m receiving, I am not at all happy with this as I am using less and getting charged more. Some one play the game by one rule not make it up as you go along.

  27. george stanley says:

    I have cause for concern as my electric bill is getting out of hand it does not equate with past bills I feel there is something not right. I need the supply investigated.

  28. Bob says:

    Price used to be £20 a month now its £26 a week!!! We have even made a conscious decision to use less but now the price has increased more than 100%. Compete liars.

  29. J TO says:

    Be careful – if you agree to have one of the electriicty meters – check your bill to see if they haven’t switched your account without your knowledge.

    I lost all my Argos points before I noticed what had been done.

  30. karina le says:

    Can anyone tell me if they have had any dealing with a company called good energy and if so are they part of Southern electric???

  31. dave says:

    I was promised a refund into my bank on the 18th march, it didn’t go in? I phoned them and was told it would now take another 2 weeks. I am so glad I changed supplier. scottish & southern you suck big time

  32. Adam says:

    What are the hours of the night energy use. Thanks

  33. Mike says:

    Everyone should be buying their electricity from Southern Electric since (as far as I can gather) they are the ONLY remaining energy supplier that is wholly UK owned….ALL the rest are hoovering money out of the UK to Germany, France, Sweden and the USA and no doubt others…..

  34. bob says:

    I also think I’ve been conned. I took over a flat as new tenant, was paying £15 a week, lasted me more than a week. Meter was changed, suddenly cost has gone up to £45 a week, have phoned loads of times, some staff have been helpful but still can’t find the problem, other staff are down right rude. I’ve now changed companies, this is recommended, get a much better service only costing me a tenner a week, wish I’d changed ages ago, sse didn’t seem to care, made lots of money out of me.

  35. jill says:

    I have just read older comments. I was quoted a lower price when the meter was put in 11.1 a unit what I really was paying was 13.7, spoke to a manager who said even if I was proved right I wouldn’t get a refund, seems they use this tactic to get customers under false pretences, BEWARE gets quotes in b/w big con. Open question is this part of staff training.

  36. jill says:

    I put £40 every 4/5 days to run 1 static mobile that’s heated by a gas fire, 2 small television and a couple of lights wasn’t this expensive when I first got the supply.

  37. samara says:

    How long ago was that ….
    20 years lol.
    Im also with them , not sure if i should change or not.

  38. Annon says:

    When I first got the Electric meter I put £20 in it, and it last me nearly a month..

    Now it lasts me less than a week..

  39. jean taylor says:

    I had a very helpful lady trying to help me named Laura, she tried very hard but couldn’t help. My son has an outstanding bill of £176, I offered to pay £50 a month until cleared, he is on a meter and couldn’t afford to pay the weekly charges that is set on the meter, I asked them would they take off the charge and I would pay per month until cleared and they refused me, what can I do next? Help.

  40. Donna Young says:

    I would like to know what company will be easier for my school work because I want to put the company name and emergency telephone number with it.

  41. Sse Fan says:

    I just moved into a new flat 2weeks ago. When I moved in there was already debt on the meter, so if I wanted it on I’d have to pay the £87 debt that was on it. When I phoned SSE to have it cleared they said “it’s my debt”. How can it be my debt? So looking for a new electric company, it’s a disgrace. I have to give them a star? lmao I’d rather not. -5* DO NOT USE

  42. Ian Gibson says:

    I have been trying to get an electric meter fitted to a property that has recently been refurbished.
    SE will only fit meters that have a current test cert, I have tried to explain to the call centre a cert cannnot be issued until the power is on and unless they fit a meter we are unable to test as you can see this is going not getting anywhere.

  43. Ken Leppard says:

    I see we are going to pay our bills a month earlier to improve metering efficiency. I wonder how?? I have a suggestion to improve efficiency but it requires two basic elements. People and a skills. Let’s start with people. Why not employ meter readers who read meters quarterly or at least half yearly, not the statutory annual read. I know it will cost more but if SSC really care about accurate billing, that’s the way to go. The problem is that all utility companies don’t want to dip into their profits and pay meter reading contractors. Let’s move to skills. For the past two years, I have, at every quarter, been faithfully sending my gas and electric meter readings having been assured by Southern Electric that they would send accurate bills. Over that period, I cannot recall one instance where my readings were actually reflected in the bills. I now do not bother. I just return the bill and ask for an accurate one, very efficient!!!! I have the necesary skills to send my readings via email. Do Southern Electric staff ahve the necessary skils to interpret my actions. There’s the question.

  44. Leigh Howe-simpson says:

    One day a sales person knocked on my door told me southern electricity is cheaper than eon, this is not true as vat was not added so he told me PORKIES next time southern electricity rep knocks on my door they better WATCH OUT…

  45. Jane Ward says:

    I’m very happy to be with southern electric and they are excellent, I would recommended them.

  46. Jane Smith says:

    I have never received such poor customer service in my life.

  47. Cara Edwards says:

    We switched from Npower to Southern Electric 2 months ago – turns out the S.E sales man lied about the prices… he even wrote their apparent prices right next to the (higher) Npower ones for Elec and Gas per unit…. but then the first SE bill arrived last week and guess what…. all of the prices are higher than what he quoted. I called SE, they said they didn’t know where he got his prices from, as they have none listed at those rates… Then they said there was nothing more they could do besides report the guy. Pathetic. Am very angry about being fed lies… especially since the guy was so bold as to write fabricated prices on my Npower bill… it was only after he did this that I actually allowed them in through the front door- what a mistake!

  48. John Ratcliffe says:

    I have G&E with southern E and been pleasantly surprised by the phone service and helpfulness of the staff who listen to what your saying give factual information and do what you ask of them I’ve not had any servicing issues… Or have I been lucky? They still get 10/10 from me for telling me to use Atlantic (sister company) for online cheaper pricing!

  49. Sse Emplyee says:

    After reading the comments I have to say as an employee I agree that this is not the best company in regards to service etc. half the issues with people being put on hold is that people still don’t know how to deal with things and trying o find a manager or “floor walker” to help is ridiculous. The managers hate having to talk to customers complaining so will refuse to take calls saying their busy and there are a lot of customer service agents that don’t leave important notes on accounts etc. Everyone is trained the same and I am actually leaving the company because it’s too much trying to make a difference in a company that don’t discipline or re-train employees that can’t do their job correctly and get numerous complaints. So yes I would steer clear of SSE if you want a good decent service because for the people that actually help customers there’s far too many that can’t be bothered that outweigh them.

  50. Micheal Smith says:

    Funny story about these. Ssale knock on door and quoting prices cheaper than british gas. He said check these websites they all say we are cheaper.
    Checked about 3 compare prices web sites and I told him not one was cheaper. He then say to check this one web site can’t remember which one..
    and it came up with british gas as cheaper. With a puzzled look on his face he told me I had put the wrong details in as that site would not be cheaper than british gas since they own the site. BTW the site was a well known price comparing site.

  51. Dave Baker says:

    Door to door sales woman that was really forceful. quoted that I would save £3 a month just looked and noticed to phone customer services it costs£1.50.

  52. Anthony Dolphin says:

    Poor service levels. Systemic problems with billing. Farcial ‘estimate’ procedure. Was advised to e-mail meter readings each month becuase the online interface “isn’t very reliable”. Largely fanciful claims about renewable energy mix. Avoid at all costs.

  53. Jason Smith says:

    Scottish southern is rubbish.
    The prices are sky high, each month has a standing charge of over 100!

  54. Alan Potter says:

    Could you tell me if me and my partener committ to one of your electricty plans , in a joint accout . who is responsible for the bill is it only the one how has been paying from there bank or is it both of us ??
    just supposing the persone whos bank account has been paying and they die who would pay the outstanding bill??

  55. Brian Morris says:

    Cold seller from southern electric came to my door, last November falsely claimed they were the cheaper than my current supplier scottish power, I rang up cancelled this with in the 7 day period, however they took over my gas supply anyway. I also signed up for shield gas central heating cover under the premise that an engineer would call me to arrange to service my boiler within the next few days, this had not happened 2 months later and I cancelled my direct debit as I discovered I already had cover via my insurance as there sales person had advised me to do if I did not wish to continue with the policy, 2 months later I received a final demand for 2 months premiums threatening to pass my details to a debt collecting agency if I don’t pay within 7 days.

