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In 1995 Manweb and ScottishPower merged, and combined they provide 2.5 million homes in the UK with power.

Your serviceswill still be provided through the same pipes, cables and lines and Lloyds will take care of the switch so there will be no charge. Lloyds TSB claim it can take ‘less than 10 minutes’ to sign up and that the cost of your bills should be lower.

Selling points

  • Manweb research into renewable energy sources beyond what a number of other suppliers do, and ScottishPower own hydro-electric and wind farms across the UK.
  • Promise to deliver quality and value for money services.

Supplier services

  • Green
  • Online
  • Dual Fuel
  • Fixed Billing

Packages on offer

Standard gas tariff

Gas package for most users

Standard electricity tariff

Electricity for most users

Gas & Electricity Package

Save more money by getting both your gas and electricity from ScottishPower/Manweb.

Online energy service

You can save even more money by opting for paperless billing and ScottishPower/Manweb’s online account service.

No standing charge service

You can opt to pay no standing charge, so that all you pay for are the units you use.

Green energy tariff

ScottishPower/Manweb offers various options for customers wishing to take the more environmentally friendly options.

Prepayment option

It is possible to use a top-up option to use prepay for your gas and electricity account.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct debit/standing order
  • Online
  • Credit/debit card
  • Cash/cheque through bank/post office
  • Prepayment
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
59 25.6 1.3 12.9 1.2 640 0.0001

96 responses to “ScottishPower”

  1. Zlatka says:

    I have received a welcome to Scottish power bill today, which shows my dual energy consumption over last 3 week.

    £42 for electricity and £1296 for gas!!!! I checked the meter reading between start and now – I used only 13 cubic feet of gas, which is 4KWh. I should be charged about £1.50 for gas, but the bill is 1000 times higher. When I complained a bloke on the phone explained that it was an error is reading my meter and and it got transferred onto invoice. Bollocks.

    Started shopping for another energy provider already.

  2. Hayk Ghahramanyan says:

    Absolutely terrible company.
    I don’t even know if a company can be any more incompetent. You wait 40 minutes and no one answers the phone. Couldn’t eventually explain that when my tenancy started the meter reading was different what they had estimated. Eventually they charged me £50 extra.

  3. catherine birch says:

    I’ve been with scottish power for about 3 years now, & I use prepayment meters. I’m planning to switch to save money, but I’ve been getting demands from scottish power for £465. How can I possibly owe them money when I pay for my gas & electric by pre-payment meters? I think that scottish power are trying to rip me off!

  4. Marc says:

    I’ve been a long and loyal customer of scottish power and could not begin to explain how inept I have found their services.

  5. karen jones says:

    Thanks for making me wait 50 mins to answer the phone – tell me you’re passing onto the correct person to deal with me then cut me off for no reason.

  6. hughes says:

    we live in a 3 bed bungalow our meter is located 200 yards up the road in a shed on our landlords farm
    we have been paying £31.00 per month for 2 years and have now had a bill of 3500 for that period
    they are classing our meter as business not domestic
    saying we use over 33 units per day when we are only using 12 units per day when we checked the meter daily for 7 days
    they now say dd are going up to £380 per month
    my monthly wages are only £700
    they charged us 20% vat and climate levy and wrong usage

    what do we do from here as we have sent them numerous emails etc and not getting anywhere
    can I cancel dd as I simply cannot afford and need the account disputing
    any help appreciated

  7. Spencer Winch says:

    I am currently trying to switch gas/electric supply from Scottish Power to another provider who was 1/3 cheaper. The process was started in early June and have just switched with electric but still have not got their yet with my gas.

    Scottish Power seem completely incompetent, they have made a list of errors during the process, including a number of erronious transfer claims against my new provider and sending me a new bill after the told me the electic account was settled.

    When you can get through to them on the phone (which always costs me about £2 as I only have a mobile and you have to wait at least 5 minutes), they come up with different stories every time.

    I submitted a complaint last week but still have not got a response, what did I expect! WARNING do not use them.

  8. faith fhain says:

    Did any one realize when you have key meters for gas and electric (so you don’t get into debt) they have some system where when the emergency credit runs out you get put on a “friendly non discount” which you pay for if you run out before 6pm and don’t pay for if you run out after 6pm and Sundays. Evidently it’s explained in legaleze on page three and four of the information pack, but seriously who gets to even page two without having a brain churn when dealing with this.
    It’s a pity most folks will only read this when they have a problem, it’s informative to see these errors already made by scottish power, unfortunately they know many folk would rather pay than go through the time consuming and time wasting effort to redress the errors. Just wish all this was common knowledge!

