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General Information

One of the UK’s biggest energy providers, Npower currently supplies to around 6 million customers, both business and residential.

Selling points

  • Claim to have excellent customer service along with lower prices.
  • Free energy efficiency advice

Supplier services

  • Green
  • Economy 7
  • Online
  • Dual Fuel
  • Fixed Billing

Packages on offer

Electricity Economy 7 Tariff

Pay less for units consumed during the seven hour night period.

Electricity standard tariff

Electricity units are charged at the same rate regardless of when they are used

Gas standard tariff

Gas units are charged at the same rate regardless of when they are used.

Prepay tariffs

All of the above tariffs are available as prepay options.

Npower Juice

A greener option for electricity customers.


Discounts are available to customers buying both gas and electricity from Npower. These savings are greater for customers paying monthly by direct debit.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct debit
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Prepay at pay point

Special Services

Npower have an additional needs register for elderly, disabled and sick customers. Bonuses of this register include:

  • Password scheme – private word only known by yourself and Npower that can be used to ascertain whether visitors to your house are genuine Npower representatives
  • Minicom system for those with textphones
  • Talking, large print and Braille bills for customers with sight difficulties.
  • Bill sent to another address
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
33.6 51 0.4 14 1 512 0.00004

259 responses to “Npower”

  1. matt says:

    When after a few years of living relatively hassle free from the usual incompetance from npower I found myself having to re join the calamity company Knowing full well they would make mistakes and soon. I set up a online direct debit duel fuel account and paid every mont. Now theyre old system excuses have popped up and surprise surprise I owe a £1000 although there system was at fault. WORST COMPANY EVER DO NEVER JOIN THEM !!!

  2. G. Clark says:

    Npower just ignore people especially, if you need a refund.. My Mum passed away last November with a credit of £135, we have called them, used the online form sent a formal demand and a Letter Before Action..

    They ignored all of it even after they said a supervisor had agreed the payment..

    Have now claimed on MCOL, they have again ignored it all, we now have judgment..

    They are obviously beyond the law along with Utility Warehouse who buy energy fron Npower…

    Just avoid them until they run out of customers..

  3. Linda says:

    When I signed up on N Power website I notice a credit for 1154.85 on 10th May 2014 which I called N Power to enquirer about this credit but their said “it is not a credit because you have not been billed since 14th Aug 2012 and which the payment was payment reserved but I informed N Power I pay every week since this date so I could I been in debit, when I have paid every week. I was told today the all payments has been a down payment which has built a credit because I have paid every week through pay point not direct debit. Two years ago their did not tell me about a payment plan but now there are telling me. Now my payment has reduce down to 9.00 which I was paying 13.00. On the bill statement I received online it states bill cancel from 14th Aug 2012 to 13th October 2013.
    Cannot understand this.

  4. Marcus Cole says:

    Left npower 17months ago and today I receive a reminder letter (no invoice) saying I owe them almost £400 for gas and electric. Yeah right! As if I am going to hold for over 30 minutes just to tell you that your having a laugh! What a joke!

  5. Zoe says:

    Failed to respoond to complaints made for incorrect bills over 12 months old. No new bills sent, no communication. Instead had debt recovery letter. Avoid at all costs.

  6. Ralph says:

    Never mind Npower incompetence – what are Ofgem doing!??

  7. Sanita says:

    Have been arguing with npower for one year already. Have been listening to their apologies and promises that they wont send me previous tenants bill on my name. And what do I get? bsw group is coming to my house the second time as they are not changing the information on their computers. already send them copies of the cheques i have paid. the first time when debitor collector came, he even called to npower to tell them that everything is paid here. I want to sue them.

  8. Protopia says:

    P.S. The nPower Complaints department assured me today (in a 40 minute call) that since January, when they do their 6-monthly usage assessments, all customers more than £5 in credit are given an automatic full refund of their credit balance.

    If you are in credit call their complaints department on 0800 316 9328 and ask for an immediate refund. Unlike their customer service line (where I was told I needed to queue on-hold for more than an hour!!!) the complaints line has a call-back facility – still takes more than an hour to get to the front of the queue, but at least you don’t have to do that on-hold.

  9. Protopia says:

    I have just received my bill from nPower today and they have upped my DD from £47 to £167.

    My usage during the winter months of Jan to mid-Feb was £100 per month. Obviously during the summer months, my usage will be lower per month. Yet they have estimated my average monthly usage over the year at 50% more than my peak usage in the winter. I have no idea what the logic behind this can possibly be – I can only assume that they see their customers as an interest-free source of borrowing. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!

  10. Kerry says:

    Haven’t had a bill for 15 months, have sent 5 complaints since January with no satisfactory answer to any of them.They took a meter reading in November 13, I saw the meter reader, but they still have not sent the bill due in December 13. Am over £1000 in credit and their website says my next bill is due in June 14. Do not deal with this company unless you absolutely have to

  11. Dan O'Callaghan says:

    Npower are absolute crooks, my partner ran up a debt 3 years ago and was placed on a prepay metre, this week she realised she was £400 in credit able to go back to a credit metre and was told she could apply now but she is still tied in to a 12 month contract on the Prepaid metre, so in short even though they have £400 of her money that they have overcharged her (and never told her about) she paid of her debt 8 months ago and was never informed, and even after all that, and doing the honourable thing and paying them back their debt, they want to screw her some more.

    Good by Npower, and even if you change your name, I will make sure I advise every person I know to avoid you like the plague

  12. chris moorey says:

    This company should NEVER be allowed to receive ANY Government contract again. Totally inept and sometimes fraudulent, their online systems are unable to cope. Impossible to contact. Definitely 3rd World.

  13. Bee says:

    This company is utter rubbish, we have phoned 5 times to tell them that they are charging the wrong amount. We have night storage heaters and when we give a meter reading we give both readings one for day one for night. They can’t get it into their heads that we are meant to get cheaper rate at night for economy 7 so they keep charging us full rate for all electricity used. All we get is apologies and not action in the past 3 weeks they have sent out 3 bills all showing the same amount and no amendments in respect to night rate. So sick of them I am just going to pay the stupid overcharged bill and then leave.

  14. David says:

    Must be echoing everyone else but this is a company to be avoided. Foolishly accepted comparison website and joined npower – closing/opening meter readings ignore and not passed to previous supplier. Direct debit not collected for three months. Subsequent meter readings ignored. Estimated values used for bills. I’m going to cancel today and if they try to charge me a cancellation fee I will raise a complaint with the Ombudsman.

  15. kate says:

    Having changed companies I now realise how much n power have been over charging me. Also just received my final bill 8 months after I switched and surprise surprise it was a huge amount and I have no idea as to why, still trying to figure it out. npower definitely rip you off!

  16. may says:

    I have just looked at a friends bill, all 4 pages, this was a bill from April -August 20013. This bill was sent late Jan 2014 with an apology for being late. When she rang up to query this bill she sat with the phone in her hand for 1 hour, YES 1 hour, the next time she rang she waited for just short of 50 mins & she still got no help. When this is sorted she will be changing to another supplier. THIS COMPANY IS A WASTE OF TIME

  17. Katie says:

    Reading these comments about npower makes me realise what a bunch of clowns I have been working for. I have spent the best part of 3 months trying desperately to help its many fed up customers. Please spare a thought for the low paid customer advisor that answers your call, it’s not their fault and they can only work with a grossly incompetent computer system.