  56. Angel Basilonia says:

    Me and my friend have the same problem with the other customer who had a pay as you go meter when they moved in. As we expected we just needed to top up for our gas and electric usage but after 3 months southern electric sent as a bill of 170.82 to pay and we are shocked about it. They always do it in all there pay as you go customer. What a poor service. calling their customer service took an hour to reach them.. This company is rubbished they dont know what they are doing..

  57. Kelly Butler says:

    I had an serious accident July 09 told them asap, been in 6 hospitals. Paid them what I could, can’t work anymore. They are now cutting my gas off. I have 2 children, so we won’t be able to cook or keep warm. They know I’m still awaiting benefits, but as they told me on the phone “so”.

  58. Gaynor Lawn says:

    I’m sitting here in the dark and the internet number for southern electric looks after gas only. Nuff said….. Thankfully I have some candles…..

  59. Sean Winstanley says:

    STAY WELL CLEAR, I have been battling with them for nearly 3 years now, it turns out that I am using more than double the amount of electricity while I’m not in the property 3 or 4 days a week then when I am in it at least 6 days a week. I am now trying to arrange a meeting with the chairman to see if he can justify this and surprise surprise he is to bloody scared…. This is on the verge of dragging out for 3 years. I asked for a pay meter to be put in so I could prove I wasn’t using as much as they said, and within the first month I did just that by cutting my bill by £20. If you are having as much aggro as I am please stand up and be heard….. They can’t get away with ripping people off like this.

  60. David Banfield says:

    Just been on the phone to Customer Service. The man couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.

  61. Terry Walker says:

    I had my meter read in February this year at the beginning of the month aforesaid and I am still waiting for my statement.

  62. P V says:

    Trying to contact them is like trying to raise the dead!
    They send emails telling you your bill(s) are ready to pay online – but it’s impossible to log in.
    IF you do get logged on the bills are blank!

    “Poorly organised” is the polite description I’d give them!!!

  63. Ms. Smith says:

    Why is it that southern electric assume that if you can’t make the minimum monthly budget payment then you surely can make the whole payment in full. Don’t these people realise that for some people feeding their kids is the only one priority in life and any other coppers left gets split between those who are grasping the most. IF I COULD AFFORD TO PAY MY BILL I WOULD, nobody actually enjoys being indebted!!

  64. Adrian Cost says:

    I have been charged 837 pounds in just two months, I signed up for 20 pounds direct debit and I was told that’s all I have to pay a month by the sales man, I tried to ring them 10 times their busy all the time.this is the worst company I’ve ever seen. 0 star

  65. Rachel says:

    They are disgusting, am going 2 try and change because am using 28 pound in a week. I live on my own I think this is day light robbery it’s a joke this company, they are useless and wouldn’t advise this 2 nobody, they lie cheat and will never go back 2 them!!!!!!! and I wouldn’t even rate them 1 if a had a choice they don’t deserve it!!!!

  66. Susan White says:

    I have been paying far too much in monthly direct debit, they now owe me £349 can I get it no!!!! They should automatically credit to my bank account.

  67. Nina Gregory says:

    I have a key meter and want to know why I am using to much money in a week, I’m putting on about 90 pound a week and that’s a lot for what I use, I only have one heater on a night and only cook once a day and washing twice a day so please tell me why.

  68. Stephanie Croome says:

    I am disgusted at what I am paying on prepayment meters. I moved into my home on nov11 and have payed nearly £300 just on gas!! They say there’s no debt on meter from previous tenants and say it’s usage. Well the hearings never on more that 16 for 3 hours a day on my timer and we have two baths a day. Nothing else is gas so what am I paying for. I cannot afford this as I am a single mum with a 3 yr old and a 4 week old. They say I have to pay £300 to have the meters removed even tho I just moved in and didn’t want them. I want to know what other people pay £260 for gas every month and a half?? Whilst being on benefits. I know people with four bed houses paying far less than me and using far more gas than me. This cannot be normal for a low usage two bed can it ???

  69. Deborah Leonard says:

    I recently bought a house which has existing pre payment meters in, I wanted to have these removed as I have always paid by direct debit, I was refused as apparently I have a low credit score even though my credit was good enough to bye a 5 bedroomed house! I am putting in 80 pounds a week in the gas meter and 40 electric this company is a disgrace I am moving ASAP!

  70. Nasima Jasat says:

    I think that southern electric are very good. They have helped me a great deal and I have saved a lot of money. I would always stay with southern electric. I switched from british gas to southern electric. Very amazing!!! My gas bill is sooo low

  71. Marc Batchelor says:

    I asked SE for a key meter for the gas. They came out two weeks later and the engineer put £5 quid on the emergency credit for me. Then told me i had to phone and order the key/card. i phoned and asked why they didnt post me one when i ordered the meter and the girl said they hadn’t thought of that!!! got the key a week later.

  72. Anna Young says:

    Just had two conflicting experiences of their customer service – 1st one, advisor wasn’t interested and fobbed me off, giving me other phone numbers to call. After getting no-where, phoned customer services back, spoke to a very helpful lady called Lisa who sorted out my problem, appolgised that I had been messed around, and credited my account £5 as a gesture of apology.

  73. Damien says:

    Put it simply they suck and are money hungry.

    We have paid every bill they sent us for the last 3 years.

    Then out of the blue they sent us a bill for 446.50 saying that we have used more than they thought. I called them 6 times before someone answered and then after explaining our selves to them that we are loyal customers that always pay our bills on time the rep called me a liar and said that according to there readings we owe them the money and he is forwarding it to the department that deals with nonpayment. We have tried to change companies but they refuse to let us move until the bill is paid.

    I have since receive a letter from them stating that if I don’t pay up in the next seven days they will cut off the supply. We have 2 children and I have recently been made unemployed after 3 years and don’t have the money to fork out. We asked if we could have prepayment meters installed and was told NO due to the past residents ripping them off by rigging the meter.

    What are we supposed to do I rate this company as follows.

    Customer Service – Nil worst in the world.
    Ability to help – Nil
    Price – complete rip off

    Willingness to work with customers – SHAMEFUL

  74. Greg David says:

    I’ve been waiting for two days for them to come out and fix the stop valve on our gas supply. I’m having work done in the kitchen and have all appliances including sink ripped out, but workmen can’t continue until it’s fixed. They initially assured me that an engineer would be able to get to me in a 1 – 4 hr window from call. Thought this was pretty vague but rushed home anyway to wait for them. 2 days and plenty of calls later still no sign of them! At least if they allowed you to book a fixed appointment, I would be able to leave the house of an evening to have dinner elsewhere. Yes the people on the phone sound very sympathetic, but it doesn’t really help me.

  75. Graham Macey says:

    Door to door salesman did seem dodgy but havn’t had any problems,
    Couldn’t find emergency number on this site,
    Emergency number: 0845 770 8090

  76. Sue Foster says:

    I don’t use Southern Electric but had one of their sales people try to con me today by saying they needed my utility bill as I had come upon the system as paying too much. I said I ‘m with british gas and wouldn’t change, he said Southern electric controlled all the supplies, which i know is a lie! I told him i think I’ll call British Gas first as he could be anyone trying to con me into switching. He soon made a sharp exit! To anyone reading this, never give anyone at your doorstep your bill as they’ll copy your details and switch you to their company! I think it’s DISGUSTING! and I will be taking this further. How many people have they managed to con so far?

  77. Nicola Greenhalgh says:

    Extremley bad service – very nice to you , but they don’t tell you the truth! dont get metre instlled; they say you pay a stnadard rate, but you will end up paying £100 a month just for electric.

    BAD BAD BAD!!!

  78. Mary Green says:

    I have been with southern elec for about year now, although I was made redundant a few months back and was forced to have an elec metre installed. A very nice man representing their company explained that the meter does not run at a faster rate and only £1 a week is taken out of the debt as I am unemployed.

    However! a whopping £8.50 a wk is deducted, which costs £80 a month. I have written and shown evidence of my income which was ignored. I have also been to citizens advice and my next step is a solicitor. I don’t recommend them!