  9. emily tidswell says:

    Scottish Power have been fine for me i have a 4 bedroom house and 3 children. We consume a lot of gas and electricity and are monthly DD is currently set at £100 per month. The customer service has been fantastic and a lot of the answers to you’re questions can be found on you’re bill by calling the general enquiries line were you come though mainly to a Liverpool call centre. They advised me to call every 3 months with my meter reads to keep my account on track and avoid estimated readings and DD increases. My DD has never been raised whilst with Scottish Power for the past 2 years whilst following this advice. Their cheapest prices are online tariffs with the lowest unit rates. Call the general enquiries line for this answer 0800 400 200. Maybe if a lot of you wind you’re neck in and follow their advice you will find it is a decent company. They do only send annual bills. But when they receive up to date meter readings they produce a statement through the post.

  10. Georgina Scott says:

    Plus – as W Morris says, still paying standing charge for empty property…… Shocking!

  11. Georgina Scott says:

    My father moved out of his “collapsing” house due to ill health and hazzard warning in December 2010. We have just received a 2k bill for the period December 11-April 12, even though the property is empty for 18 months now and the storage heaters were taken out last October – Can hardly believe what I am reading on their bill???? Taking this one further and not paying them! :0(

  12. Rich G says:

    Our service with Scottish Power was fine for the first year, until a neighbour moved in. Our service since then has deteriated. They contacted us to say sorry to hear we were leaving, but we did not request to leave. Our neighbours moving in meant Scottish Power had messed up our supply. A month later we are still trying to resolve this. We have recieved letters and telephone calls asking for our name and address and can we provide a current meter reading. The strange thing is they can send us letters to the right name and address, but they cannot input that information on a system. A day after a Scottish Power meter reader came out we had a phone call asking to provide them with a current reading?????? Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing, I don’t think so! We seem to be no closer to resolving this issue. Seriously considering contacting Energy watch to complain and leaving Scottish Power, even though we are tied into a deal.

  13. w morris says:

    I own a property, Manweb have chosen a tariff, set a monthly figure – all without any input or knowledge from me. They now are demanding £85 a month. The tariff they chose?? naturally one with a standing charge which was almost £1 a day, while the property is empty!!

  14. mr c parry says:

    I have oil central heating, can this be converted to electricity?

  15. Martin says:

    Since 2009 our monthly charges to Scottish Power have been increased by over 40% while our level of consumption is broadly unchanged. We have found their response to emails is poor – either no reply or they fail to deal with the issue being raised. Our current tariff claims to be ‘discounted’ but as far as I can tell this amounts to little more than 2%.
    At the end of our contract we will be finding another supplier.

  16. Gaffer says:

    Utterly rubbish company, don’t supply bills, rip you off by ‘forgetting’ to advise you of standing charges on an empty property etc etc etc

    Don’t go near them unless you want high bills with rubbish customer service

  17. David Carke says:

    Scottish Power will not agree my change to another supplier until they have spent a month harassing me not to change. This company will do anything not to lose customers for their overpriced services. A switch should take 4 weeks – I am into my 2nd month because Scottish power are dragging their heels over the switch.

  18. paul jackson says:

    Ridiculously expensive, I’ve got storage heaters, hardly ever put them on, even in winter – bills work out to £40 plus a week!!!
    Don’t sign up with Scottish Power.

  19. hannah says:

    Yes what is the best time to use electricity??

  20. heylly says:

    What is the best time to use electricity??

  21. Ann Marie Di Rosa says:

    Scottish power to me has a zero rating, two adults in the house always been in credit, new meter fitted and all of a sudden payments went up, now in debt, haven’t had a bill since jan 2010 and both out working from 7am till 7pm and they tell me I’m using more electricity than last year, totally disgusting and out of order.

  22. Mark Price says:

    Great company. Never had a problem with them.
    Every year I compare the prices of all energy suppliers and I change supplier to the one offering the best deal for me.
    I have changed from and to Scottish power on three occasions and I have never had a problem with them. My changeover of supplier has always been problem free and my bills have always been correct.
    I can’t understand why some people seem to fall through the system and have so many problems. I think that in some cases the public need to communicate better and if they are getting nowhere by phone then either ask to speak to someone else or write to the company. This company can not block people from switching provider so I can’t understand why some people here say that they have done this to them. Just visit U-switch and use the link on there dummies.

