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E.ON (formerly Powergen) is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies – generating and distributing electricity and retailing power and gas to millions of homes and businesses in the UK.

Selling points

  • E.ON offers a range of home energy services, including boiler and central heating installation and maintenance.
  • E.ON is also one of the leading green developers, owners and operators of wind farms in the UK today.
  • Earnings for Tesco Clubcard Holders.

Supplier services

  • Online Extra Saver 4
  • Guarantee 4
  • Standard
  • Price Protection
  • Go Green
  • Dual Fuel

Packages on offer

Business cover
  • With E-on business you can manage all your accounts online.
  • They give you advice on reading your meter and, most importantly, understanding your bill.
  • They have also written a great guide on how to cut your energy costs and increase your energy efficiency as a business.
  • Standard gas tariff

    Gas package for most users – with removed standing charges so you only pay for what you use.

    Standard electricity tariff

    Electricity for most users – with removed standing charges so you only pay for what you use.

    Direct debit discounts

    E.ON offers a discount to customers who pay by direct debit.

    Dual fuel package

    E.ON offers discounts to customers who buy both gas and electricity from them. These discounts are increased if you also pay by direct debit.

    Green tariffs

    E.ON offers a variety of green tariffs for the environmentally aware customer.

    Ways to pay your bill

    • Direct Debit
    • Prepay using card or key
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Over the phone

    Special Services

    Age concern tariffs, designed with elderly customers in mind, include a number of features:

    • Free early-warning hypothermia thermometer
    • Three free carbon monoxide detectors
    • Free advice on saving energy in your home
    • Free energy saving light bulbs
    • Cold weather rebates for the winter months
    Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
    Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
    52.2 30.7 4.7 8.4 4 619 0.000

    55 responses to “E.ON Energy”

    1. Anthony teare says:

      I have left after a n0 of years with eon. I have phoned a n0 of your lines not accepted. I think like other eon customers I was over sold & am entitled to a rebate like other customers. Yours sincerely a teare.

    2. m.m says:

      Well have nothing good to say about EON. My daughter and I moved into this property 4 years ago. EON was recommended to me. I did not receive a bill for my electricity for quite a few months, despite my contacting them regularly. When I finally spoke to someone with a little sense they apologized, and said this would be rectified. Since then my bills were estimated, so low it was unbelievable, then I was hit with a huge bill, and had to pay for the months I missed through their mistake. The bills I received from them were huge. At that time I worked in a home, shift work, including overnights, so we were hardly ever in. I queried this and asked them to explain why the bills were so large, despite us not being there much. I heard all of the excuses. I gave them meter readings, and was sometimes told well you are actually being charged too low. Now I do not work for the energy companies, but I do know when I am being ripped off. I have now switched suppliers and could not be happier, I am now paying £40 per month less, yet I am still being harassed by EON, who asked me to pay over £300 before Christmas. I told them I would pay a sum each month, which I have been doing. I received another letter in March 2014, saying if I do not pay the reminder they would pass the bill onto a debt collected. When I queried this I asked what the problem was as I had been paying each month faithfully. I had a good rant to the person not their fault, but I was frustrated by the service I
      had received over the years. I again agreed to pay £30 per month. Just before the conversation finished I was told if I do not pay it would be passed to a debt collector. Again I was angry, and told them I had not missed any payments, so there was no need to say that. I again said Eon were and are a complete rip off. In fact it would not surprise me if I am owed money from them. I have queried this on quite a number of occasions, as we live in a two bedroom flat, which is scorching in summer, so we do not use any heating at all, and cold during the winter. I was paying £1560 per year. I work full time and my daughter is at school. I can only assume the resident ghost was making pots of tea, watching the tv, using the washing machine, having daily baths and using the computer.
      I switched before they hiked the prices again. A shoddy company indeed.