  79. R Milia says:

    Similar experience to one of the other gentleman on here. Seemed like a good company until I moved house. Told them my leaving date well in advance and provided them with a forwarding address for the final bills. On the day I moved out I took the meter readings and a couple of days later rang customer service and left both the electricity and gas meter readings. with them. One month later I recieve one bill saying I owe money for the gas and that they owe me mponey for the electricity. I’ll receive a cheque in due time. Both letters clearly state that the ‘your bill is based on an actual meter reading’. I therefore think they are based on the readings I have provided them, it has been 1 month since I told them afterall. However, I have just recieved two bills demanding final payment for both the gas and electricity and they total over £100 in total. Rang customer service and when I finally got through I demanded to know why I have just recieved more final bills 1 month after the last lot. Turns out that despite the previous bills clearly stating that these were ‘actual meter readings’, they were in fact estimates and that it had taken 2 months to send me bills based on my actual readings. Very annoyed and I was just told that there must have been a printing error on the first set of letters regarding the ‘true’ meter reading. For them to state that they owe me money and then 1 month later demand payment off me with no explanation is a joke. Won’t be using them again.

  80. Dii Kumar says:

    I work for southern electric we beat everyone’s bills hands down unless they have been capped or fixed few years ago. Even tho there’s few complaints here we still have the fewest complaints on the market FACT!! Our reps don’t lie cos they don’t work for a third party marketing company unlike Npower and Scottish Power reps. A great company to work for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Steph Benton says:

    Well, where to start!!! Been with Southern Electric many years and to begin with they were fine. Being a single parent I hit financial difficulties about 12 years ago so went on to a key meter….big mistake! My electric is now costing me £100 per MONTH…yes per MONTH! I called them today to ask if they could put me back on direct debit as we have all heard that the key meter is more expensive. After running a ‘credit check’ on me they said it came back that I had failed even though I have had no problem getting credit for anything else! They couldn’t give me a valid explanation for this anomaly other than I did not reach ‘THEIR’ score to qualify to pay direct debit. Needless to say I have been on the phone to EDF today to swap both my gas and electric and they were extremely helpful (thank you Kevin!) and will take great delight in informing Southern Electric that I am switching users! God help anyone that moves over to SE you are going to need the patients of a saint and the brain of a cabbage if you stay with or go with them. And to Abu Tarab Raja you are obviously an employee so go sales rep somewhere else.

  82. Richard Hallett says:

    I had a lot of problems with this company and I was never with them! They came 2 my door told me they would save me over £60 I thought why not turned out the would have cost me an extra £101.04 a year! Call 01292 553055 ask for kevin hollas he helped me its scottish power.

  83. Claire Smith says:

    I have just received a bailiffs letter from a debt recovery agency acting on behalf of souyhern electric, who were my electricity and gas provider until February 2009. When I moved house in february they sent me a final bill for my previous address for the period of June 2008 to february 2009, for the sum of £332.65 for my gas and £452.77 for my electricity. I was apalled at this especially as i had been paying £30 per month for my gas and £65 per month for my electricity by direct debit. So in fact They claim i had used a total of £1037.77 for electricity and £602.65 for gas – despite having no heating on for 5 months (a total of £1640.42) for an 8 month period. So i called them up at the time, and they admitted there had been an error in their calculations, and promised to get back to me within 48 hours. Nothing happened. I tried again 4 times in 3 weeks and was met with the same reply every time. I NEVER did receive a corrected final bill, in fact I received no form of contact at all. Im now being taken to court because they now claim I have no legitimate reason for paying. I am extrememly upset at this and will be taking it further.

  84. Mrs Shanks says:

    139 a month I pay 4 duel fuel off southern electric, my husband disabled has parkinsons and we are struggling with these payments.

  85. Lenny Valentine says:

    Today I received the “need a new boiler” flyer when I phoned to get someone to call round and give a quote I was told the offer was not available to me in my area.
    1. This is discrimination, what is wrong with my address I have never fallen behind with my payments I live on a private estate .
    2. What idiot put the flyers into our envelopes if the offer is not for us?
    You really need to get your acts together otherwise you may hear from fair trading.

  86. Sue Guy says:

    They are rubbish. At my old property which had a card meter installed before I arrived they kept sending me bills of over 100.00. It took many phone calls for them to sort it out, their mistake. But it then kept happening. I moved to another property which is brand new. I am still waiting for my final elec bill (on which I am due a refund) 4mths later, they managed to send me the gas one fine on which I owed them money as was a normal meter, then cheeky b***s demanded prompt payment. Where’s my money you thieves. They are now messing up this supply, I gave them my initial reads when I moved in, they then started sending threatening letters to my address but in a company’s name for money from my previous address, they seemed unable to work this out, refused to believe I do not have pre-payment meter in new house and to cap it all have not made any note of the initial reads I gave them. I have no doubt they will now try to rip me off when I get my first bill, been here 4mths now and no sign of anyone reading meter. They also wanted me to phone around and find out who the company was who they were sending the bills too…like I told em that’s your job and I have no intention of doing it.

    They are idiots!!!! So far I have spent hours and hours on the phone for their crummy admin. Avoid them like the plague!!!!

  87. James Laws says:

    Many of the positive comments are by the same people…
    “Southern Electric has an excellent customer service. It is truly a British Company with our 7.5 Million Happy customers.”
    ‘OUR’? I think Southern Electric are writing on their own comments page to try and lie their way into more people’s homes.
    I wonder if this comment will be censored?

  88. Rosie Snell says:

    I have been supplied by SSE for many years have found them BRILLIANT.
    There customer service is EXCELLENT.Calls are answered very quickly.
    By far the best energy company and there prices are the lowest.
    I would recommend SSE to all……..

  89. Joanne Broadbent says:

    I asked them to fit me gas meter at Christmas because I fell behind with my bills. When the engineer came out he told me he couldn’t do it because the box was broken so the company would get in touch to fix it.7 months later they haven’t done anything about it and now demanding full payment of the bill which having 3 children and no job I can’t afford it. This company needs shutting down they are disgusting.

  90. Terry Mullard says:

    On 9th May 2009, Brit Gas phoned to try to get me to transfer to them from Southern Elec. I said OK. I received a BG email to say that my supply would start 17th June. On 13th May I emailed Brit Gas cc Southern Electric to say that I would NOT be going ahead. No answer from any. I emailed no fewer than 5 times up to 27th May. No response except an acknowledgement from BG. I thought that was the end. On 22 JULY I received a letter from So Elec saying ‘sorry to see me leave’. They had only been told on 17 JULY that BG would start my supply from 8 AUGUST. Now sorted BUT the companies have only agreed an ‘error transfer’ and ‘assure me’ that the transfer is now cancelled! NO APOLOGY AT ALL! I CANCELLED IT ON 13 MAY! The sheer incompetance of both companies and failure to respond to emails is APALLING. I remain with S E but am ‘kicking up’ to the MDs and ombudsman. Large companies cannot act like GODS.

  91. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Salesman was pushy and economical with the truth. Took a long time for my call to get answered and have cancelled the transfer arrangements. Will be interested to see if this is the end of it

  92. Natalie Beaty says:

    I hate them worst company we have ever used. 2 years ago a sales man would not leave me alone until i let him in, we switched from edf to them and the other day i got a huge bill from edf and a court date as they never switched it over but have been taking our money, trying to claim the money back is not easy they said its not their fault even thou we have a signed copy of the paperwork to say they was going to deal with the switch over. Not a good company and they dont deserve a star.

  93. Jo Dowling says:

    I am in the process of leaving Southern Electric. I was phoned by one of their representatives who told me that they were definitely the cheapest and didn’t I wish to remain with them. He said that he would send a price list for me to recheck the figures. I made it very clear that I was not entering a contract with him over the phone. However, two days later a new contract has arrived saying that I am signed up with them again. I will be contacting the company tomorrow to tell them what to do with their contract. They really need to make sure that their people listen to the people they contact and that they do not deliberately lie as I feel that particular representative did. I wish I did not have to award any stars as I am very angry!

  94. Colin Course says:

    I am afraid they are complete rubbish or at least for me and I have a sneaking suspicion that the people giving them five stars actually work for southern and as I do not like duplicity in any form. I have tried to even up the odds by leaving correct feedback at the moment I am with edf they are great for me, but all customers situations are different and why do these five star people feel the need to do two posts makes you wonder don’t it ? I say again expensive rubbish avoid if I was you.