    • alan simms says:

      If your so happy with them why keep changing. And don’t call people dummies. Have you ever tried getting in touch with them by phone, e.mail or letter ? I doubt it as its impossible. Do you work for them by any chance a? Seeing how many complaints there are about them they dont give tuppence about their customers.

  23. Rosemary Thomas says:

    Can not get a bill from them they say they send one every 6 months have now been in our flat 2 years but still no bill and I pay monthly by D/Debit. I am going to switch as although I’ve asked for bills they never send them.

  24. Davina Lindsay says:

    I have a prepayment meter and I need a new card, how do I get this.

  25. Mrs Amanda Lyne says:

    I’m emailing as I’ve tried phoning yourselves and been lied to several times that you are going to sort the problem out, my problem is that I’ve moved into my new address a few weeks ago and been paying someone else debt on my gas prepayment meter as you owed me five pond also I find my money is running away to quick as I’ve hardly had my heating on. Please can you check this out and get back to me. If not sorted I will find another supplier.

  26. Bernadette Bartram says:

    I use prepayment meters as I don’t work so at least I won’t have any bills coming in, but still they reckoned I was over £500.00 in debt. It went on for 4 years and finally in February I got it sorted and they cleared my debt, they said it was due to the fact that nobody ever came to read my meter and when the electric went up my meter was never altered, I had also threatened to take the matter higher but finally it was resolved, but they are hopeless and very poor customers service, I am looking to change but so many companies with bad reports don’t know what to do.

    • alan simms says:

      I’ve been very frugal with my gas to save money as I’m on a gas card meter. I’ve been using about 50 pence a wk as I’m mainly electric. When I decided to put £8 in last wk they took £6 from this and the rest for some other charge, put me on £ 2.85 emergency (dont know what happened to the rest of the £5 emergency) and said I now had a £14.23 debt. I’ve never had a debt on my meter and thought I was saving money.It turns out it costs you MORE not to use your gas. I’ve been in touch with 2 other gas companies and they laughed that they had the cheek to do that. I’m now changing and I’d advice anyone on scottish power to do the same. Rip off.

  27. Elizabeth Webster says:

    I have duel fuel deal with them, have an energy service leaflet signed by the rep stating that no increase in direct debit of £58 for 1 yr now 3mths later they say I must pay £116 as rep had no right to do this. I cannot afford this amount as I’m unemployed at the moment.

  28. Tracy Clark says:

    Passed from pillar to post all weekend prominsed an engineer with in 48 hrs, what a laugh, now having to take day off work and wait in yet another day, day 3 now…. Unfortunately cant change supplier as scottish power are the only company which does the 3 tarriff shutdown for the kind of wet heating system i have got… Even trying to find a contact number was a bit of a challenge then it was press button after button, you would think by the time you have done all that, that they would know what you want!! WRONG THEY HAVENT A CLUE>>>>>>>

  29. Eileen Shone says:

    I have just moved into a new build apartment and phoned Scottish power to arrange to pay my bills by direct debit. The date is now 21 March 2010 and on the 1st March Scottish power took the £60 they estimated as my monthly payment out of my account. I have a problem with this as I have not received a bill to date. If this is an example of how they do business I will be looking for someone else to supply my electricity. Also, I have attempted to find the online billing mentioned on their web site to check if my meter has been read, but cannot find a link. The site does not offer a search facility so I remain in the dark!

  30. Arthur Hanson says:

    I am trying to get online to pay my bill wthout success.Please get it sorted!!!

  31. Tracey Bonner says:

    I found scottish power were not very helpful, they sent me a bill which I didn’t believe was right and when I phoned up the man was rude and unhelpful and I was in tears on the phone, I hope I have now paid my debt off as I cant wait to change companies.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I only wanted to comment to ask where has the scouse kettle gone from the advert?!.

  33. Miss Leanne Dunn says:

    Scottish Power have been a nightmare!!! We have been on dd since we joined them. We have 1 storage heater in our house and two other heaters which we use on and off through the day. Our initial dd was set at £111 per month. After 2 years with them we got a letter saying that we hadnt been paying them enough and were increasing our dd to £320 per month!!!! After much phonecalls they said we have consumed the energy but as for the last 3 years we havent been paying enough that this new charge included all the debts!!! We owe them over £1700. Like i say we only have 1 storage heater and 2 others and of course our general usage. With a little baby this is an unforgivable amount of money to ask for and i wouldnt reccommend them to anyone. We now have a meter and pay on average £200 per month!!! They are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  34. Blessings says:

    Not good at all, be warned.