    3. mother hubbard says:

      Not a happy crowd of customers with E.ON. Sad to say it does not encourage new customers to want to do business with them. These energy companies in this country have become a farce since Margaret Thatchers craze on privatisation. One of the worst things she ever did in her terms off office. I don’t think she is missed by many people since her departure but we are left with her now legacy no hardship for her. The energy companies have become GREEDY as they have made billions in profits and they will soon be looking for more capital from there customers with the so called OZONE LAYER problems.

    4. Eon are rubbish – I have requested a credit of between £720 and £1065 on four occasions and all they offer to do is to re-evaluate the monthly payments at the annual review in some months time – they did this last year and we had no choice but to pay increased charges on our standing order – yet the amount they owe us over the year has just continued to increase. They claim not to have records of my previous complaints as you have to fill in a new form and submit it every time you want to speak to them…. what can I do?

    5. Michalakis Mousicou says:

      How do I get a quote for gas and electricity.

    6. Elfed Dowler-Jones says:


      Does anyone know how I contact e-on to acquire an electricity key to a property I am moving into with an e-on supply. The supply is turned off at the moment.

      Much appreciated.

    7. John Hickman says:

      I have been with EON for many years and have only spoken to them on two occasions. The service given is at John Lewis standards. I would not change providers just to save a few bob. Thank You EON.

    8. s.newell says:

      I have just moved into a 1 bedroom flat and it’s got a prepay meter, now winter’s just here I have only 1 storage heater on and in 5days it has taken nearly £30 of my electric. I’m very conservative in saving energy and have aa rated appliances which are turned off daily ie. cooker there is NO debit on it and keep the meter over £50 but now this poxy 1 only storage heater is on (you have to hat the bricks up which costs about £5 and was advised not to turn it off) due to re heating the bricks how on earth does it use 30 bangers in 5 days? This is disgusting and I remember something on tv saying every £100 you use in electric you give the extra £25 for the privilege of having a pre pay meter that u did NOT WANT. I do not ow e a penny in arrears. I don’t know if anyone can help, it’s making me deeply depressed due to being on the dole (I cannot work due to mental health problems and medication), do these people care while they’re driving there rolls about?

    9. A Murray says:

      Account No: 012107816130.

      I recently switched my supplier from EON because the tarrif offered was unacceptably high.

      Unfortunately, I then received a phone call from EON asking me to stay with them which I am not doing. I have also received other correspondence assuming I am still a customer!!

      Please could you (EON) refrain doing this. All I require from you is my final settlement and any money I am owed as I understand the account is in credit.

    10. Derek F says:

      This is the worst energy company I have ever come across. Very poor communication and took over 1 year to date to sort a crossed meter. Divulged my account details to a third party (data protection!)… I have complained complained and complained with no response. BE WARNED STAY AWAY FROM THEM PS they are one of the highest energy rates!

    11. Carole Stephenson says:

      Appalling company – got bill for over £8,000 even though I was paying £35 a month DD. Told me I was being billed for estimated usage of gas – I don’t have gas, the village doesn’t have gas!!! Refused to pay £8k so they put in a prepayment meter and charged me £20 to do it, then bill dropped to £1,800! I am now being charged £40 a WEEK for something I don’t even owe in the first place – am now going to OFGEM as getting absolutely nowhere with e-on

      • claire boulton says:

        For over a year I paid fifty pounds a month dd for gas and elec, e on then informed me I was in debt of four hundred pounds so then increased payment to seventy five a month only last month I received a letter saying they had re estimated and I should be paying a hundred and seventeen pounds which they had already taken from my bank, I have now swapped companies to scottish power which is cheaper and hopefully wont have any probs with. So I now have to pay off e on and a 2nd bill with new company!

    12. Norman Vose says:

      I have complained to the Customer Liason Team regarding the installation of a central heating boiler and had it dismissed.I am told that there is no regulatory body to whom I can appeal Surely this can not be true.I would welcome feed back.