  18. Ann says:

    Wish I had never got involved with this company, told them I was moving out in 2008 gave them all details of who was responsible for bill, moved back 2010 to find nothing had been paid, and I was in debt for all energy used, had a pre-payment meter fitted were they take so much off the debt but have been ill staying with family for a few month, got back today to find letter they are cutting me off on Friday. Why didn’t they install a payment meter or cut it off when nothing had been paid while I wasn’t there, it would have saved me a debt and also no supply, worst still I’m tied to this shower till the debts paid, all this because they couldn’t do their job right in the first place, how do they get away with it.

  19. Richard Pratt says:

    What an error! Due to increased prices announced October used a comparison site and then completed the online paper work to switch to N.Power for a 15month pre-increase fixed price contract. Em confirming arrived promptly with advise what would happen – problem is it didn’t! It took them 5 weeks to deal with Electric. Gas – well as of today nothing has happened due to a ‘technical issue’. Currently with Complaints department but they tell me gas switch will happen around 15th January 2014 – that is more than 3 months on! Same story 3 times when I phoned so they appear to be as useless as pointed out. Well I am stuck it seems and caught between a rock and a hard place. Will move promptly (if that word has meaning in the context of NP) at the end date.

  20. Rob Cocking says:

    Can’t say a little smile didn’t some how creep across my face, when I read today that N Power, has the worst customer service of the “big six”. Uhmm, I wonder why?? Like I said above, take their claims with a “BIG” pinch of salt.

  21. Jeffrey thomas says:

    Waiting two months for a reply to my letters . Still waiting!

  22. annegaughan says:

    I need a new key for the electric meter. I am using another key and have put 15 on already.

  23. Robert Cocking says:

    I was with N Power until may this year, having a good idea that all suppliers would put prices up again this winter, I decided to switch suppliers and fix them until June next year. My electric account was switched with no problems. My gas account took 5 months for them to sort out why they couldn’t close it. All the time I should have been paying £94pm/DD. I stopped the DD in July with my account £400+ in credit to pay off one months gas supply @ £90. My executive complaints handler went on holiday for two weeks, no other person was put onto my case. You can not complain to ofgem until 8weeks have elapsed and then they take 10 weeks to investigate!!!! Npower may be a cheap/cheaper supplier, top of the page there claim, with “excellent” customer service. Take it with a pinch of salt!!!

  24. Ettore Pedretti says:

    I have been with npower for more than a year. They grossly overestimate energy consumption. My account is £1000 in credit. They completely ignore my meter readings. They ignored so fat complaints by phone or via the web site. The gas meter is outside the property, well accessible. They sent letters about gas inspections of the meter and said they would get a warrant to access the meter. I booked an appointment, wasted half day and no one turned up. Five days later I received a reminder by email for the gas inspection that never happened.

  25. Graham webster says:

    Been with Npower for 5 years and my head has not stopped spinning since. First of all the quarterly meters gas and electricity well the electricity meter was stuck on the same numbers for 3 years, no one ever thought to tell me the person paying the bills, they took readings every so often never mentioned it once until I started ringing them telling them the bills are getting out of hand, just climbing and climbing. I live on my own no children or partner so only me using energy in a 2 up 2 down, they cancelled a massive electricity bill for about a thousand pounds. I asked what about all the money I have been over paying, their engineer told me they had been estimating and that I should ring them because they will owe me a lot. They credited my account with £100 for them estimating my electricity for 3 years on a stuck meter I only overpaid by exactly £100 wow what coincidence, they basically ripped me off for 3 years with high electricity bills then when they have been found out they credit my account with £100 nice job npower. Now the nightmare is starting again, everything in my house is electric but my gas usage is estimated to be 8 times higher than my electricity over the next 12 months when I only use electric even have a small electric fire. I dare not even touch the one gas appliance in the house. I have paid £426 for dual gas and electricity since January 2013, now on top of my payments they want another £345, they made it clear on the phone it’s mostly for gas usage. I feel totally powerless, they say a number that bares no resemblance to my usage and I have to pay, when I pay it they just throw another big bill at me even though my usage and supposed debt are both combined, I pay a set amount every 2 weeks. I’m totally lost and helpless in a house that is full of only electric appliances and a single gas fire and I’m using 8 times more gas than electricity does not compute.

  26. Brian says:

    My girl friend has been renting a property since September last year, she has always paid her gas and electricity. Last week Utility Warehouse removed the electricity meter due to a bad debt from a previous tenant. She had applied to have both gas and electricity moved from Utility Warehouse to another supplier, the gas was moved but Utility Warehouse did not release the electricity. she has offered to pay for what she has used, but Utility Warehouse state that if the previous outstanding bill is not paid then the supply will not be reconnected. My girl friend had a mental breakdown last Christmas and this will not help her. Utility Warehouse know about her vulnerability. I have sent them a copy of her tenancy agreement along with copies of the letters requesting the supply to be moved as they say that they have never heard of her. Is this legal?

  27. mr louis stott says:

    I’m not HAPPY with npower !!! I’ve a letter saying I owe them wait for it ( £806.01 ) from an old address I lived at!!! But the prob is …. it was pay as you go meter which means I cart debt SO NPOWER PLEASE TAKE A RUNNING JUMP !!!!!

  28. much confused says:

    I now have a letter owing npower 72.77p and I am on payment meter??? Will someone please explain why this happens lol

  29. Emma Allwood says:

    I have a gas prepayment metre fitted by N Power. Last night, I walked to the shop in a foot of snow to top up my card and buy more gas. When I returned, the metre was flashing up with the message ‘call help’. I tried to top up the machine anyway but it flashed up with the same message and didn’t accept the token. I called N Power (who were closed as it was 6pm on a Saturday) and was redirected to the national grid. All was looking hopeful at this point as NG had the technology to reset the metre over the phone or at the worst, top up my metre with emergency credit until they are able to come out and fix it. I give my post code and house number to the call centre rep, only to be told that the metre N POWER have fitted at my property doesn’t belong to NG so unfortunately they are unable to fix the machine or provide emergency credit. When I asked if she had any numbers that I could ring, her response was ‘unfortunately the other companies n power use do not work weekends, which is why you have been transferred through to us, just in case it was ours. Approx 20% of all n power metres belong to us, that’s all”. So basically, N
    Power are KNOWINGLY leaving their paying customers without a gas supply over the weekends if such problems arise. Nobody will even take my phone call until 8am Monday morning at which point N Power will be feeling my wrath! Needless to say, I will be moving companies immediately!

  30. Lynsey says:

    I have had no heating/hot water for 4 days in my house. I have 2 children, 5yr and baby – 10 months. My 10 month has medical problems and nothing seems to have been a rush for them. I woke up this morning to the temperature being 17c!! Not impressed with the “so called” customer Service. The one star is only because i got through within 10 minutes on the phone!!

  31. Paul Kightley says:

    I have to say that Npower are the best electric company that I have been with. Moved into a flat few months ago and had Scottish Power Economy 7 prepay meter. Now, I do not have storage heaters (just plug in halogen heaters) and there is no central heating. Scottish Power refused to fit a standard rate meter as the Economy 7 one has a hurrendously expensive day rate and only benefits people with storage heaters really. Call to Npower and only 4 weeks later, my supply was changed to them and they came and fitted a single rate meter FREE of charge and now I am saving around £10 a week!! Their customer service is excellent and they’re really on the ball compared to others!