  35. Ashley Staight says:

    I have had 18 pounds credit added to my meter card. They told me to take it to a shop that does not exist to get it validated. I am without gas and cannot get any answers. They have said they will refund the money but am still waiting to hear from them. Meanwhile I am cold.

  36. Julie-ann Marchant says:

    Please could you keep my monthly direct debit to £30 as I only live in my house three times a week.

  37. Meg Youngson says:

    A little update – you can’t have monthly billing unless you go for DD. Why is it a supermarket charges for what’s in your basket, not what you bought last year or what you might buy next month, but SP can’t?

  38. Meg Youngson says:

    Terrible company. They continually estimate bills and calculate estimates based on previous estimates. They also estimate your use based on the use of the previous resident! Last year they sent me a bill for £430 and I disputed it and gave them meter readings and they then insisted the bill was based on my readings. I paid up by card over the phone as I was having cancer treatment and couldn’t bear the hassle. A few weeks later I was in credit by £320 (this is on quarterly billing). Of course they don’t refund back on to a card, oh no, you have to write (not phone or email) and wait for a cheque that takes at least three days to clear. I left it. I had then £320 in credit at the start of April and then at the end of September they billed me for £343 on top of that, so even though I’m single and work full-time I had used £663 over the mildest part of the year! And in the same envelope another estimate for *six weeks* of £490. They also claimed they had an actual reading by one of their meter readers for a date I was out of the country. I complained and they reissued my bill at £400 without even mentioning the extra £490 or the £320 credit I had. I have told them I won’t pay until I get the meter read and as soon as I move house they will become history.

    If you HAVE to use them get monthly bills and read your meter weekly and start that with an actual reading from an actual meter reader. And, of course, make sure you don’t have pixies that open your door and let them in when you are abroad.

  39. Terrianne C says:

    I have just moved out of my one bedroom apartment so called Scottish power to let them know and give in my final readings. I have been told I owe £945 from April 2009 to present (September 2009) even though I have also been paying my monthly bill.
    Please can someone explain how anyone living in a 1 bedroom flat consisting of 5 rooms (including the hall), who works all day (8-7) and turns off EVERYTHING before going to bed can possibly owe anywhere near £175ish a month in electricity.

  40. Sarah says:

    I was with scottish power and they were billing us 3 times one dual fuel and gas and electric bills we paid thousands to them and never got it back they said it was our fault.

    I have now changed to british gas and scottis power have still taken the money out of my bank account.

    I would recommend if any one is with them to change suppliers as they rip people off.

  41. L Jones says:

    I rent out a property in Birkenhead, and had a report from my agent that the current tenant was bypassing the meter! as the tenant would also not allow anyone to do gas safety checks, this could have had dangerous consequences. This was reported to Manweb in July but ive just learned that they did not visit until August and despite the fact that the meter was on my property which was at risk, they consistently hid behind the data protection act to avoid telling me wht they had done about it. As there was a potential criminal offence being committed, such matters do not have the same degree of protection under the DP Act but they would not even tell me the meter no even though it is on my property! Also judging by all the other comments on this site it seems they ought to work on their customer service a lot!

  42. Fay Stevenson says:

    All the above comments ring true.
    I changed from N power where I paid £48 a month, with Scottish power my bill went up to £133 within 6 months. I am in the process of trying to get them to explain why they have taken £285 pounds for the final months bill when I was £136 in credit. Beware !!

  43. Dorothea Orme says:

    Hopeless company for details…after 4 years of informing them of my name and address, they still sent the bill to another name! I told them each time that I would not pay if they did not send it to my name…they sent in the heavies! I am currently changing supplier and searching through the list of options.

  44. Les Guesford says:

    I had a glib doorstep sales agent who came to the door claiming that he was working on a Government scheme whereby he was able to advise who would be the cheapest and did not have an allegiance to any particular company.He got out all his info and claimed S/Power were far cheaper than E-ON . I duely swopped but was told to leave the £85 p.m. I was paying at present but after 3 months they
    would reasses implying it would be less. However I have now been told that the want £101 pm.Not impressed with them at all.Goodbye S/Power.

  45. Juliana Sims says:

    I was slapped with a £2000 electric bill for 2 years electric on top of the £1200 I already paid them Scottish Power said I owed all this money, said i denied them access to meter for 2 years and ignored all correspondence, I was 5 months pregnant when they started, they rang near on every day up to 9pm, 2-3 calls a night.
    I work f/t 6 days a week, gas heating,gas cooker, gas fire, no tumble dryer, or electric heating.
    They destroyed my pregnancy, my peace of mind even with requests to please leave me alone until I drop my baby and time to recover fell on deaf ears, they demanded a payment of several hundred pounds when I was in labour, I had my baby 11/2 hours later. They even rang back the following day demanding money. Now I have full blown post natal depression because of what they have done to me.