    13. Paul Atkinson says:

      On hold six minutes and transferred to three people, just wanted to provide meter readings, wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

    14. Eric Robertson says:

      Monthly bill average £22.55 maid up of rip of price of standing charge per month of £14.66 which leaves electricity used £7.89. is this normal

    15. K says:

      Pathetic….. phoned them to get some quotas and got told to go online instead….

    16. Alan James Bignell says:

      I have been trying to arrange paper billing with you I am afraid you do not have any means other than phoning you. I think it’s rather bad that company like yourselves has to have an 0845 number!

    17. Jim Fraser says:

      Be warned if you are paying by direct debit as eon now will only send you your bills every 6 months instead of quarterly as before. They say this is ‘greener’ as it saves paper. What it really achieves is if you are in credit they can hang onto your money longer, and if in debit you may be hit with a large increase in your monthly payments. I am changing to a company that continues with quarterly billing.

    18. Rk says:

      Absolutely rubbish. I have had major bills for 700 pounds and higher. I am a single mother and they made me pay these even though I am sure iv used nothing like this as I’m full time working and no1 at home everyday from morning till late evening. Ridiculously appalling.

    19. Michelle O'neill says:

      I have a electric meter, ran out of credit so used the emergency till i could get 2 the shop. I have £5 emergency credit which 2 my dissapointment ran out within 4hours!!! could u imagine what would have happened if i put my emergency credit on before i went 2 bed. Never had this problem with any1 else.

    20. Joyce Slater says:

      Had a bill from u today said I owe u 8,182.90. I have been on a paymeter since they come out haven’t owed money in many years so I am asking u to look in it this I will give 14 days then I will change supplier and seek advice please get back to me as soon as possible.

    21. Jospeh Swan says:

      For those who have had problems with any energy supplier I would recomend calling OFGEM (ofgem.gov.uk/CustomPages/Pages/Contactus.aspx) which is the regulator for energy suppliers they are now part of the consumerdirect.gov.uk group that will deal with any problems and while run by the government they actually help

    22. Stuart Beaumont says:

      I had one of e-ons reps come round last year he told me and my wife all we had to pay was £65 a month capped until July this year six months down the line they are after £1500 of me thanks e-on.

    23. Colin Wallace says:

      They tried to charge over 2000 for a meter that they said wasn’t set correctly for 22 years, then blamed local shop for withholding payments, always had prepay meter 25 years now, they say 400 should suffice, they have caused great stress and should be investigated.

    24. Karl James says:

      I services & if decide to hike there prices to £20 per unit I have no choice but to pay it. I feel that e-on are in breach of the consumer act put in place to protect people from big companies WHO DON’T do what they are meant to. But it seems that they are there to make matters worse it took them over a year to come to the thinking that what they said would be reasonable offer in the way of compensation doesn’t even start to cover the hours of my time & phone calls to them even when they admitted in writing that I had received a total lack of customer services from them. Sorry go on but PLEASE, PLEASE, DON’T LISTEN WHEN SOMEONE SAYS DON’T PAY TILL IT’S SORTED OUT, IT WILL NEVER AND THE ONLY PERSON SUFFERING IS ME.

    25. Adrian S Harrott says:

      The annual spate of letters has started, reminding me that the meter needs to be changed.

      How much longer do you need to take information on board?

      Last year, one of your own engineers told me the work cannot be carried out because of asbestos risk.

      It’s Derby Homes you need to be in touch with, not me.

      Please do not send any more letters on the subject of meter change to me.

    26. David. Peppiatt says:

      All I want is a clear quote for Standard Gas and Electric per KW, qtrly billing, cash, for amount used, no standing charge. But all I get is confusing “Tariffs”

    27. Daniel Lo says:

      I moved to my newly rented house recently. I have no idea of which company is providing electricity to my house as no one could tell including my landlord and the property agency. I plan to switch but how could I know the existing electricity supplier ?