    • Sue Stuckey says:

      I had the misfortune to be landed with Npower as electricity supplier when my former tenant switched to them from EDF. This created a problem because, whilst EDF supplies an E9 tariff, Npower’s core customer base is E7. As a result, Npower cannot tell me what off-peak hours they are supplying me with electricity which means I cannot control my usage and costs. Under pressure, they came up with a timetable that bears no resemblance to the hours I’ve recorded (painstakingly, by staying up at night.) Customer service? Rubbish!

  32. SalC says:

    Moved house & took them with me. They offered me a new ‘cheaper’ tariff. Then started to bill me at economy 7, REALLY expensive day rates. Only respond to 1/3 emails and are never there when I phone. Need to threaten with regulator or cancel direct debit to get a response. Avoid them if at all possible.

  33. Jez says:

    Pre Pay meters are one big rip off. We had one in a house we bought for around 4 months after moving in we were putting £20 to £30 on a week ( there was no debt on the meter either) we rang them and got it removed our bills came on on average £190 – £220 a quarter. WHAT A RIP OFF

  34. John says:

    If you have a pre pay all charges should be prepaid and not carried forward. That is what pre paid means my dear.

  35. RebeccA says:

    We had a prepay meter with NPower and somehow incurred extra charges at the end of the tenancy. Our electricity turns off if you run out of money on the meter (happened once by accident) so how can we possibly owe them money?!

    • Dave johnson says:

      Its called a standing charge my dear, look in your contract and stop being so naive.

    • Paul Kightley says:

      Just remember in future, if you’re moving LET THEM KNOW!! Even though it’s prepay, you continue to build up a debt of standing charge until the day you inform them you’ve moved!

  36. hilary young says:

    I have been a customer with npower for many years, please tell me why I cannot have a smartpower electricity monitor, I pay via the bank, surely this isn’t going to go against me.

  37. Sam says:

    I was recently stiffed on a bill by my former housemates while using Npower. I supplied them with the information they would need to track down my housemates but they were uninterested. There is also some debate on how my name arrived on the bill (I specifically avoided putting my name on it as I already had my name on the internet bill). I have tried my best to help them get payment off my housemates having already paid my share but they keep hounding me and seem completely uninterested in the fact I was not the only person liable for it. I even provided proof of this on three separate occasions only to be told I hadn’t. They were completely unsympathetic to my situation and I am currently faced with over £800 in electricity charges which should be aimed at my housemates. While I understand that they could not help my housemates behaviour they have been unhelpful, hounding, victimising and even bullying towards me in order to extract the money which being a student I can’t afford. If you share accommodation do NOT have your name put on any bills, just give what you owe to someone else in the house to pay or they will try to get all the money off you.

  38. Helen says:

    Ruth: That’s all kinds of wrong. I’d go back to them and ask exactly what tariff you’ve been placed on and what the price is per Kwh. That’s not right.
    Lee: I’m in exactly the same position; one bed flat and have had numerous bills over the past year, totalling just under £3000.

  39. laura says:

    I had my final electricity bill through from npower, I was paying £58 a month and the reckon they can charge me £246.77 and it is meant to be coming out of my account. But I am cancelling my direct debit so they can’t take it out. I think that price is awful for a 1 bed flat for 2 people who don’t turn there electric off. Also when I rang to cancel my direct debit with them as I was moving home, they were very rude. I would advise no body to go with npower, as they will try and do you over for money!

  40. Ruth says:

    We have two meters both I think are economy7 one we don’t use and haven’t for over a year for the night storage and hot water, yes no hot water. We have no central heating and our only form of heating is a log burner in the lounge, which we fuel! We have an elec oil radiator on in the bedroom as we have a little one and sometimes use an elec radiator in the dinning room to take the chill off. For the last six month period npower want to charge us £404.19. We thought this to be quite steep so gave them a meter reading, they called us back and told us that the revised bill was now for £820. Just out of curiosity does this seem steep or average? We are at a loss to make head nor tail out of their billing and tariff system. Any help or advise would be welcomed.

  41. lee says:

    When I was on prepaid meters with n power cost me thirty a month gas and thirty electric. They told me if I switched to quarterly billing would save me 5% on my bill… set up 30 a month on my direct debit. Thought all was good then year later get a letter saying my new direct debit payment is 197 a month. Phoned them up got a outstanding balance of 917 on electric and 352 on gas. Not bad for a one bedroom flat. A big thumbs up to the guys at npower.. sorry I mean middle finger.

  42. joanne walsh says:

    please could you tell me how to go about getting an electricity meter put in to a house my son has just moved in to a house and there is no electricity meter as the last people had it cut off for abstracting electricity,when is the soonest they could have it installed. thank you

  43. joanne walsh says:

    my son has moved into a house which the electrcity meter re-connecting how does he get it connected.

  44. Tessa says:

    NPower are diificult company. Am using pay as you go. A few months ago l was told that l only pay for lights and not for my heating system, as l was supposed to have 2 meters. I have no gas that means the whole is using electricity. They said if l do not want to incur debts l have to pay about £50 per week. I told them that l am using pay as you go and l am not going to be told how much electricity to buy. If l have no money l do not put on my heater. But still they insisted, l refused but l have realised that £30 is not even enough for 5 days and l think they are dioing something. I would not advice anyone to use them but at the end of the day l have realised that most companies are nice when they want new customers after a while they show their true colours. Am still looking which company to use.

  45. Vicki says:

    Moved into property with a pre-payment meter in July. It was with SSE first of all and I changed to Npower as i was with them previously (and had no problems). It took from end July to end Sept to get it changed from SSE to Npower and Im still waiting on Npower changing it from a prepayment meter to a normal credit meter.
    Twice Ive had appointments for somone to come and change it over and the first time they just didnt show up. The second one was cancelled due to bad weather (which is understandable I suppose). Spent doubt in the 2 months with npower than i did with SSE. Provided new meter readings and I;ll find out tomorrow if i have in fact used £200 woth of electricty in 2 months _ which I very much doubt!!

  46. dale fisher says:

    Npower is a scam, I’ve been with them a year now on a prepayment meter and the last 6 or 7 months they have been “overcharging me.” Will I get it back, of course not, been putting on 80 pounds a month for a 1 bedroom flat and I work through day! Take my advice, stay away from this company.

  47. Mike Potter says:

    I was over charged by aprox’ £900 when I first went over to N power. I eventually got some of the money back (after many phone calls) I’m now leaving for another supplier, then N power to send me a bill saying they owe me £890!!! but when I asked when the money would be paid into my account they said it was a mistake…. and I actually owed them £18…I only wish I’d left sooner. They are the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with!

  48. Cindy Rose says:

    I wish I could give them negative stars.
    First they said they owed me money sent me cheques which I couldn’t cash, and when I contacted them decided the money I was owed had been reimbursed to my account. This would make my account in credit right? WRONG. Apparently they had been charging me the wrong tariff and now I owe them money. Needless to say I’m changing companies very soon.
    This company is terrible anyone thinking of using them please take my advice and don’t. Any current customers even if you think everything seems ok at the minute get out before they mess you around. I’d rather freeze in the dark then go back to them.

  49. Lynda Mcgrath says:

    I had an arrangement with npower to pay £30 per month direct debit – you have sent me a bill for £31.80 – please tell me why and when my direct debit commences.