  46. Lisa Greenaway says:

    Not a great company to communicate with and moving goal posts are a specialty!

    My bills have always been around £30 per month for the duel fuel, and I always ended up in credit for a 1 bed flat, at work all day and away for some weekends so not much fuel used. Scottish Power informed me that they were putting my bill up to £89 per month. I tried to contact customer care over the course of 3 weeks, the automated response said they were receiving a high call volume and cut out, no choice to hold in a queue and no one responded to my emails. Eventually I called the sales line, surely enough the lines were free, so I put in an official complaint, the basis being that when I entered my last months energy consumption (December) onto one of their payment calculators my total bill came to £220 for the year. I never got an answer on how after 2.2 months I would have payed the total years (calculated by them) consumption. They said that I was one of the lucky ones and had switched to the lower rate before the big price increases, I note though that when the cost of oil increased they put the prices up and yet when it went down their fuel prices did not.

    I am in the process of switching and feel better for it.

  47. Julie Stevenson says:

    I am worried as I paid £270 on march the 7th this year and they have just sent me another bill for 300 to be paid this month. I got the bill 10th April this year, how can this be right? I changed from a pre-payment as I was putting in five pound daily and when I rang up I got nothing but snotty customer service. I don’t know what to do now, I’m in ill health and haven’t the money to pay this amount 6 weeks after paying 270, I’m worried sick, I think I need to change my supplier.

  48. Mary Dunbar says:

    I changed to SP from EON, big mistake.
    Originally I have in paper £40.67 direct debit but now I have a bill for £90 instead. I cancelled my direct debit as I wanted to stay with EON so the difference of nearly £50 extra was because it was not being paid through my bank, this was for nearly 5 weeks. We work during the day and the kids are at school. SP are a joke and poor customer care.

  49. M Foster says:

    I am trying to change from there company to a better one, they have stopped me from changing 3 times and looking like it’s been done again. The main reason for me wanting to change is last year they kept door calling, no joke, EVERY day and one man at my door was very rude and nasty. If they have blocked me from changing companies again I’m going to my mp. BAD COMPANY, DON’T USE THEM UNLESS YOU LIKE TROUBLE.

  50. Vicki Evans says:

    I have to say I am shocked by the stories here, we have stayed with manweb, then over to scottish power, and have had no problems so far, they take the money monthly by direct debit, and when we over pay they reduce the payments with 2 or 3 months notice, to a smaller amount, and if underpaid, adjust it again. We have a meter, and they have now started sending the same person each time so I don’t have to worry about strangers with my 2 little children. I think they are great.

  51. Tim Pyatt says:

    I have just received a notice of termination from Southern Electric, why??

    I have my account & direct debit with Scottish Power, see below.

    I have not received any correspondence or statement or d/d payment from you since sept 08.

    I have not requested any change of provider.

    Can you please sort out the problem with Southern Electric before they cut of my electricity?

    As I have said to them, if I am cut off through no fault from me, I will contact the Ombudsman & the press!

  52. Sue Peters says:

    I have just spent 1hr 25mins on the phone transferred to 5 different people who couldn’t track the account – given 2 wrong numbers to call – I was trying to get key meter removed for a client and pay by normal methods after moving into property. Although operators were polite not impressed with systems used as I gave all the information they asked for and they still couldn’t help. Gave up in the end,will try writing – cheaper option.

  53. Hayat Abdoh says:

    I wanted my prepayment meter to be changed to an ordinary one, I tried to contact customer services several times I had no answer they told me they are going to contact me and nobody contacted me until now, will you please contact me on this number 01642 273962.thank you

  54. Dr N Castle says:

    All we have is power cuts they average out at more than one a month. In todays day and age this is unacceptable. surely it can be corrected.

  55. Melanie Skinner says:

    It is impossible to get hold of Scottish Power’s customer services number.

  56. Emma Marsh says:

    Tried to get through to this company for 2 weeks to be put on hold for 15 mins everytime, it cost me over £17 in phone costs and i still havent managed to get through to them.