    28. Christopher Blackburn says:

      I find it very hard to make a complaint by email

    29. E Fitzgerald says:

      E.ON took over my account from Powergen and Economy Power before them. I had an ongoing dispute relating to a breach of contract and them not complying with the DD mandate. Our bank therefore reclaimed monies taken by them but this then resulted in us being placed on an emergency contract! Everytime I thought I had someone up to speed and investigating recalculation of our bills, another person was assigned to deal with my complaint… In the end I had to refuse to pay anymore bills until someone woud actually take notice, unfortunately they would then just threaten me with the ballifs and disconnetion. Without a doubt they are THE WORST company I have had the misfortune of dealing with in my 20 years of being in business. And now that OFGEM has passed over responsibility of policing the industry to Consumer Focus, the Big 6 energy suppliers are just laughing at both residential and business consumers. Thankfully I found an ethical company that now supplies our energy – The Utility Warehouse – and no minimum term contract!!!

    30. Helen Tattum says:

      I emailed several days ago and the script said that a response would be given within 3 working days! Not so. I sent email on Monday 20th after being given the run around on the phone. Are you able to give me the correct contact number to report a fault. The fault being, some one has ripped the electric cable out from one box(meter) to the other. I am no electrician so I really do not know which is which! I have been tryin to sort this for nearly two weeks! WHAT ADVISE CANYOU GIVE?

    31. A Mc Ghee says:

      My bills gone through the roof. 2 bed flat I paid over 500 pound for both electric and gas from eon. I work full time so do my husband so hardly ever at home so why these prices. Anyone in this same situation?

    32. David Lowe says:

      Eon lured me from npower, hiding already-decided price rise until I was signed. Now they are obstructing my switch back out of their clutches.

    33. Brian Brocklehurst says:

      I changed to e on a few months ago, had nothing but trouble with them. It started a few mouths ago my gas meter went of on Sunday, rang the helpline, after waiting on the phone for 40 mins the operator told me they didn’t work on Sundays and hung up???????? Since then been trying to get to the bottom of my big bills, can’t get a serious answer from any of them at the call center, I have asked three times for a manager to contact me and I’m still waiting. Very very poor providers.

    34. Amanda Elton says:

      I have recently switched from british gas to eon and I asked if I could have a card meter installed and you agreed. As I have key meter for my eon electric it’s been about two months now and still waiting can you help me please.

    35. Helen Ringrose says:

      I am sorry leanne you had this problem I have to say up to now I have been fully satisfied with the change over. Although I am waiting to here from them on moving my meter but again I have only e mailed them today so I will let you know if I have any problems with this. But as I said up to now thumbs up.

    36. Dan Mach says:

      My mains supply/meter unit is very old. Who do I contact to have it replaced? Is there a charge?

    37. Brian Bufton says:

      Has anyone ever looked at their bill and noticed the standing charges. Mine has gone up over 100 % this year. Eon are very reluctant to give an explanation and only want to talk about fuel inflation. I believe that the standing charge should be nominal and should not be increased because of fuel costs

    38. Julie Cooney says:

      I recently move to e-on from british gas, I was told that they would save me allot of money. However once I got my first bill I saw that they are charging me 32p per day standing charge. So that in a 77day bill I had paid £21 for electric and £25 for standing charge! How can that be legal?

    39. Matthew Hollox says:

      would some one get back to me quickly please the battery in my meter has a fault that i cannot rectify with out help i have no hot water and no heating other tha a george forman grill that is stinking out my place all be it with taking the nip out of the air ,if i could only find some infomation on how to get someone out to rectify my situation i would not have to resort to posting this mail i can only assume you are my gas provder as your name is on the key card please help.

    40. Shane Baggaley says:

      lower our energy prices,oil is at a three year low price wise so what is your excuse now,you energy companies are helping no one,i am struggling to keep up with my gas and electric,what is wrong with you,,lower your prices now,,the 1st chance i get i will be switching companies, what is happening this year and what is too come with you lot is ridiculous and the people of great britain owe you no thanks or nothing,your a disgrace

    41. Berna Nambirige says:

      i use a pay as u go meter but was sent a bill of £367.70 ive tried 2 explain by phone in vain could you pse try and rectify this issue thanx

    42. Georgina Dickinson says:

      E.ON are a good electricity company. I live under one of their wind farms and i think the work they do with renewable energy is great.