  50. Stuart Manning says:

    Moved in to our new flat this year, there was a pre-payment meter already fitted. We topped up £35 over past few weeks, £10 of this was for new customer debt remaining £25 we topped up. Npower took £24.86 for the service of a pre-payment meter knowing we are on benefits which we never wanted. We now have no gas nor central heating. Spoke to them today on the phone in complaints and a manager could not be remotely interested in the fact of the situation nor of the fact that we now have no money on the meter nor of the serious fact that I’ve just been discharged from hospital with a bleed from the brain in 2 places I was on life support machine for 2 days, I’m now sitting in a cold flat with severe headaches. I asked the manager how this is just and was told they could remove the meter for £60 however a conversation with npower complaints four days ago I was told they will do it for £90. The manager today told me that’s not true even though all calls are tape recorded we are now switching suppliers. Npower are disgusting I would advise anyone to stay well clear.

  51. Adrian Hubbard says:

    I got into trouble with my bill, debts rising and my bill got out of control. Eventually Npower went to court and they broke into my house (all upsetting but legal) and fitted a pre-paid meter. The meter is to get back the owed money. Advice to those in trouble with money don’t ignore it. I did ask why my bill was so high to an engineer. I suggested a possible fault or wrong tariff. The engineer said I would have to pay for a test gizmo and at the time I couldn’t afford that extra payment. Perhaps many with ridiculous bill amounts have faulty meters.

  52. M Ejaz says:

    Why dont you guys do your homework.
    Work out the rates, 1st tier rate and 2nd tier rates. one will be better if you a lower user and other if you have high consumption.
    You can’t believe a word anybody says these days, trust no one.

  53. Dorotheen Strass says:

    I was at the Home Improvement show at the weekend and visited the Npower stand with a friend. I had never experienced such hard sell in the UK until I was accosted by one of their “reps” who did not want to take no for an answer about signing up to Npower, even though I told him I NEVER sign up to anything without going away to think about it. He was almost shouting at me and telling me I should change that attitude and sign up with Npower. Of course I only saw him as a spoilt brat, probably trained in hard sell techniques by Npower. I hated his rudeness, I hated him and I hate Npower for using this sales technique to rope people into their services. Npower have nothing to fear from me ever signing up to their service and I promise to tell as many people as I can about their hard sell and rude behaviour at this show. I would not give them any stars but that option is not available.

  54. Ana Batista says:

    They are the worst, they take huge amounts of money and when you complain they don’t care, they don’t give money back and if you don’t pay your bill because they are taking too much of your bank account they will send you to court. It’s a shame that these companies have all this power and charge whatever they want and we have to keep up with it because otherwise you are in trouble.

  55. S Northedge says:

    Today 3 of their salespeople came knocking on my door. No introduction. Said they NEEDED to speak to me about my electricity. I refused and they said they NEEDED to check my meter. I slammed the door and called the police who responded v quickly. Seems they had ID but were warned by the police about using these tactics to get into peoples houses. I am not with Npower and do not ever want to be. These salespeople should be arrested for hassling the public this way.

  56. J Cope says:

    Well where do I start. I was on a pre payment meter then they sent me a bill for 175 pound, how do u work it out when I paid on my card?

  57. S Patel says:

    Cancelled my paper bill as it was ‘part’ of the t&c – fine, but they can’t fix their website for the last 6 months, so I cannot view any online bills. No idea how much I owe/or will owe – numerous emails and phone calls to customer services. Waste of time company, terrible customer service, on the off-chance you are reading this *before* having had the pleasure of npower, save yourself many hours of wasted time, no matter how cheap the deal appears to be.

    You need to provide a zero star option for npower.

  58. Glen Downie says:

    Interesting to see other people having the same problem with Npower as I did! Received a quarterly bill after moving into a 1 bed apartment for £756, I questioned it, 18 months later they realised their meter was broken, and im left with £1200 + to pay, and treated like a dirty criminal by their “customer service”

  59. H G Pettit says:

    We have taken over 2yrs 4months to change from npower to another supplier, during that time we have experienced the most atrocious service, total negligence from the presumably trained staff, threats of court action when the bills have been paid weeks before, I could go on and on but you probably wouldn’t believe it. Finally we swapped suppliers and are now trying to recoup some of our costs from the company. Npower rely on intimidation to save people taking action against them, a totally useless company, spending thousands of pounds on consultants reports to tell them how good they are (like farmed mushrooms) but totally unable to get the basic service right. From my experience of this company DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THEM.

  60. Nikki Wood says:

    Total rip off gas and electric constantly going up, when I chose to leave I’ve had bills and threats from them, they took money out of my account when I wasn’t with them!! I’m still getting harassing letters from them and every time I try to get an answer they throw numbers dates at me till I’m so confused, I just paid them to shut them up!! :O( If I could I’d rate them -100 I just want out! Without another bill I can’t afford and yes my meter readings were very wrong, not that they will admit that they are!!!

  61. Oliver Smith says:

    What a bunch of dishonourable callous limited liability fictions! Npower have fitted 5 wrong meters, over charged me since I owned the property and as a result I haven’t paid electric for over 5 years. Rang them thousands of times, sick or writing Notices, Demands and Defaults… These people do not even know the law… Passed my account to ombudsman… Another bunch of self serving fictions… I found out the energy ombudsman has no legal training either!
    If you are having problems send them a NOTICE stating quite clearly what you want and when you want it done by. When they ignore it, send them a default Notice and then take the letters to the a court and explain you want to make a statutory declaration… Don’t bother with Magistrates, they only confiscate cash… They have forgotten the LAW to 😉

  62. Mindy says:

    I can’t begin to describe how incompetent npower have been – it’s a running joke in my house now! To cut a very long story slightly shorter…

    First I was conned into switching to npower from EDF by a salesman who showed me they were cheaper (not sure where he got his figures from but he demonstrated a saving of approx £15 per month). As soon as I transferred over, I realised this was not the case. I then dealt with the Agent Investigations department after they acknowledged that they were indeed more expensive than my previous supplier and they would investigate further. Then they contacted me at least twice to ask me again what I was quoted and I had to explain everything over again.

    Meanwhile, it seemed for every call I made to npower, they sent me a letter to say that they had not been able to contact me (??) and could I call them with the information. So again, I called them back to repeat the information… only to receive another letter a few days later to say that they had not heard from me at all and were closing my complaint! So again, I got in touch and had to start a new complaint and they finally agreed to send me back to EDF, confirming with a letter to say they would transfer me and I would not have to do anything further and I would not be charged for the contract.

    It was no big surprise when one week later they took money out of my account. When I called to tell them this, the first words out of the agent’s mouth was “It’s not MY fault, I told you to cancel your direct debit!” (which she hadn’t). Furthermore, she went on to say that I had told her that the money was due to come out of my account – I knew absolutely nothing of this! – and then she had a go at me for implying she was lying. Grrr. Anyway, she then told me they would refund the money and I would have to do nothing else.

    So, some time later and they haven’t returned my money. Not only that, but when I called today to ask how long it would take for me to get a refund, they ask me if I would like to be refunded immediately (duh) and do I want to stay with npower??

    An absolutely painful experience from start to end, can’t wait to go back to EDF. Rant over.

  63. Michelle Burdaky says:

    Once again npower haven’t sorted my problem out, again sending me letters saying that I owe them money off a £185 when I have a pay meter which I don’t understand why they have sent that letter out to me and now they are sending me debt letters saying if I don’t pay they take me to court.