  57. Julie Campbell says:

    Scottish Power I’ve been fight with them since they upgraded my meter back in 1998. My bill last bill for a 1 bedroom flat was £417.29 for 3 months. I cancelled my DD with them as they were putting it up to a ridiculous amount. I keep saying there is something wrong with the meter but they still say I’m not consuming enough to warrant a visit by an engineer, I’d have to pay £50 for a visit. I’m totally feed up with them but I can’t change as I have white meter. I’m taken this to watchdog and ofgem.

  58. Sheena Lumsden says:

    Terrible company! has caused me no end of stress and expensive phone calls trying to get my bill expained to me. Initially i was paying weekly by debit card (the amount i was estimated to pay) missed one weeks payment so paid double the following week to catch up but recieved a letter saying because i had missed the payment one week i could no longer pay weekly and had to pay quarterly. with the letter was a bill to be paid in the next 10 days for £169!! stating this was for the last 6 weeks and i wouldnt get another bill in 3 months.when i phoned to query the letter , after being on hold for 20 minutes, was eventually put through to some woman who could not have been more unhelpful or rude if she tried!! it became quite obvious to me within a few minutes of speaking to this “customer advisor” that she should never have persued this career and clearly didnt want to be in the office on a saturday morning. In response to my query she merely siged and grunted and actually cursed under her breath and at that point i asked to speak to her supervisor. She wasnt much help either and when i asked if i could pay the outstanding balance in 2 payments as i felt it was too much to pay in one go she replied “people who struggle to pay their bills who are on benifits can be put through to some debt management company??? having never been on benefits in my life i was very taken aback at her presumption. just because i said it was a lot to pay she assumed i was on the dole!! however ive got a final payment to make and will be switching companies asap.

  59. Stewpot says:

    Not a company to touch in anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Mrs. T. Rebeiro says:

    Out of all the energy suppliers I tried S.P. is the worst one. Never never again. Their bills are most complicated and hard to understand. If you have a query contacting them is the worst nightmare. Minimum waiting on a 0845 no. is 25-30mnts. The problem never resolves without 6-7 calls. For me the problem still remains unsolved, so rather than wasting anymore money for phone calls I am changing supplier.

  61. Teresa Christine Neill says:

    I have been putting to much money in the gas since last year, the gas is still going round on the meter when there’s no gas on, please can you send someone to check it out, thank you.

  62. Bill Allen says:

    We are on a pre-payment(key) meter with scotish power. Yesterday our power went off,not a power cut,but out meter was still illuminated & showing a credit of £1.62.
    I placed the key in the meter to see if it would give us any info on why the power had gone off,upon doing this the power came back on,but the meter had taken the£5.00 credit that was on the key,so now our balance should read £6.42 yes .
    NO it read £5.00.I spoke to scotish power about this and they said we must have used the 1.62 up ,I said how can we use it up when we have not had any power to be able to use it up,in other words they could not explain or could not be bothered,they said well evrything is fine now your meter is working & you have power we cannot do any more.

  63. Mrs M Ashley says:



  64. Gareth Phillis says:

    Yet another large bill for a prepayment meter customer, trying too get in touch with this firm by phone is impossible, 10 phone calls later still no answer just another recorded message, I will in the mean time seek legal advice regarding the bill of £163.86 for electricity I have already paid for yet another very UNHAPPY customer.

  65. Kelly Welsh says:

    reading all the comments you are all so right i have just got a £2000 bill for my gas and lecky and i do have a card meter and a key i have emailed scottish power and spoke to british gas to see why i have this bill and who is meant to be my supplier and if i get another canvaser at my door i will run them has my detail got put down by one off them with out my consent i am a mother of 4 children and only work 16 hours i have to pay rent council tax and i dont need bills like this we all should go back on the coal fire and parafin lights ….

  66. Avril Elliott says:

    try getting in touch after 6-7 pm all helplines are closed.2 of my relatives (1 being my daughter)are on prepay meters.on both occasions (during this cold snap and october one temperatures were down to freezing) the battery failed on the meter so they rang CUSTOMER SERVICES before close of day they were told engineer would be there within 4hours.both havechildren,one 2years old engineer came following day 18hours after the call.all they said was SORRY WE HAVE HAD MAJOR GAS LEAK TO REPAIR

  67. Avril Elliott says:

    my daughter was threatened with court action for not paying a bill.she has pre payment cards since 2001.try telling the “CUSTOMER SERVICES”.do they understand what they are being told?NO.with this company you have 2 hopes of satisfaction.BOB HOPE &NO HOPE

  68. Pamela Schooling says:

    I have tried to reach by telephone, but Fraser having answered, I was cut off! I wish to inform you that no way am I prepared to pay £l35 direct debit an increase fromMay from £78. Please let me know what you are prepared to do about it.