  95. Lucy says:

    Crap! I’m currently on hold now, after they took an unauthorised payment out of my account causing me to go overdrawn and accrue bank charges, a very unhappy customer

  96. Chris Hall says:

    Posted by Darren Richards, 14th November 2008

    Have you considered phoning the national grid directly? or the local distributor? since they own the meter(s).

  97. D Phillips-machin says:

    I have had my blood pressure considerably heightened this morning after trying to make SE customer services understand what I was phoning for.
    Ok, it was over the phone service they are supposed to be supplying us with and not electric but thank god we don’t have electric off them – I don’t think I could stand for that.
    They called me a liar, refused to listen, passed me from pillar to post and by the end of it all, I was ready to scream.
    I wouldn’t want anything to do with them, if their customer service is like this, god knows about anything else.

  98. Mrs Anna-marie Hancox says:

    Complete jokers, this company thinks the customer is always WRONG. With a 2year old and 4weeks away from having another baby, and left with no gas as apparently I own £446 on a pre payed meter (I still keep asking myself how) I thought this was the idea of a pre payed meter. What have I been putting money on my card for???
    Stay away from this company!!!!!!

  99. Steven Azzopardi says:

    I totally agree with Jilly Monaghan’s commentsI’ve been seething since Friday.After talking to an operator called Sean I find that they do lie to you and treat you as stupid and talk over you as well.I got absolutely no where.The big company tarifs for econ.10.are much the same so I am changing as soon As I’ve signed off here.

  100. Sumeet Khetia says:

    I have just had my direct debit increased by Southern electric by £45 a month. This is apparently as I am using over £90 worth of electic a month, when I live in a 2 bedroom flat. The fantastic thing about it was my longwinded and fairly comprehensive chat with their customer services a month ago when it was decided my spend was £76 a month!!!

    When I phoned up the wonerful customer services team to ask what the problem was, they informed me that I owed them over £450!! When you add on the fact that I paid a £150 one off charge to clear a debt and £75 a month for 6 months, this made my payments £600, meaning Southern Electric think I used over a grands worth of electric in half a year.

    When I spoke to customer services again, I was told that my electric usage had indeed gone down, but my gas usage had gone up……… I DON’T HAVE GAS!!!!!

    Currently waiting to hear back from a manager, who I have a whole long list of 4-letter words for, finishing with “I’m cancelling my direct debit now and switching provider”…….. probably followed with a couple more expletives

    1 Star is too much, don’t join them

  101. John Adams says:

    Got a very good price, been calling for 3 days and being put on hold at least 15 mins. Not good enough.

  102. S Lake says:

    You all aren’t kidding about difficulty in making phone contact. I have been trying now for 15 minutes. On one call I waited for awhile and then got through (which is to say, past the music) but the phone was immediately disconnected (someone taking a break?)! On another I got through but then it rang and rang without answer for five minutes so I hung up myself and started again. When I finally talked to a person, she was very helpful but it took a LONG time and I had to pay for the privilege of waiting.

  103. Patricia Stephens says:

    I moved into this property in August 2006 and these pre-payment meters for the gas and the electric were already there. As a single parent I thought this was ideal for my two boys and I. In September 2007 to my surprised I received a letter from Southern Electric saying I owe £491 + I ignored the letter as I knew that they had made a mistake. But in October I received another letter informing me that I had to pay the above amount or they would send BAILIFFS. I then decided to write to them after trying to call them and being sent from pillar to post. I wrote informing that they need to find out the month I moved in to the property and gave them my housing number so they could contact the council to confirm that they have made a mistake and if possible as I don’t owe them a penny could they remove the meters and put in normal ones. I am still waiting to hear from them so I went to S.C.O.O. P Aid – these people help single parents. They made a phone call and months later a man came to read the meter, since that day every time I top up on Gas the amount increases i.e. if i top up with £10 up popped £25. Well I have had no contact with this company, they have not told me that they owe me money but I think they are trying to pull a fast one so I have enough and decided to go to the local c.a.b tomorrow morning as I want these meters out, and by hook or by crook when I get them out I will change companies as enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Ana Gomez says:

    They cut off the electricity on my property for 24hours now!!!! It seems they had some work to do in my area so they decide to cut the electricity in some houses. They didn’t repair yet because their engineers finish work at 6pm!!!!!!!

  105. Jilly Monaghan says:

    This company is the absolute pits, have been in dispute with them for over 3months now am just about to send an 8 page letter off to them but quite frankly after reading these comments I don’t think I stand much chance. Their customer services team are a disgrace, they lie and I cannot understand how they get away speaking and treating people like this, have now stopped my D. Debits perhaps this will get their attention. Shame their is not a minus star even giving them one star sticks in my throat, does anyone actually read these comments from Southern Electric.

  106. C Ourse says:

    Southern electric, when I was with them my meter was too thirsty for cash even though it was ebico I was with, southern supplied ebico, used to run out every three days. It seems to be a bit more reasonable now with edf.

  107. Jonathan Ryall says:

    It’s like no one works there! Takes too long to get through to someone, when you finally get to talk to someone they don’t know what they are doing, make no notes on your account and just passing the buck.
    The most ‘SHOCKING’ electricity provider around! Think before you swap. It’s just endless phone calls.

  108. Kenneth Elwell says:

    My wife has just phoned me at work to tell me that a representative from southern electric has just called at home demanding to know who was the bill payer there and when they will be back. He demanded that my wife opened the door and lock the dog in the kitchen!!
    So southern electricity, if you would like to send your thug back round at 6pm any evening I would be more than happy to open the door to him and we could discuss the matter while we wait for his ambulance!!

  109. Rachael Rogerson says:

    I’m not happy, I have phoned your service up 3 time because I want my meters changed to every 3 month they still haven’t come to do it, they were coming today in the morning but still haven’t come to change my gas meter. I want something done today because I haven’t got any money to top my gas meter up.

  110. Phil Burt says:

    I am a district manager for southern electric. As from the 30th of march southern electric will be the only energy company to be cutting both its gas and electric prices down, making us the average cheapest for your duel fuel. I can understand some door to door salesman lie, but please don’t make it bad for the others who do a good job. We have also won awards for the best customer service for the seventh consecutive year!

  111. Elaine Lloyd Crimes says:


  112. E. Crimes says:

    Just rang the company about a low battery on my gas meter. Spoke to Curtis who was charming and very helpful.
    Given a date within the next couple of weeks. Satisfied with the service.

  113. Robert Tubbs says:

    My landlord wrote to Southern Electric with my details in order to set up a new account, but after 3 weeks they had not responded. I went to their website, and found that it is not compatible with my computer (purchased in 2008). I emailed them on their customer services address, but after a week I still had not received any response. I tried telephoning, but gave up after a long time on hold. If they don’t respond to a further letter, I will just have to ask the landlord about switching supplier instead.

  114. Selina Hartle says:

    A complete joke of a company. We moved in to our house and they were the suppliers. They date their bills incorrectly, for a whole 2 months that we did not live here, and then dispute the final meter reading from our new supplier. Their customer service is a disgrace and they have inept people working out bills.

    A complete joke – I urge anyone not to touch this company with a barge pole – they will just cause you stress and annoyance as well as a huge whole in your wallet.

  115. Joseph Cronshaw says:

    If you have complaints about any of the privatised ex-public service companies, take time to make your complaint to the Ombudsman for that service. You are wasting your time complaining when nobody is listening, the only answer is re-nationalise.

  116. Fiona Clark says:

    If there was a zero star rating they would be getting it!

    I am absolutely disgusted with the sales people from this company, targeting elderly ladies that live alone. The salesman barged into my nan’s house uninvited and pressured her into giving bank details and signing forms in an attempt to get her to switch her gas, electricity over to this company. He dismissed everything she said to try and stop the sale, even had the cheek to ask to use her toilet and her phone. When she called to cancel the switch the next day the person on the phone would not even acknowledge her complaint. Absolutely appalling! They should not be allowed to sell door to door! Trespassing is illegal!

  117. Andy Glasspool says:

    Had a problem with my key meter not accepting the key. I had 55p left and no way of topping it up. Rang their emergency helpdesk number at 16-30 on a Saturday.
    I found their customer service to be excellent from start to finish. The helpdesk was…….well, helpful and told me that an engineer would call within four hours.
    A short while later, the engineer called me to say he would be here by 7pm. He turned up roughly on time and had the problem fixed within ten minutes.
    One happy customer. First class.