  64. M Farrell says:

    Changed from n power to new supplier in June 2010, paid one payment for duel fuel by direct debit. Had money taken from my account in July to pay outstanding gas bill and received a threatening letter for £21 for outstanding amount on electric. No settlement bills were ever sent to me. I asked why they did not just take the £21 from my account, told me they could not do that as it was after changeover date. I pointed out that they had taken money for the gas, they had no answer to that.

  65. Heidi Nicol says:

    Our meter broke yesterday evening, so no electric and we have a baby to look after… guess what? There’s no one there til tomorrow!! Disgusting, I’ll be switching supplier asap and never in a million years would I recommend n power to my worst enemy!!

  66. Vivienne Stephens says:

    Am unable to access my on line account to check state of my account with NPower. Repeatedly told my password in incorrect despite it being reset by them several times – will write to them advising them of this and also will probably change user as fed up wasting time trying to contact them online

  67. Sp says:

    Joined over 5 months ago – worst ever customer service I have ever experienced. So far they have been unable to provide paper statements or add my accounts to the online website – funnily enough, they have managed to take the monthly direct debit. Numerous lengthy phone calls, waiting on hold, not knowing how much i’ve spent, etc I’ll be leaving as soon as possible. AVOID this company.

  68. Richard Sudworth says:

    Was reading this while on hold, and on hold again so thought I would share some advice. They are pretty poor with billing, I’m speaking to them now sorting out a bill they sent me after I closed the pre pay electric account in my Uni house. Although I have had to phone them a few times in the last year they have been very polite and helpful every time. In regards to someones comment about their 0845 numbers, there is a simple solution. Get yourself over to and find a freephone or geographic equivalent. When companies try to get you to sign up to their service they always have a freephone number so that site will hook you up with one of those. As of July 2010 I contacted npower on 0800 551555, this website works for most uk companies with premium rate numbers. Hope this is of some help 🙂

  69. Dorothy King says:

    I am still awaiting the “call back” . No-one has attempted to contact me as stated in the latest letter dated 7th July 2010. I have no intention of ringing – yet again- the telephone no. given and spending even more money on npower. Still waiting for that reply before using my solicitor.

  70. Alex K says:

    Npower is no longer as pathetically useless as it used to be. It’s worth looking at now, especially with all the new stuff they’re coming up with.

  71. Kev Dand says:

    I am with n-power, we got in debt 3 bed bungalow £50 quid a week electric, we had a key meter installed after lots of hassle getting them to do it! Now we get statements and the debt is still rising £3202 and still going up! How does this work on key meter surely whole point of key meter is you can’t run up the bill.

  72. Mpbriand says:

    Npower you owe me. Since I left you my bills have dropped by 40%.

  73. Derek says:

    Key goes down and can’t get hold of npower, they want to sort themselves out, british gas 24 7 contact.

  74. Elizabeth says:

    Horrendously overestimated bills.. they charged me for a one-bed flat living along and never in apart from a couple of nights putting the heating on.. nearly £200 for just over a month’s usage. I don’t even pay that in 4 months with British Gas.. they begged me to stay with them but fortunately, due to some fantastic advice, I avoided landing myself in debt, meanwhile the red letters and my emails back and forth continue, while they think I am going to back off quietly and pay for something I know I haven’t used! Stay clear of Npower.

  75. Paul Harvey says:

    Dreadfull billing from this company. I was with them for 2 years and they never got a bill right. Then I left them in April 2009 and they still sending me bills for varying amounts despite me paying the final bill and agreeng that with them…..polite people, dreadfull service…..

  76. Elizabeth Cottee says:

    I can’t believe npower are still trading. I have recently moved home and I am trying to sort out a final payment with them which is ridiculously high. They believe, in a two bedroom house, with two residents that weren’t in for more than 9 hours a night that we have got through approx £500 of energy in 3 months, despite paying a direct debit of £34 a month – which upon speaking to their customer service line clearly doesn’t cover the amount I owe! Customer service have been less than helpful, and on one occasion rude. I can’t believe how unhelpful, and over priced they are. Unbelievable! I would recommend using E-on – they are amazing in my new house – thank god

  77. Sarah Godfrey says:

    An interesting approach to billing; informed that I owe over £4000, I complain I am then told it is £3069 and now £1987 and they want £188 per month! Can’t do it.

  78. Bev Merritt says:

    Have been stuck with npower since I moved into my house 5 years ago not one of my bills have been straightforward and the amount I owe just keeps getting bigger they want me to pay ridiculous amounts of money each month and they wont let me leave until I’ve paid every penny, looks like I’m stuck with them to the grave. I’m only in this mess because customer services can’t get anything right and on top of everything else they keep charging me for home visits. This isn’t a company that’s trying to help its customers at all.

  79. R Massey says:

    I have faxed the company 3 times with my full details rang them four times and e mailed them and I have still not had a bill. I am begging them to let me pay a bill and no one ever rings back or resolves the problem despite all of that I continue to receive threatening letters to enter my property by warrant !!! The customer services are absolutely abismal the worst I have ever experienced

  80. Martine Kemp says:

    Free phone number for npower 0800 55 15 55. I work there and will thankfully be leaving this month as they are also rubbish to work for. We also get told not to give the freephone number out, how stingy.

  81. Joshua says:

    I’m customer of Npower for around 2 years,
    I was on holidays for 3 weeks, I received a threatening letter they have right to come in my property and fit a prepaid meter o send me to the court because I owe £30!!!!!
    Avoid Them!!!

  82. David Horchover says:

    My recent submission gave a 5 star rating – this should have been one – or even no stars.

  83. David Horchover says:

    The very worst cowboy outfit I have ever come across in 55 years of business.They are incompetent to the point of dishonesty. I could not wait to move elsewhere and even then they managed to delay my account move. I have been threatened with bailiffs even before an account was sent! They should be banned from doing business in the UK.

  84. Mr R N D Pain says:

    Not as bad as most people on this site, not an issue on overcharging, but another issue with Direct Debits. We had a joint electricity/gas account for the last property we lived at and and have been charged a Direct Debit for 202.52 for Electricity and Gas but should be receiving a refund of overpayment on electricity as this was in credit by 43.67, so added together N Power owes 246.19.

  85. Donna Templeton says:

    I set up an online account with npower, and paid 2 bills, I was away for 2 months and when I got back they had sent me demanding letters saying I hadn’t paid previous bills, I emailed them, no reply, no record of payments, and I refuse to telephone 0845 numbers, now they are threatening me that they will put a prepayment meter in, rubbish.

  86. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’ve just changed from npower, they have been charging me for a off peak meter which was disconnected over 2yrs ago, finally got them to realise after complaining don’t no how many times, my account is in credit £324, when asked for it they have the cheek to send me £150. I rang to see why, they said they was setting a little aside till my next bill to make sure it’s not in debt it’s a pre-pay metre it won’t be. I asked if I change my supplier do I get back the money I am owed they said yes. Now changed to the same supplier as my gas which will save me over £250 yr (hopefully).

  87. Joe Wood says:

    NPower are a truly useless company. If they can get it wrong they do. Customer service is a joke.