  69. Kevin Curtiss says:

    do you supply a economy 10 tarrif meter to properties in the dl1 ares of the north east of england

  70. Charlotte Powell says:

    scottish power initially set my direct debit at £48.50 for duel fuel which i said was a little low, then after about 6 months they stated that i now owed a huge bill of £300+ because the dd was not enough to cover everything lol which i had told them originally by the way. anyways they wanted to increase my dd to £80 per month which was a huge jump from what i was paying previously but acceptable. they have now contacted me twice because of there original cock up of settin it too low stating that they want £117-£130 per month or they will involve the debt collectors, this is a sum of money that i cannot affford and i am angered as this would not be the case had they got it right from day one, i am at a loss as what to do now.

  71. Tara Walker says:

    Appalling service. being 7 months pregnant and already having a 1 year old son, my house move was not made any easier by SP, who I have had to continuously try to contact and have been put on hold for over two hours. I just need to get the supply of the new house switched to my name- an apparently impossible task. Disgusting service.

  72. Jan Wright says:

    The other day my house was broken into by your meter reader. I live at 27 Underwood Lane Crewe CW1 3JX. My terrified partner was very frightened as you meter reader just open our front door an walked in with knocking or anything. You can imagine how frightening this is for a woman on her own. What makes them think you have the right to break into peoples house?

    He is extremely lucky to be alive because if the dog had been there he would have been savaged he was just luck I was out with the dog and my partner was alone.

    We owe them no money and pay by DD

  73. Donna Mccafferey says:

    I have been putting five pounds a day into my electricity meter since I moved in three years ago, because I am all electric I thought this was normal even though nobody was in most of the day. I complained to Scottish Power, they sent several people out to read the meter over the three years, but never had a statement following the meter reading. Now after three years last month I received four statements in one envelope all stating I am over a thousand pounds in credit. Try as I might I cannot get this money from them, they now want to change my meter. Untill I resolve this matter I don’t want to do this as the meter is the only prove I have of how much I have put in.

  74. Mrs R. M Pritt says:

    I am looking for a manual on a Smart Heat electric storage heaters control panel. I have moved into a house with one and there is no manual to tell me how to set the controls, can you help?

  75. Susanbutcher says:

    not a very good company staff rude and un
    helpfull the company make agreements and brake them.all i want is to pay what i owe &to now how much gas gas gas costs

  76. Dawn Chapman says:

    I was with Scottish Power for nearly 8 yrs when I switched I paid all my final bills and cancelled my payments at the bank only to find that another payment for £130 has been taken out. I am now trying to contact them but after being on hold for over 15 mins and counting I am still on hold trying to get my money back. Oh am I so pleased that I changed. They would of threatened me with court if I owed them money so maybe I should do the same.

  77. Peter Roberts says:

    Scottish Power: 1. spend an age on the phone , trying to get through… 2. keep putting your direct debit up, even though your in credit… 3. their website’s rubbish…

  78. Romeo De Leon says:

    A very greedy company. I am with this company for 3 months and they want to increase my direct debit to £85.50/month from £50/month. For the last 3months my electricity and gas bill is lower than the £150 they have taken from me and yet they still want it to increase my direct debit. Its time to scout other supplier which are more helpful and not greedy as them. I will tell this to my fellow Filipinos. I have the same fate with Mr. R. Roberts who posted his comments on the 1st October 2007.

  79. C Round says:

    This company is RUBBISH. They have just upped my payments by £40 and month. I have spent nearly an hour on phone calls trying to find out whats going on. Im switching immediately. Scottish Power??? Scottish CONJOB!!!

  80. Christopher Duck says:

    My parents belive that scottish power are the cheapest energy supplier

  81. Bryan Lindsay says:

    i got scottish power to put a card meter in to save me money because i lost my job, am on benefits and they put the meter in, i get £93 a fortnight and when i inform them about this they pout the meter down to there lowest tarriff, about about a week with the new meter in , i noticed that i had put £40 in way to high for my budget, i phoned them about this and they said that am due them £700 and they were collecting this, i informed them again that i was on benefits and that i couldnt afford this, they said to me thats not there fault and that i would have pay it, ave now refused to top my meter up-for almost a week now because for this and plus that i can afford it, am still phoing them to change the tarriff and they refuse, ave now not had electricty for 1 week lost all my food and cant cook and currently staying at a friends house, all i can ay is that there money thiefs and dont care about you curcumstanes they just want there money dont go with scottish power

  82. Margaret Spotswood says:

    I am Emailing you on behalf of my Mum.
    She received a cheque for Gas credit refund. But she does not have a bank account or any other account. Can she send it back and have one sent to her in my name so I can change it for her in my account.