  118. D. Reid says:

    i have just changed my prepaid meter over to southern electric, called them because npower is so expensive, this gent told ssc is cheaper. cheaper my foot! ssc is more expensive! yet he missold me.

  119. Kevin Bill Herring says:

    please can you tell me why i am using £10 electricity and £10 gas every two days?.i am living on my own and on dissability. someone visited my home on a door to door basis and told me i was on high rate! WHY?the amount of money this pre-payment meter is costing me is a joke. can some one please let me know what ther fuel suppliers i would be better off with as i no longer wish to continue to pay this amount of money for so little fuel, its a farce!!!

  120. Will Davidson says:

    The good old british public moan far too much. wow, you waited for 10 minutes on hold….I have never had any problems with southern electric. always a great service

  121. Omar Qutachi says:

    I moved to southern electricity recently since I think it is one of the best energy suppliers but I didn’t understand why the tariff is different from the one I received in the offer??
    if they decide to change it they must inform their customers!!!!

  122. Lincoln Henry says:

    People are willing to pay a little more for a good service, but not a massive amount more.
    I actually continued with SEC when i moved house. Not a bad move, but i must say that not enough advertising about the Argos Rewards Scheme.
    Although SEC are not at the top of the tree, I still get good fruit from them.

  123. Lauren King says:

    i have just sat on the phone for 16 mins tryin to get through to southern electric and couldnt get through i think it is appalling i have two kids and i need gas and of course southern electric never answered , i am going to look for another company cause i think southern electric are expensive and disgusting i am not happy with it it is a rubbish service

  124. Energy Expert says:

    Southern Electric (SSE) has been voted 4/4 by JD Power for the third or fourth year in a row now. Voted by USwitch as being the best Utility Company in the UK overall this year, again. This clearly means Southern are excellent. If you’ve got a problem with your prepayment meter then ask to speak to the prepayment department instead of speaking to an advisor in general enquiries… They only know so much! Shouldn’t shoot the messenger. If you’ve got a problem that is complex and is more to do with meters, meter mix ups, problems with appointments etc then you should follow the prompts on the hotline so that you get through to the house moves team.. They’re very efficient and sort out everything there and then: more expertise

  125. Pierluigi Frison says:

    Terrible, an absurd customer service with the courage to repeatedly lie to their customers. Whenever you need to speak to them it takes at least 10 minutes to get through, once I ‘ve had to wait over 25 minutes. I am going to leave them as soon as possible.

  126. Mrs P Bly says:

    Door-stepped by abrasive salesman with shocking attitude. Unable to give any information as to tariffs although assuring me I was paying over the odds. Worst example of salesmanship of the many that I have had. Semi-official attitude vary dangerous for the elderly

  127. Darren Richards says:

    I have a prepayment meter for both electricity and gas. I made arrangements for these to be replaced to a normal meter, I was given a morning appointment between 8am – 1pm. This was two weeks away from the date of the phone call. I took the day off at a cost to me, for them not to show up. When I eventually got through to customer service after queing for 15 minutes, I was told that they turned up to change the gas meter only. They were lying through there teeth as I was there and no one did turned up. After a heated argument they tried to give another booking which was another 2 weeks away, they eventually changed it two days and guess what they never showed again. At this point I have been on the phone in total over 1 hour. THIS IS A SHOCKING COMPANY!!!!!!!!! Now I have been told that National Grid Have not put the booking through!!!! WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE

  128. George W Davidge says:

    I have spent 11 weeks badgering them to get a discounted tariff. I am on befits etc. After 10 weeks I had to give all my details again. I suspect I had annoyed someone and they threw them away. Needles to say I was refused as my meagre income is obviously regarded as too lavish to warrant a discount. Now where’s that site that tells you who else is out there?

  129. Pauline says:

    I rang for a simple query, was put on hold for over ten minutes! Nightmare!

  130. Mrs T Wright says:

    I phoned southern electric on Friday morn to ask why they had changed my unit cost from 12p a unit to 18.67, no wonder I used 60 pound in 8 days. ‘Oh well you are no longer with us so I can’t discuss it with you’ was the reply I got. ‘Ok so who am I with?’ I said ‘as I am using your key to buy my electric’. ‘Yes we know but you changed to npower 3 months ago.’ ‘Oh no I did not’ I replied. ‘Sorry I can’t discuss this with you as you are no longer a customer.’ Great, I then spent 10 hours on and off the phone with npower only to find out that southern electric have all my money I have paid on the key this year in a holding account but they won’t talk to me so how do I get it back? I have been grossly overcharged by them for months now I am disabled and have a brain tumor, the stress has made me ill and I can not afford to put my heating on because of the high rate I am being charged. I want some answers.

  131. Rita Roberts says:

    I have been a customer for 18 years now 7 they are very good indeed. I made a HUGE mistake of changing to N Power last year and I switched back due to N Power giving me a HUGE headache as their company is hopeless. I will be staying with Southern Electric for good now.

  132. Andrew Golding says:

    The price of this companies electric and gas is disgustingly high and I am trying my hardest to get my electric and gas off someone else…. maybe go to Iraq myself!

  133. Joe Joseph says:

    SSC replaced my meter three weeks ago, and in the process knocked down my wall, but have refused to repair it, so I am now taking them to my Local County Court and then I will be leaving their service as far behind a Timbuktu, and I would advise everyone reading this, to stay away from SSC. They are a pathetic company to deal with especially when it comes to repairing damage caused by the stupid clumsy workmen they send to replace their meters.. YUK!

  134. Xiao Kai says:

    Door to Door sales man was very devious, compared their prices to another company we are currently at, but the prices of the other company included VAT and when he talked about SE prices he didn’t include VAT. It turned out they were not actually cheaper than my current provider, therefor SE door to door sales people lie.

  135. Barry says:

    Even during the off peak I have never got through. Always put on hold for 10 minutes being told that they are experiencing high demand. Desperately poor service.

  136. Ant Biwan says:

    southern electric oh my god steer clear of them they cut off my electric suppy i have 2 kids in the house never missed a payment was in credit with the account and they tell me im using too much electric and i need to cut down and when i agree to this they will put it back on… excuse me but im a hardworking tax payer i pay for the electric i use and i never delay payment i think its sisgusting. the customer service is appaling and they are nothing but rude… oh and if one of their sales reps come round to your door… i suggest you slam the door in his face!!

  137. Esme Martin says:

    Salesman came to door asking for information about current supplier which I refused to give. Aske me if I wated Horizon last night about how we were being connec. NON HORIZON LAST NIGHT. Complete CON.

  138. Mrs French says:


  139. Diana Clarke says:

    I have been with southern electric for a year now and used to be on the card until they changed me on to the key , since the change I have had nothing but shear problems such as error d4 and nothing but dodgy keys but on the other hand I have had good customer sertvice and engineers have came out when asked to fix the problem .

  140. David Smith says:

    All the people on here who have left comments about “I had no gas” are idiots! Southern Electric provide you with your biling not your gas or electric, it all comes from the same place. You pay for the rates! If you have problems you need to contact Transco they make sure the gas gets to your house! As for the people who have said ” I was swapped over and didnt want to be” A door salesman cant change your supplier unless you have spoken to somebody at the online contact centre and confirmed what you have been told is going to happen. If you tell them that you dont want to change they wont process your application, therefore its your own fault you idiot. Trading standards will laugh at you. Southern Electric is a fantastic company and has looked after me very well and I know of many people who also have had a happy experience with them. If you have had trouble its because your an idiot and should know whats going on with your billing and how to resolve a problem using your brain!!!! All the information you need is provided when you are switched over. People who are on here moaning obviousley have nothing better to do!

  141. Cliff Brown says:

    SEC’s reinstatement after road works is appauling! They never give notice or ask for permission. Anything in the way such as shrubs or plants are ignorantly ripped out and disguarded. They need to run a reinstatement course for thier trench- monkeys.

  142. My Customer Account Number Is: 0718757111 says:

    Can i make a payment online for my electricity bill?