  88. Kenneth Bassarath says:

    My son choose N power to install a new boiler on the scrappage scheme. They were so helpful in the beginning in order to get yourjob. No one actually came on a pre- visit. They quoted that they will cut of my water tanks so I would not have to use them again as the combi boiler would take care of having no water tanks, so the engineers came and they were very good at their job. Lo and behold they soon discovered that I lived in a block of maisonettes and that the tanks in my loft supplied four neighbours.So they had to change their plans of getting rid of the water tanks and had to install a condenser boiler.
    This job was finished on the 25th Feb but I an still waiting on 1. An electrician to do the electrics and 2. For N power to clear the rubbish they have left on the landing.
    I can bet anyone that my invoice for the job will arrive before the electrician or the clearance guys arrive.
    Please do not choose N Power to install anything they are unreliable and totally useless.
    Note. I have been making numerous phone calls to get this issue resolved and all you get is passing the buck or endless beating around the bush

  89. M Smith says:

    Npower are a rip off. As a single parent on benefits I pay between £30-40 a week on gas with only 3 radiators on. Everything else elec. My special needs son was freezing all winter as I didn’t have money to keep house heated. Pre pay meters are a joke and now I’ve got a bill of £1300. Npower are the worst company I’ve heard of. SAY NO TO N POWER .

  90. Jade Baker says:

    I want our money ?!?!?!?!?! W paid n power for 6 months when we realised they had taken over somebody else’s meter now they run a mile and don’t want to know even though they’re in the wrong, they’re a joke !!!!

  91. Faye Kem says:

    NPOWER is crap…. within one year I have paid over £1200 in gas and electric… just recently they sent me a bill of £550 for 3months… I called them to complain that I only live in a flat and have never paid so much for energy but they weren’t helpful… I compared with other energy suppliers and they were cheaper… I am leaving NPOWER FOR GOOD… I will never recommend them to anyone.

  92. Sarah Hopes says:

    I have had excatly the same problems as above but luckily had it pointed out 2 weeks into being with them, so switched back to my original supplier after a month. N power put an estimated meter reading in when I switched to them instead of the one I gave them so wanted £270 for one months electric when its normally £80, after i recified this they still wanted £202 (would have been £150 with Swalec), they tried charging me £250 for gas (170 with swalec). I was mis sold rates by sales man. i have demanded they fix the meter reading problem, have demanded they match my previous suppliers rates with the direct debit discount I would have had and they have agreed, and have put in a seperate complaint about the sales person which I have said I will be wanting compensation for. They are also sending me £15 for my phone bill, they said they usually pay £5 but if you argue with them enough and threten to send phone bills etc they will agree. I also have the working out from there sales person with the mis sold rates which I have said I will be keeping hold of as proof so they have sorted it out quite quickly for me. This only happened due to a very sensible lady on their complaints team who has dealt with the whole thing for me. If you are going to try and get stuff back deal with one person only and get a direct line to contact them on. I would put 0 stars if I could.

  93. Nige Tate says:

    I have just got yet another bill from npower for my lock up only use it to keep vehicle in so only occasional light on yes only used £1.15 in electricity!! but hey my bill is £42.30, yes a standing charge of £39.14, plus vat £2.01.
    When I rang them about this they said they can charge what they like standing charges, so whats that about then,

  94. J Jocker says:

    I have never come across customer service so poor. At all costs DO NOT use NPOWER they are completely and utterly incompetent. I can not give any more details due to potential legal proceedings against NPOWER.

  95. Rachel Buls says:

    I’ve recently found out that N Power have cleared me out of nearly a whole months wages of £954 due to an error on my electric meter reading! I’ve nothing in the bank and a load of direct debits to come out so will now incur bank charges which I’m obviously not willing to pay. I’m working full time,surriving on my own and have a lot to pay out every month,I don’t need this hassle! N Power have no right to do this,am in a right mess now thanks to them.

  96. Jabba says:

    One way to get ther attention is if your “unlucky” enough to have someone “break in” and steal your meter 😉

    Also small claims court is there for a reason!

    Don’t be afraid to sue them, the small claims court is overseen by normal people who use common sense and what is known as “reasonable expectations” to make decisions.

    Plus they usually don’t turn up and you win by default 🙂

    Finally, you don’t have to wait for them to sort out THEIR mistakes before you can leave them, just contact the supplier of your choice and leave.

    The only downside of these tactics is that you can get temporary black marks on your credit record, but if you persist it will be sorted out and all false marks removed.

  97. Mr Kelvin Barnett says:

    I had water in my gas supply, rang emergency number Wales & West were out within 30 minutes to pump out the water but Npower my service provider needed to come and change the meter as water had got in rang customer services to get some one out to replace it. I was told some one would be out within 4 hours, waited in for someone to call, when after the 4 hours were up and no one had arrived I rang then to find out where they were, only to be told there was no record and that I would have to wait til the following day as they finish at 8 pm, great service, freezing cold, no hot water and no gas to cook with, they take your money and plenty of it but can’t supply a decent service.

  98. Fiona Black says:

    Npower, just billed me for £245 for 3 months heating and hot water. Showing as 1/3rd more use than last year. I live alone, work up to 14hrs a day, don’t heat the house when I’m not there and bought an electric blanket this year to save on gas… How come 1 person can use nearly £250 on gas in 90days?????? Strangely I had a workman come to ‘inspect’ the meter 4 months ago… I wish I had taken a note of the readings pre-post visit as I wonder if they spin the meter numbers on to extricate cash out of customers… No other explanation.

  99. Terry Mcguinness says:

    As a customer of NPOWER who upon being sent a minimum 18 month contract to have a meter changed decided to switch back to British Gas, as there has never been such nonsense with them. Having received the request from British Gas NPOWER decided to object as there was more than £100 in debit on the gas account. We have always paid our bills and always will. It seems NPOWER is so desperate for custom they try and hold to any existing account holders by any means possible. SO BEWARE IF YOU ARE WITH NPOWER OR THINKING ABOUT CHANGING TO NPOWER THEY ARE BOTH DEVIOUS AND TOTALLY CLUELESS. WORST UTILITY COMPANY I HAVE EVER BEEN WITH. Even there own customer services state their system is outrageous but its company policy. They even refuse to credit electric credit to the Gas debit. RIDICULOUS and RUBBISH company.

  100. Andrew Munnings says:

    This company must have the worst Customer Service Complaints Department in the entire Country. After returning to them after a previous experience of bad customer relations and being reassured that things had changed, I have been with them for little over a month and have now decided to return to my previous energy supplier. Npower does not deserve their bite of the energy suppliers market. Be warned stay well clear.

  101. Alan says:

    I was on E-On with a quarterly bill of around £180 in a two bedroom flat, switched to npower and get a welcome letter ect then nothing for 6 months. I then get a bill for £1087 on the 21st dec and am expected to pay by 1st of jan…

    Their customer service is a joke and as soon as this is sorted I’m switching, although from what has happened so far I think that will take a very long time.

  102. Tracey Briscoe says:

    Freephone number for Npower is 0800 551 555. If you get no help from them go to consumer direct they will fight your cause, their site is, telephone number is 08454 040 506.

  103. Danny Heywood says:

    Unfortunately I have been with N power for 3 years. The first 2 years were fine then I received a bill asking for £99 pounds a month as they had been undercharging me for over a year. I questioned customer services and was repeatedly told that a one bed flat with one person living in it should be at least £75 a month even if I’m out of the house 10 hours a day six days a week. I refused to pay their outrageous prices which resulted in threatening letters, in the end i paid up. I decided to change my supplier, a week before my changeover date I received a letter from Npower titled ‘relax you don’t need to do anything.’ It then goes on to explain that they have discovered a problem in their billing system and I will now get an amended bill. All this hassle for nothing. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Will be taking this further.