  83. Sarah Davies says:

    i have been with the company for 4 years only recieving electricity and i must say they have allways been helpfull , and the meter reading person has allways been polite and helpfull .. i think they are o.k

  84. Marie Derbyshire says:

    I signed up for dd in october 07, and was told there would be no increase for 12 months, i have just recieved a statement at the begining of april, and it as gone up, i telephoned 2 weks ago, they said they would send another statement out, STILL WAITING, beware and check your statements,
    m derbyshire

  85. Samanta Gallimore says:

    beware!!!!changed from scotish power to british gas,sent me a final bill saying i used £200 worth of electric in a month,been waiting 9 months nearly for them to sort this out,even sent debt collectors to my door,despite over 10 phone calls to them-rubbish company dont know what there doing,keep promising to sort this out but still waiting…………………

  86. Michael Keenan says:

    have been with scotish power for over 2 years basicly the same as all the other companies apart from they have been a bit cheaper yes they do sometimes increase the direct debits but so do all the other energy companies been with powergen they did it british gas they also did it checked with u switch recently scotish power still about the cheapest

  87. Donna Wilson says:

    trying to get hold of this company is impossable 58 mins waiting to get through
    then they put you on hold for another 35
    and then they can’t deal with you enquiry and ask you to phone back tommorow
    time wasters an completely unexceptable

  88. Stepan K. says:

    I was the victim of that “tendency” Kay Wallace spoken about. I received a HUGE final electricity bill from them and when spoke to SP they started the story of “inflation” and “give us the receipts”. Only by threatening them with a full blown court case I finally got that bill revoked. After 3 years with them!! BEWARE!! Never again for me that’s for sure.

  89. Kelly Duckworth says:

    Scottish Power, we had duel fuel with them, I will never go with them again. Me and partner split up, I rang and told them about this and told them to put my name on bill only. I also told them that the direct debit was to be cancelled as this was in ex partners name and I wanted to pay with payment card. They said they would do this, my ex cancelled dd with bank, I changed electric and gas and went with some1 else as Scottish Power kept putting monthly payments up. I owed £270. I rang and told them that I could not afford to pay all this amount as I had my other gas and electric to pay for this, they said was ok. Well they went and took the lot out of my ex bank account and left him od with no money to cover the mortgage. I rang and told them I had cancelled dd with them as I was no longer with partner, they said the bank should of told them. My ex went into the bank to find out what was going on, it was on record that he cancelled dd for Scottish Power, there was also 2 other dd set up for scotish power that my ex didn’t no about. I didn’t no they could do this. Scottish Power said that as I had changed my gas and electric duel fuel it now had gone to 2 sep bills and that was what they recovered from ex bank They had no right, my ex has put in for money to be returned from his bank. This doesn’t help, the mortgage gets paid in 2 days.

  90. Vickey Tapsell says:

    Terrible company. Do not use! Moved into a new build flat back in Feb 05 now Dec 07. They messed up all the meters and was going to different flats instead of the allocated flat. Been on their case since 2005 as have never paid a bill. Set up 3 direct debits all of which they have cancelled without notifying me of doing it or why!! Been calling to resolve the issue for 2 and a half years now. Told I will get a call back (even from their managers) and never have in the whole 2 1/2 yrs. Now they are trying to charge me over £1000 pounds but can’t prove it was ever my electricity. Spoke to a manager on 23rd Nov 07 to attempt a final resolution to which she was going to call me back. Now on the 5th Dec no call back and have sent the account to Debt collection.

  91. Mr. R. Richards says:

    Not a very helpful company. I’ve been with them for 3 months now and they want to increase my Direct Debit by an extra £41.00 an month, which now makes it £111.00 per month. That will make it an £1332.00 per year but we only use £950.00 per year.

  92. Frances Meek says:

    I moved in to my new home at the end of May and they only took out 2 direct debit payments but charged me for 3 months. They then revised my direct debit to more than double what I was paying. When I called they said they couldn’t make it any lower.

    Not very good company if you have to budget.

  93. Kay Wallace says:

    Scottish power has a tendency to issue big final electricity bills to people who use prepayment meters. They then ask for receipts from four years ago and if you don’t have them they tell you that you’re liable for bill. Not very helpful at all. Be careful.

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