  143. E Far says:

    Southern Electric visited and started by telling me that they are ‘here to register me for lower prices’. He told me that my property was previously registered with Southern Electric (I know I signed up with EDF when I moved in!), so possibly the previous tenants may have been with Southern Electric. As a rule I never agree to anything on the doorstep, and always request that they either send or give me information to read with details of how to contact them. Of course they hate this because they make commission on each customer who signs on the doorstep. When I asked him why they don’t write to us to provide this information, he said that a letter had been sent (which of course I didn’t recall receiving). When I asked to see or be sent a copy of the letter, he said that wasn’t possible, and the best he could come up with was that Southern Electric care about the environment, so don’t want to generate unnecessary paperwork. I told him that I was not interested in switching to Southern Electric. He had the gall to keep telling me that NO SWITCHING was actually taking place as Southern Electric is actually the provider for this property. A quick call to Energywatch confirmed that this is NOT the case. Even if that was true, it would still be switching accounts as they are a different company.
    If I decide to switch energy companies in future they will certainly not be on my list!

  144. Zafea Ricketts says:

    Reading all these comments what people wrote i have to had mine.. Southern Electric is the best so far, Come on and join in with savings. Really happy when i had switched from the rest of them..

  145. Terence Grant says:

    Why oh why can you get a discount by direct debit, yet not by paying directly over the internet when the bill arrives. I think it grossly unfair, is it simply by having DD then can always be in front by claiming more money from your account based on estimates.

  146. Sharon Smith says:

    Fantastic service, very helpful exceeded all our expectations!!

  147. Mrs M Williams says:

    A fault has occurred with my prepayment meter, I am unable to get help to get my gas back on i’ ve been passed from pillar to post wasting hours on the telephone causing me more telephone bills i cannot afford, i have now have to wait until the southern electric office opens on monday (today is saturday) before hopefully, i get gas supply reconnected, I have my 10 month old grandson staying, no hot water, no heating what am i supposed to do??

  148. Chris Draper says:

    Having moved into a new flat in June, we had no idea who was supplying our electricity until we received a complimentary set of energy-saving light bulbs from Southern Electric! At this stage I gave them a call to let them know that we had moved in. The person I spoke to was polite and friendly and sorted me out without any hassle. We recieved a welcome letter through a couple of days later and was told to expect our first bill in september.

    Obviously first impressions count and that’s what I’m basing my review on.

  149. Lyn Murton At Nhh Ltd says:

    Please could you notify me of any arrangements you have to pay the company bills by BACS.

  150. Aamardeep says:

    simply the best ….not only gas and electric you can even save on moneyshaver…i.e food, cloth ………………..

  151. Jeanette Wright says:

    At first joining this company i did not get any problems. As soon as i found out i was in credit and was asking for my moneyback, communication was horrific.
    I telephoned numerous times over a 5 month period, conversations were not logged aparently. Even though calls are meant to recorded.
    I left numerous readings to give them accurate info on my meters but aparently i did not leave them either. People did not call back when they said they would.
    So the only way to get my money back was leave the service.
    once i left they asked me to pay a final bill for my gas i paid it vertually straight away, but that was not good enough, i kept receiving final bill reminders threatening me with debt collectors. I have never failed to pay a bill in my life.

    Overall, this company are the worst for customer service, i work for the NHS and i would not treat my patient’s the way they treated me.

  152. Jennifer Campbell says:

    This company is a disgrace. I have had nothing but problems with them, they always blame everyone else rather that admit their mistakes. Beware! Don’t even deserve 1 star

  153. Caroline Campbell says:

    What a load of rubbish!! I wouldn’t even rate them a 1!!!
    I cancelled my direct debit when I moved out which was fine but then they never cancelled it and have continued to take money out of my account then tried to say someone had fraudulently used my bank details just to get out of there own mistakes!! So instead of admitting that they never cancelled and it was all there fault they palmed it off on some poor unsuspecting person I know this as that person happens to be my uncle!!!
    They also gave me full names and addresses of these people surely that’s against the data protection act!!!

  154. Luke says:

    I understand all people who left negative about SE.I had their service 2.5 years ago all was lies lies lies…I was happy to gave up on them-just not worth-too stressful.

  155. Stephen Wheeler says:

    a couple of months ago someone contacted me about capping my bills san you tell me if that offer is still on .

    kind regards steve wheeler

  156. George Morrow says:

    As i know longer wish to travel by air is it possible to swop my air miles for the Argos points.

  157. James Sanders says:

    customer services answered the phone straight away and dealt with my questions no problems

  158. Jk says:

    whom to believe ?

  159. Katrina Woodward says:

    this supplier is rubbish and i will be looking for another supplier …..i have a 7 month old baby and i ran out of gas on sunday 13th of july…….i phoned the emergancy number and was told that i couldnoy get any emergancy dredit as my area was not coverd by the emergancy company….i think that this is totally discusting and something should be done ……….i will be making a complaint and like i said changing my gas supplier .

  160. David Flint says:

    There is no evidence that carbon dioxide causes global warming, nor is there any evidence that global warming is taking place. As president Bush said, it is a hoax.

  161. Jeff Hopkins says:

    Just got off the phone from SE customer service, I got what I asked for but had to push the guy on the phone for help. He had poor customer skills, hesitant to give enough information, didn’t offer to swap my tarriff after he gave the information and couldn’t wait to get off the phone.
    It seems from other comments that the quality of staff varies greatly. Maybe the personnel dept and training people need to start earning their wages?

  162. Imran Patel says:

    the sales man came into my house and lied about the prices. only when i spoke to my currant supplier did i found out the prices given by souther electric were false. the worse thing is that i let him in to my HOME my wife and KIDS were home and around me and he gave us A BIG PACK OF LIES. they are the worse company ever as they lie about their prices. this may be an error on my part but the same thing has only just happened to my father. SO IT CAN’T BE AN ERROR THEY ARE THE BIGGEST LIERS IN THE WORLD. i called their customer services several time was pushed from section to another. it got better when i said i would be contacting the energy regulater and energywatch.

  163. Dgj says:

    The salesman presented himself as some kind of official, showing ID, asking to read our gas and electricity meters, sat down with a pile of scruffy paperwork … it was only after about 10 minutes that it emerged he was selling. This sort of approach is bad enough when it’s over the phone – is this doorstep selling a result of being able to filter out nuisance phone calls?

    How about a rating figure of less than 1?

  164. Berna says:

    very good value! even though they are expensive, you’ll find that most other companies are more! The rise of prices has effected everyone, but as promised, southern electric delayed their rise as long as possible! they’re affordable and I found their customer service superb. The people saying that they were put on hold for 10mins should try npower! I was on hold for over 25mins! you’ll find this problem with most other companies. I would definately recommend southern electric to anyone who struggle paying their bills! Thankyou for being a very pleasant company to be with!

  165. Khalid Oma says:

    I want to be new customer of your company will you please contact me the follow number 07904054878 and my home address

  166. S. Farmer says:

    opened my door today to two men puportingly from your company. They asked to see my energy and telephone bills and asked me to sign up with Southern Electricity. Whilst not being averse to saving money on my utilities I am not prepared to enter into any agreement without prior written explanation of comparative costings, terms and conditions. if you have some edge over your competitors and want the business i think your door stepping sales force could do with some direction.

  167. Jade Harrison says:

    There the worst company i have ever gone with.So fed up at them not helping me grrrr

  168. Beverley Smith says:

    Just had one of there pushey salesman at my door, tried to feed me a load of bullshit, Don think he really knew what he was talking about, i asked him to leave but he said by law he had to explain things to me, then he begain telling me personal details about my neighbours and how they had signed up, i shut the door in his face!!!!!! Lowlife twat

  169. Mr James William Curry says:


  170. Kh says:

    Even one star would be too much for Southern Electric. We have been trying to sort out a faulty gas bill for 3 months, and it has been a nightmare. We have called customers service numerous times and they have not got their act together. Communication with SE and within SE is appalling, they never ring back when they say they will, they never have their facts straight and although they are saying they will sort it out they don’t.
    They had the nerve to send us another bill and eventhough we have been with them for 10 months, they say we owe them £4000, which is ridiculous.