  104. Joseph Felts says:

    My days. To add to my yet moderated comments, having asked Npower for a breakdown of all the little payments I had made to them towards my quarterly bill, they not only:

    – sent me a breakdown with the wrong account number

    – with someone else’s name on it, even though my right name and address was in the top left corner

    – the payments detailed on the breakdown weren’t those of mine, not one.

    Npower had given me someone else’s details, meaning they had billed me someone else’s bill!!! Sweet Jesus, if I didn’t know better I’d be paying for someone else’s bill! Written to them to buck up and send me the right breakdown, the correct bill, otherwise I’m not letting it lie.

    You couldn’t make it up, they are deplorable.

  105. Joseph Felts says:

    One star for lousy service. Only joined them in April, May’s bill was £33.00 for both, then it went into quarterly where the first bill was £60, their reading, then it was followed by £220 my reading! AND I pay a little in between so that the bill would mean they OWE me, so what I pay in between and then to be hit with a £220, it’s outrageous.

    This company was officially the worst supplier overall in 2008 and it appears to have changed little. I’m in touch with their complaints team as I type via letter and we’ll see. Our average useage quarterly is £150 , and the current cold climate hasnt changed how we set the CH and HW and electric useage.

    Rang them up yesterday to ask them how the bill is so high and the woman said ‘it’s because of Xmas’, like she lives in our house and monitors our useage. first comment above said it nice and clear – NEVER USE NPOWER! NEVER EVER! Let them suffer and dwindle and die out.

  106. Emma Ramm says:

    I hate N-Power. It took a year and a half for them to tell me I owed £1500! in electric. This is with me paying £100 a month. I then moved to a small house and fitted a new combi boiler. They installed the gas meter from scratch as there wasn’t any supply. Its now took 8month for them to tell me I owe them another £250 on top of the £100 direct debit. So in total i owe £2000!! AIso they take £200 a month off me now, there only 2 of us and were at work all day. I feel like driving down to the offices and causing the same amount in damage to them.
    I’ve SWITCHED TO EDF ENERGY. 🙂 much better

  107. Jay says:

    I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall trying to sort out a complaint I made 8 months ago for a contract I never signed and they took me to a debt recovery company on a new premise I moved into.
    The company do not understand customer service or listen to you.

  108. Terrie Davies says:

    I had my meter changed and they never took down the new readings now they want to take 150 a month for GAS, we are at the property 2 hours per day if that. I have asked them about it and they say they need to send someone out during the day – when I work – I explained that I worked and they said well we could do 4-7. I said fine 7 would be fine they said no between 4 and 7. I finish work at 5 takes me 1 hour to get home.

  109. Danielle Samuel says:

    Switched to n power a few months ago after being told they were cheaper than scottish power, biggest mistake ever switching to them! I have a prepayment electricity meter and pay my gas through direct debit, both of which are now in debt through n powers fault. electricity key also stopped working and after two days of trying to get hold of the company I am left with no electricity, no heating and no way of cooking meals so forced to take my 18month old and 6week old baby to stay at my mum’s until sorted. this company does not deserve any star rating and people should consider other companies.

  110. Gary Mitchell says:

    The worst electric company I’ve ever used. I could echo at least half the comments others here have made – just compare the comments on this company to those on others. Will be changing asap. they can whistle for the money they “think” I owe them.

  111. Lee Ogden says:

    I have been with Npower for just over one year now. Used to be with British Gas but found them expensive. Since joining Npower my electric bill has falled to £11 per month with Npower. Used to be £17.50 with British Gas. Npower have a generous £100 discount if you pay by direct debit and have both electric and gas from them. I find Npower’s discounts easier to follow than British Gas which offer percentage discounts. A few weeks ago Scottish Power tempted my to switch from Npower but decided to stay with Npower because of the £100 discount. Just one issue with Npower is the 6 monthly statements which I find a long interval between statements. Used to be quarterly with British Gas.

  112. Dafydd Joyner says:

    Don’t use their boiler repair team either… They make the muppet show look like a Harvard University conference.

  113. Natalie Jackson says:

    I needed to talk to npower while it was outside office hours. there was no out of hours service. I am left for most of weekend no gas, cooker, heating, water nothing. I had to call all over looking for someone to help me…nothing. I also have a small child in the house and explained i needed help. I was left stranded. totally disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Sandy Bain says:

    So, a few months back, I had a guy at my door, telling me to switch my electricity supply to Npower, as it was cheaper than my present supplier, so I did. Weeks later I had a call from hydro asking me back, as they said they were actually cheaper! After swapping back, I received a final bill from Npower for 30 odd quid.
    I phoned them up, and they say that because my rates were set too low, that is the amount they had undercharged me! Sooooo, they GUARANTEED to beat my supplier, but when they couldn’t, they want money from me?! What the hell is that about?! Npower are pathetic! Needless to say, I will not be paying this bill.
    Surely this matter will be laughed out of court?

  115. Nicole Sutcliffe says:

    I’ve filled this out before think that says enough really but just to inform you of what has happened is in 2007. I moved out of an address, I rung npower to close accounts and have final bills sent out, they did with one but not with the other. The people who moved into the address after me carried on using my name running debt up, it took n power til late 2008 to get in touch with me to let me know there was outstanding balance not being paid (they always had my phone number, it never changed, they said they didn’t but that’s how they managed to contact me in the end hummmm) anyway proved several occasions I didn’t live there from 07 to 09, asked for a correct final bill and I’d pay what I owed if I did it got sent to a debt recovery agent, sent all proof to them, didn’t hear out back for about 5 months, woke up today with another debt recovery letter on my doorstep, a totally different debt recovery agent. I rung up npower who said I needed to send proof to them etc all over again it’s now dec 09 and it’s still not sorted it’s ridiculous and they’re getting no money out of me unless THEY can prove I owe it.

  116. Andy Morris says:

    If you are thinking of using npower – DON’T. I have never been treated so badly by a single company in my life. They hike your prices up rather too quickly and then send people around to your home even if you have made an arrange to pay their extortionate fees and prices. I just wish I could put (-)stars on this rating.

  117. Mr Alan Kimber says:

    I have a big problem, about 6 months ago they came to fit new key meter, no one turned up til gone 7pm that night, they were arrogant and rude could not be bothered to show us how to use the meter key, now 6 months later have been putting in 20 pounds each day just to keep the meter in credit what a bad company they all r.

  118. Jeff Hayden says:

    The worst power supply company on the planet. Was promised cheaper energy bills by their sales blurb (lies, as it turns out) based upon previous 2 years consumption. Monthly payments have doubled in 6 months from previous supplier!
    1. Over estimating future consumption, in the case of gas by 8, Note: I haven’t installed a blast furnace in my home in the last 6 months!
    2. Unable to contact this bunch of cowboys by any of the means advertised, phone, internet etc…
    3. Have been with them for 6 months only and am bailing out ASAP!
    So, just to recap, bills gone up by 68% per month in less than 6 months and, can’t get hold of them, I’m off!
    Finally a warning, DO NOT USE NPOWER
    Unfortunately I have to give them a one star rating as I can’t award them what they actually deserve = zero stars

  119. Gemma Wood says:

    Had dual fuel with them until I moved recently – 2 months into living at my NEW address they suddenly decide to start billing me at my old place again and we get a debt collector on the phone demanding money.

    We did of course point out that we told them we were moving AND we have their confirmation of receiving this information AND we have the final bill they sent us TO THE NEW ADDRESS. But no, problem still unresolved.

