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UK Power Networks (formerly Seeboard Energy)
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UK Power Networks (formerly Seeboard Energy) was part of EDF Energy Networks before being acquired by the Cheung Kong Group in October 2010.

They own and maintain electricity cables and lines across London, the South East and East of England. They also maintain and upgrade power equipment as well as move and connect new electricity cables.

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  1. Richard Moore says:

    I’ve just moved in to a property and would like to move our electric board to a different location. It only needs moving about a metre to the right, but was told by our electrician that we need to go through you. Would you be able to advice a cost procedure we should take? Thank you

  2. dimitris says:

    Hello, I just moved in London and the only bill I am paying is electricity which has a key meter provided by scottish southern energy, paid through pay point. The rest of the bills are paid by the landlord. I need to buy a home broadband connection but a uk debit card is required, but to do that I should have a uk bank account which requires a utility bill in my name which I don’t have. Could someone please tell me if I could change the electricity into my name and solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

  3. Susan Marley says:

    My father would like to change from a key meter and pay for his electric by direct debit can you tell me what I have to do?

  4. Ann says:

    My elderly father has a pre pay meter for gas and electric with Seeboard.
    He has a caregiver twice a week – she topped his cards up Tuesday to be ready for the snow. By today, 7/1/2010, his usage because of the extreme cold has exceeded his credit. I do not drive and due to the blizzard conditions there is no public transport for me to get to Dad. I phoned Seeboard and asked if I could top up Dad’s fuel by credit card to give him heat and light – this was refused – the customer service rep. said we should have thought about this beforehand and she could not help as this was not an emergency. I have no one else close by to help me with this and I am now faced with a very long and cold walk – 2 hours there and 2 hours back – in dangerous conditions to get to Dad as there is no one else I can turn to.
    Happy New Year and thanks for the excellent customer service – NOT!
    I appreciate this is a small thing at a time of weather crisis everywhere but I think they should have their staff take some customer care courses before they put them on the front line – she didn’t even take a breath, do they read from some tele prompter and do they have their conscience removed when they start working for them – I don’t even want to give them 1 star but consider it a new year gesture from me!

  5. Rosemary Morgan says:

    what are the actual times for Economy Seven please?

  6. Mr A Crisp says:

    Could you please confirm that you are sending staff door to door asking people if they can come in and talk to them about paying their bill by direct debit. We had such a visit on Friday and found it rather unusual.If this is not your policy I think it should be reported. If it is your policy I think it is ill advised. We sent him packing!

  7. Suzanne Webster says:

    I have written to Scottish power and Seeboard I have phoned Scottish power and Seeboard. I phoned again on Monday 6th July and was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get someone to come and look at my meter that has fallen off the wall. The door is open as now broken. The meter is outside my property and is low so a 2 yr old could play with it. Why will no one take this seriously? Will someone take note when a child dies when playing in it. I am not sleeping worrying about it. Someone please tell me who is responsible for the meter? Seeboard asked me to phone an emergency number where I got a recorded message about a power cut. Please there must be someone who can help? 36 Beaconsfield Place Epsom Sry KT17 4BD

  8. Leezily says:

    Service is poor and cost of prepayment exorbitant.

  9. Dave Webb says:

    Hi, I have a seeboard prepayment meter and costing me about £30 a week and I do 1 load of washing a week, have 1 storage heater on and an electric convector on about 4 hours a day. The lady downstairs is using £5 a week! And does 3 loads of washing a week and has her heaters on all the time as she has 2 young girls. I have used these meters before and know that this is too much money. I think i must be paying for a debt left by the previous tenant, I have been here a year so that’s a lot of money for an electric bill. Can someone please contact me as I need this sorted ASAP, I won’t give them a hard time, I just need help.

  10. Peter Shaw says:

    I wish to thank the Customer Service Team for their prompt help today. I phoned the team from Caterham and spoke to a lady called Ashley. She dealt with my problem with concern and referred me to someone called Mark. He was able to identify problem cause and provide a reference number enabling me to follow its resolution. Many thanks to all concerned.

  11. Susan Caswell says:

    I put money on my card yet it is saying there is no money on my gas card now we have no heating what shall we do. The shop where I top up my card is closed til tomorrow.

  12. Brian Partridge says:

    Not so much a comment as an enquity.
    Do Seeboard/EDF supply electricirt to Maidstone in Kent?
    I am trying to find out the times applicable for the Economy 7 tariff.
    Brian Partridge

  13. Jo Dixon says:

    Could you tell me who to contact with regard to wayleave rentals on the poles on our land?

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