  171. David Patstone says:

    i have just changed my gas and electricity to direct debit the young lady on the other end of the phone was really helpfull and polite didnt have to wait long at all to get through would recomend southern electric

  172. Anthony Farrell says:

    I have spent a lot of time trying to register and logon to paperless billing – it fails. But you know that – your billings department are well aware that the website is broken. But you haven’t told your customers – we’re left to waste time and find out for ourselves.

    Let’s give you a challenge to meet your first customer commitment “We will look after your best interests from day one”

    Could you please put a simple text line on the Register & Login pages that states “this website is temporarily unavailable – do not try to register or login” ?

    With this level of service I should consider moving my elec & gas somewhere else.

    Please email me if you are interested in keeping my business.


  173. Nick says:

    Started with Southern Electric about a year ago, signed up after a door to door salesman came around, shouldn’t have. originally he said they could save us £5-10 a month via DD, showed us the figures, great!! The first bill came and all was ok, then after Christmas, a new bill came through, worked out £5 more a month than our previous suppliers, but assumed this was due to the winter (using more heat etc). May bill has just come, and even though we used less, it’s now £10 more than our previous suppliers. I checked the total usage against our old supplier, the same, then checked the prices, so much higher. I know the current costings are a lot more than a year ago, but in total they wanted £150 more for a year’s supply.

  174. John Falconer says:

    Hi not had alot of dealings with the company but when i have the service has been good staff at call centre very helpful and polite.Also transco were very quick to respond to my assissance when my card became damaged.I would like to say well done to both companies.

  175. Gd Pooley says:

    I have been trying to connect to their website for 2 days. If they are N0 1 in customer services , god only knows how bad the rest are!!!

  176. Chris Hoyle says:

    Customer Service? I don’t think so! They failed to apply a discount to which I was entitled, failed to reply to a letter about the issue, failed to reply to an e-mail sent via their site. What else is there to say? If customer service is important to you, do NOT touch SEC unless you want to experience raised blood pressure and stress levels off the chart.

  177. Mr Chris Ainsworth says:

    Back in 2006 one of your reps changed us over to southern electric even after we told him we did not want to change over this was sorted. Then today 14/5/2008 one of your reps turns up on the door to tell my disabled with he was here to change the key she told him that we are not with you and don’t want to be and explained the hassel we had before, his comment was as we are a local surplier yourselfs can just change it.My wife is paralised down one side she again said no thank you but he refused to go and kept talking ,she nearly collaped and told him to go and come back just to get him to go.Since then she has been in a great deal of pain as she is not ment to stand more than a couple of minutes.This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please see that this does not happen again thank you.

  178. Stephanie Bouhraoua says:

    Phoned Southern Electric twice to notify them I had not received a bill in 5 month, twice I have been told it was all sorted out and that my bill was on its way. The 3rd time, I spoke with someone competent who realised that the postcode they had was not valid, she amended it and I received my bill 3 days later. Went to pay it over the phone, this morning and got debited twice of 150 Pounds!! Nice! I have been told that this happens and I should call in 2 days time as my bill still showed as due at the moment. Dropped E-ON for them, so far, not impressed!!!

  179. Lindsey says:

    These stupid people have to be the worst I have EVER in my life dealt with, gas meter changed 2 weeks ago, still no gas card, now no gas with a child age 1 and another aged 5 and they are making me wait until monday for gas engineer to come out, by the way this is saturday!! These are getting reported to Trading Standards on Monday… Also will be changing over to somebody else… This company is one big JOKE and the people wh work for the are no F***ing better… SHIT company SHIT staff and an all around PISS TAKE

  180. Frank Marshall says:

    Have been with Southern Electric for 18 months now and cannot praise them enough. Was with EDF before that and the bills were horrendous, so switched to SE with a lower monthly payment each month and this quarter (the highest) got a sizeable refund from them within 24 hours of ringing customer services. The salesman was polite and efficient, the customer services girls were likewise. That was a huge contrast to the service that EDF provided

  181. Tracey Anderson says:

    after a very bad experience with npower (my meter broke and had no electric supply, was a friday 9pm. their phones close at 8pm…no weekend service, so had no electric or heating for 3 days, 2 young children. was left to suffer) i moved to southern. had 2 years with them and all been great, until last mth they fitted new key meter. no key recieved, phoned and phoned, told in the post. 2 times i have arrived home to no electric and had to sit in for 5 hours till they come out and cxharge the meter £5. they cannot put anymore on..that lasts me 2 days so have to call them every 2 days..still no key. last straw on sons birthday, get back from town having bought him a wii and he was excited to play it…no electric. waited 8 hrs for someone to come out. my meter is outside but i still had to wait in for the guy to come!! why i dont know. this meant my son not only was bored in a cold house all day but we couldnt take him bowling either…the guy who came out was nice and put £25 on rather than the £5 even though he wasnt allowed. am down to £10 left and still no key. rang up again and told a new one is being sent first class. thats my tenth been m,ailed…wonder who gets all my keys??? all electric companys are the same. terrible service..just cant wait to take your money

  182. Rob says:

    Pity they don’t supply negative stars for this forum. – 5* for SE.
    I truely believe that most of the 5* posts for southern electric are from their own employees.
    Especially the one referring to “our 7.5 million customers”…!!!
    ahem, make up your own mind
    ” Southern Electric has an excellent customer service. It is truly a British Company with our 7.5 Million Happy customers.
    Posted by Abu Tarab Raja, 15th July 2007 ”

    “They are the best
    Posted by Abu Tarab Raja, 09th June 2007 ”
    notice the dates, surely one posting would be enough?

    “Southern Electric are to be highly recommended as regards supply of gas and electricity with regard to pricing, and flexibility of adjusting direct debit payments. The salesman who introduced our family was not pushy and how different to certain other suppliers!

    Posted by Mervyn Dawkins, 28th November 2007 ”
    .brother of a sales rep for southern electric no doubt

    In my experience Southern Electric customer service is dispicable, the rate per unit is too high, and when trying to switch suppliers
    we were declined because SE had a complaint to the monopolies commission going against the company we wanted to switch to.
    Forced into having a service supplied by a company we never wanted to supply us.
    THEN, when you finally receive a bill it tends to be grossly inaccurate, but they won’t relent. You can count on that.
    So you end up having to make payment arrangements to stick to.
    Two days later they decide to abandon the agreement and take you to court, (also putting costs on)
    What’s more, it’s a court well out of the area so if you attend, you have to lose a wholes days wage instead of a half day.

    The company is a nothing but legalised scam-mongerer, employing for the most part, the biggest bunch of r’s wholes ever.
    (You may find that out, if you ever get taken out of the ‘HOLD’ cycle and actually speak to someone.)

    MINUS 5 stars for these, because they simply dont even TRY to get better.

  183. Catherine Mills says:

    how dare you contact my gas and electricity suppliers and tell them I am moving over to you…when I have never spoken to you or had anyone call to arrange this…after talking to the air-head on your number Iwas supposed to be assured that it “has been a mistake” and every thing will be cancelled and there`s “no problem” oh yes there is and I will now contact Energy Watch and let them know how you conduct your bussiness….its shocking!!!!

  184. Paul Verran says:

    SE do not seem to have got their act together since the beginning of 07 as we were without gas for heating or hot water for seven days in Feb 08. We joined their Shield gas heating protection scheme in November 07 and waited in twice for an Engineer to call to service and check over the system as in the contract. Both times at last minute cancelled by their office. Boiler broke down and after lots of phone calls by us to chase the parts and an engineer it was finally repaired on the seventh day. As some of the other letters said excuses given were not enough parts (all parts there all the time) and no engineers would come to our area. One letter said that they would get an Engineer at the weekend. We were told the gas engineers don’t work weekends. Funny for a breakdown service. We have been with SE for many years but are now thinking otherwise.

  185. Norman Swanney says:

    I can only speak as I find and have been with this supplier for many years. Its customer service centre is always helpful and efficient. I’d hesitate to move elsewhere, having heard some of the stories in the press.

  186. Susan Trevor says:

    I find Southern Electric very good customer service and very good prices. I have been with them for 3 years in that 3 years I have had bills totaling about £2000 which for a family of 4 and heating on most of the time is very good. When I was with powergen, I had a bill for £1000 in 6 months crazy people… I had a problem with my meter and I rang the number that[‘s above and it states that the offices close at 2 pm on Saturday and open on Monday morning. My meter broke at 2.30pm Saturday, I thought I was gonna freeze the whole weekend but I rang the number and they gave me an emergency number and they sent some one to come within 4 hours, I was so relieved. A brill energy supplier!