    43. Nota Lemming says:

      E.on failed to bill for 1 year despite us telling them to and them attending to read meters!! Then, finally it turned out that their engineers had not logged the readings properly (or at all!) and that the meter was faulty. Overall they provided a rubbish service and then were rude/dismissive of our complaint. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

    44. Mary Brown says:

      Absolute rubbish service (0 service) I have been trying to transfer my meter for over a year, no joy, no one seems to care or want to help.

    45. S Urquhart says:

      After an inept logging of my account details by the call centre staff she gave me some really helpful advice. I wanted to know how units equate to usage time for various devices. Came away with the ability to decide how and where I can make the changes I believe I should. Great!

    46. C Pepper says:

      i just moved in to a new home well i move in well move in on friday and i need a electric company

    47. Emma Browne says:

      I had nothing but problems with Powergen (e.on) at our first home and I will never, ever use them again.
      Their customer service team all seem to be either brain dead, asleep or both.
      The first time I called them to pay my bill, I told them that my address was wrong on the bill, and gave them the correct (and incorrect address as written by them on my statement) and they still could not find my address! I then had to give them my full name etc. to get to my account.
      When I got my second statement through, not only had they not bothered to change the address as I had advised them, but when I called up again, they could not find the correct or incorrect address, nor me!!! This time they advised me that I did not have an account with them and never had had, despite the fact that they had found one using my name previously. Surprise surprise, when I laughed sarcastically down the phone and said “If I don’t have an account I guess I won’t have to pay then will I, and you won’t be chasing me for the money?” they found my account.
      The third time I had to call them I was told that it was not possible for me to pay my bill over the telephone using my debit card, even though I had done this on both previous occasions. The telephonist was very rude and said that this had never been a service, again, I was mystified by the stupidity, rudeness and lack of consistency.
      There was no 4th bill, I switched to Atlantic, whom I have stayed with following two subsequent house moves, as they are fantastic!

    48. Miss Nicola Sharkey says:

      dont ever go with this company i waited for 5 days with no gas with a young baby in the house as they said my card was sent out in the post DO NOT GO NEAR THEM

    49. Kim Smith says:

      i an with eon for gas and electricity. i have found the electricity very good value but the gas i have gone from £50 permonth to over £100 per month and im a singal mother and i work full time so imnot really in the house but at nght yet im spending that much. i have called them a number of times and i have just been told pay it or move so i did and now my electrcity is same £25 per month but my gas bill is now only £55 an thats with equipower and equigas.

    50. Heather Hanger says:

      I was with Powergen for 22 months in my old studio flat, and paid my bills reguarly. I left my flat in August 2007, and they then sent me a letter saying that I owed them over 1000 pounds!
      It took until April 2008 (that’s 8 MONTHS!) for them to finally admit that they’d made a mistake, and that they actually owed me money instead. During that time, I was forever contacting them, and they just kept shoving me from pillar to post – on 2 occasions they even had debt collection agencies after me! It was a terribly stressful experience, and I wouldn’t recomment their service to ANYONE.

    51. D Pearson says:

      All I need is to contact someone about an electricity cable attached to my house, I have been hanging on the phone for 30 mins. And now can find no help line to report a damaged line, what is one to do in these circumstances??????

    52. Leanne Hartley says:

      I changed to Powergen Electric and have had nothing but problems. I’ve been sent 3 keys as the others did not work. I put £20 on one of the keys and then got home and it didn’t work. I had to wait for another key which was meant to have my £20 on it, waited two days then when the key came there was no money on it. I phoned them again and was told they would send the money transfer to the key overnight and I should to take my key to the shop and put £1 on it and then it would be there. I drove miles to the shop as I live in the country with no shops, did this and it’s still not there. Never had any problems with any other company before and will never change to Powergen again.

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