  187. Susan Trevor says:

    I’ve been with Southern Electric for my gas supply for 3 years and it’s been great, no phone calls and billed every 6 months. They have been great so far, answered my calls really fast each time I ring them.

  188. Chantelle says:

    Southern Electric are the worst company I have ever been with!! I have had nothing but problems with them and every time I ring up to sort them out I get passed from pillar to post with these idiots not knowing what the hell they are on about.

    They need to learn customer service skills and the managers need to make sure their staff are trained properly as I have been told something different nearly every time I have phoned. Am sick to death of this company.

  189. Alison Phillips says:

    They are the best! I have economy 7 heaters and they used 2 eat my electric with npower but since I have change over I’ve saved £15 each month and my phones even cheaper since I’ve changed over too.

  190. Jim John says:

    Truly shocking company! Salesman was a complete disgrace, almost barged into my house and duped my girlfriend into singing over to them! Lucky I got there in time to tell him to stick his rubbish and get out of my house. These people make me sick!

  191. Angela Foster says:

    Have been with Southern for many years now. Have found them excellent. Very good customer service, competitive prices, never bother one with unwanted offers or phone calls. All in all a great company.

  192. Domingo Antao says:

    I changed over to Southern in July 2007, biggest mistake! On the 1st January 2008 my heating went off-no heat/hot water. Called them at 0600am on 2/01/2008. The guy promised me an engineer would call on Thursday, the 3rd to fix the problem. No-one came. Phoned at 1600hrs, sorry will come on Friday at 8.00am – 5.00pm. No-one came. Phoned at 1600hrs, the lady said she was sorry but arranged for eng. after 1700hrs. At 8.00pm phoned again, sorry the eng. has just refused the job as he’s busy. Arranged for Saturday 8.00am-5.00pm. Just phoned to see if it’s still on. NO, engs very busy, will try and come on Sunday? No heating/hot water for 4 days now. Packed 86years old Mum to friends house – she’s not happy, we are using friends place for bath etc. It’s wonderful, let’s give the Chairman of SEC another £100.000 pay rise… any comments SEC????

  193. John Burford says:

    Following house move, I rang in final meter readings for gas and electricity. Then over next 2 months received refunds for both (which were undated letters) – final bill, amended final bill, amended final final bill… ended up repaying most of the refund back. Paper chase fiasco!

  194. Mohammed Abid Saleh says:

    I rang up for a simple query – I was put on hold for 10 minutes!! Not good enough.

  195. Claire Black says:

    I have recently moved into a new property, I phoned southern electric to let them know and to request a key for the meter in the new property, also to request the key meter to be replaced so I could carry on paying in the way I have always paid.
    I was told on the Friday that a key would be posted that same day by first class post and that I should receive it on the Monday which would of been the 10th Dec. and the day we were due to move in.
    Unfortunately, no key arrived by Monday so we had to delay moving into the new house until the Tuesday, still no key arrived, we couldn’t wait any longer so we had no choice to move in.
    I have had to throw away all my frozen foods, I had to ask relatives to look after my disabled son as we had no heating o any form of lighting, I also had to ask friends for the loan of space in their fridges as my son needs to have medication and this needs to be stored in the fridge at all times, it’s even transported in a fridge and the delivery man takes it out of his and puts it in your fridge!
    When on Wednesday still no key came I phoned them and was told that I would be charged for someone to come out and give me a key!!!!! I am still waiting to hear from southern electric, my advice, stay clear of this company!!!

  196. Desmond Fitzpatrick says:

    It’s Saturday night, my gas has run out, I put the card in only too tell me the battery is dead. Can i get anyone to fix it? NO! Every number I rang passed me off, then I find out I can’t speak to anyone till Monday!

  197. David Chapman says:

    Very poor service wouldn’t recomend this company to anyone avoid, at all cost.

  198. Seargant Joe Friday says:

    The door-to-door salesmen you may meet are all employed through a third party company and are almost always of non-UK citizenship. They are paid on commission to sign people up and therefore lie through their teeth. People have been duped into signing up their 5 bed detached house with 4 kids, a pool and 3 dogs for £25.00 p/mth direct debit on electric… this causes a deficit when your true meter readings are provided 6 to 12 months later, by this point too late. The company receives a complaint but the employee in question has usually moved on to commission pastures anew. N-Power are just as bad in my experience.

  199. Mervyn Dawkins says:

    Southern Electric are to be highly recommended as regards supply of gas and electricity with regard to pricing, and flexibility of adjusting direct debit payments. The salesman who introduced our family was not pushy and how different to certain other suppliers!

  200. Raymond Wills says:

    About 2 weeks ago a door to door salesman called and compared our old electricity bill with what Southern could do it for. He left hic name and mobile number. We have just been informed by our supplier that that Southern has transferred our account to them. At no time did we sign or say we wanted to go with them. This has been done in a underhanded manner by their salesman and we are contacting Trading Standards.

  201. Muz Mason says:

    Two visits from Scottish Power in the last two weeks but never a cold call on the Phone. Check those boxes when you fill out forms, keep your land line ex-Directory and never give anymore personal info THAN THEY NEED not ‘WANT’, this should help. It is usually sales driven greed which causes leakage of personal info i.e. 1 bad apple should not spoil the basket.

  202. Jackie Seawright says:

    I have never received such poor customer service in my lifetime. Two weeks ago an engineer from Southern Electric called to see what was wrong with my central heating , he was very thorough and ordered the part I needed. I also joined the monthly subscription but was quite happy to pay the £144.50 quoted to fix the problem. The engineer told me to wait 48 hours and then phone to ask was the part in and when would it be done. This I did six times over the following week and every time they told me someone would call me back. Guess what, they never did! Eventually they said the part was available and told me an engineer would be out on Fri 3rd Nov 07. I took an unpaid day off work and waited in, at two thirty pm no one had been so I called to find out what was happening. The lady on the phone told me the job had been rejected by the engineer and she would phone me back in ten minutes. Guess what, she never did. At three thirty pm I phoned again and spoke to someone who was very helpful and did phone me back and told me the engineer would be out that same day after 4pm. Guess what, no one came. On Saturday the next day I phoned again and spoke to someone who promised me the engineer had the part and would be here on Mon the 5th Nov after 4pm. As a result of this I got up at 5 am to start work early at 6am so I could leave in time to let the engineer in. At 10 am that morning I received an answer phone message on my mobile to say the engineer could not come that day! I was absolutely appalled at this and immediately phoned to find out what happened. I spoke to someone who told me she would find out and get someone to phone me. Amazingly some one called and said the engineer would be out at 8am Tues the 6th Nov 07 after he had picked up the part. This is very strange as I was told on Fri that he had the part already. As it is the sixth tomorrow I wait with baited breath to see if an engineer calls as promised in the morning. However to be left for two weeks with no heating or hot water is completely unacceptable and I look forward to hearing from Southern Electric to see what they have to say in response to this matter.

  203. Margaret Heritage says:

    I was with Southern-Electric for sometime, but Powergen offered me a better deal so I went with them. One of their door to door salesman said that he could offer me it a lot cheaper, but I stayed with Powergen. So Southern-Electric door to door salesman told my phone company that I wanted to switch to another company and that they were going to cut me off. I have now sorted it and I am complaining to Southern-Electric…

  204. Customer says:

    There is no emergency number to contact and at the emergency numbers given no one ever lifts the phone. They need improve their emergency service.

  205. Ronnie Reid says:

    Poor customer service which continually bombards you with repeated marketing calls.

  206. Abu Tarab Raja says:

    Southern Electric has an excellent customer service. It is truly a British Company with our 7.5 Million Happy customers.

  207. Abu Tarab Raja says:

    They are the best

  208. Adam Harper says:

    They seem to be a very good supplier. We have green tarrif electricity or RSPB energy which is where they put some of your bill money towards renewable electricity sources and they donate money to the RSPB every year (£10 or £15 I think). We have only been with them for about a year and a half but they sent us a customer loyalty letter and we chose a reward where they pay some money £15 I think to the British heart foundation great!

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