  120. Tim Wilkins says:

    I allowed a rep to talk to me about Npower and he asked a few questions on the landing of my top floor 2 bedroom apartment. I would not give my bank details but I think ( this was about 16 months ago now ) that I fell for the line ‘can you just sign this so I can go back to my manager and tell them that I have been and talked to you’. I made it very clear to the REP that I wasn’t swapping but was willing to receive more information. I did foolishly think ‘it’s just a squiggle’, and thought as there are no bank details he/NPower can use to take money from my account so I was fine.

    Then I got the letter saying ‘sorry you are leaving E.on’ followed by a ‘Welcome to NPower’ and thought how did that happen? I was paying by direct debit to E.on and this stopped but neither got in touch to close the account formally or send me a bill for 12 months. I did always think that the difference between energy companies is at the most a few pounds for a person with a living situation like mine so I was not concerned enough to make long calls to expensive numbers as long as my bills stayed roughly the same. Eventually my closing bill from E.on for £6.57 was sent. I had to call them to pay them so I explained what had happened and said I did not want to leave them. E.on said this happens a lot so I was able to just settle up and they re-opened my account under an ‘erroneous transfer’. Then after 14 months with NPower my first bill and last bill arrived on Friday 13th November ( it had to be ) saying ‘Sorry you are leaving, please pay us £1,896’!!! That is almost 10 x the rate I was paying for an energy efficient 2 bedroom apartment with modern heating, insulation and double glazing and only 2 heaters in use ( living room and bedroom ). To use the electric fan fire in the living room conditions need to be equivalent to those of the South Pole!

    My guess is that NPower have read the meter reading for the block of flats ( 6 and the communal halls in all – I hope this is the case but have to confirm this ) as my personal meter is locked in a cupboard with a standard key, not a universal energy cupboard key. However, having logged a complaint that a.) I was tricked into signing with them and b.) They had not billed me in 12 months and c.) They sent me the wrong bill, I am wondering if I should pay them anything at all?

    Ironically, had they just taken over and sent me standard and reasonable bills in a timely fashion I would have probably let them get away with the sign up scam. It was only E.on’s ability to send me a final bill before a NPower could get their act together and try to rip me off with their first bill that meant I switched back to E.on.

    The NPower rep has caused me many issues now. We live in tough times but in future I will be rude and shut the door as I was obviously seen as a cash cow. Take a hard line with these people and say ‘I’m not interested’. Until I get a reasonable settlement my money is staying in my pocket.

  121. Kirsty Ellis says:

    Been with npower for just over 2 years. Didn’t think I could move as my last bill had a debit balance of over £600 – they were expecting me to pay over £300 p/mth on gas & elec!! Eventually agreed to pay £195 – still to much but more affordable. Spoke to a rep for Scottish Hydro Electric who said I could move to them if npower were happy for me to set up a payment plan to pay off debt. Would mean I would be paying less each month and pay off the debt to npower in a year. Just contacted npower who, after taking meter readings, advised that I actually only owe them £52!!!! The £600 was the estimated debt based on usage over the next 12mths. If I had known that I would have moved from them ages ago. Will thankfully be leaving npower next month. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  122. Paul Couper says:

    I had an estimated bill of £886.00 three years ago which rose from £90 odd the previous quarter. How in gods name can I have used that much electricity when I have only a hot water heater and my household appliances fridge, lights etc ??? I use open fires coal-wood etc my bill at one point was £1900.00 outstanding which after I refused to pay them was reduced to £275.00 after it had been passed to a 3rd debt collection agency. All the bills were estimated nobody read my meter until a year after I changed to pre-payment and only once since then in 2007 and now I’m off again to British Gas it would appear they owe me money??? I’m not complaining but how on earth can you be owed money with a pre-payment key???

  123. Clarissa Penfold says:

    Npower I have been with for 15 years great company and brilliant customer services.

  124. Tom Venables says:

    Rubbish…every time we top up the gas with £20 only about £6 goes on. Customer service is rubbish. Switching companies.

  125. Mike J Lancaster says:

    After spending 48 quid on gas for 30 minutes of water heating per night, for years, I set up a direct debit, then moved supplier, then today, 3 months afterwards, I get a final reminder from Npower for £131.13, 10 days to pay, but they sent it 2nd class, so only got 3 days to pay, these people harassed my departed mother for bills she didn’t owe, yet she paid them and they just took the money, it was never taken off future bills, I personally think they are horrific, bullies and make sh1t up, they have been reported many many times and yet nowt gets done, they must be operated by government heads or something.

  126. Denise Rawlins says:

    We are a small business who are having the same trouble as everyone else who is with npower I would not have believe these complaints if i wasnt experiencing the same problems myself. estimated reading since January ,new meter unable to take the readings no help from npower always saying they will sort out the problem and get customer services to call me back but they never do

  127. A. M. Quest says:

    Estimated bill received last January for £800. Took meter reading and submitted online – approx £400. No amended bill received. Said my reading not on system, and refused to amend estimate as my reading was after date of bill (one day!). Charged me £174 for sending someone round to cut off supply, although nobody had called. Said all payments had to pade within two weeks of bill under Electricity act.Their bill had been paid before tey made the charge! They refused a transfer to British Gas because they had a contract signed by someone else for a different location on their computer.
    No recourse against their behaviour.

  128. Anthony Owen Hulls says:

    In July I paid N-Power 49.99 for a service on my central heating boiler. Prior to the servicing, the boiler was in perfect working condition,but four engineers later and a load of excuses, the boiler still refuses to function. Why do you ha ve to do to get someone to put the matter right?

  129. Steven Haynes says:

    I have never been with Npower as a supplier. At least I thought this was the case until I started getting letters to my house addressed to someone who doesn’t live there that they owed Npower almost a thousand pounds.

    After repeated phone calls I discovered that Npower had erroneously transferred my property onto their network.But could they just switch me back? Of course not, they had to instigate a long and drawn out investigation whereby I wasn’t even contacted once. Eventually they came to the shocking conclusion that I was telling the truth and that they had apaprently located the man that owes them all this money! Huzzah I thought!

    A year on from all this I am still receiving threats of them cutting off my energy supplies for money I do not owe them.


    Not even a letter of apology….

  130. Dori Nicol says:

    I switched from Scottish Gas to NPower last year – small house, 4 radiators, unoccupied 10 hrs per day. Salesman advised NPower would be half cost of Scottish Gas. NIGHTMARE!!! They have charged me DOUBLE the price of Scottish Gas. Still trying to get them to resolve the issue since Feb 09.

    They’re hoping I’ll get fed up and stop complaining.

  131. Kayley White says:

    I just had to come on here and have a rant. I’m so cross I’m bubbling inside. I have been fighting with n power and another company they passed my bill on to for nearly eight months now. I moved into a house which I rent and had to be with them for the standard six weeks before they would switch me to my usual provider due to the fact that the previous tenant used them. I received a bill at the end of the six weeks for nearly 1700 pounds!!!! I have sent tenancy agreements to the other company to prove I moved in when I did and they are being difficult and not yet referring the account back I’m at a lost end and have no idea what to do. I refuse to pay the bill and couldn’t afford to even if I wanted!! What do they want from me!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Barbara Kellaway says:

    I have recently moved to n power and was made all these promises of how goo the company are but the first time I have trouble no one want to help my electric meter packed up so called n power to sort it out they sent me on a wild goose chase to get new keys from places that didn’t even have them, then sent from bracknell to reading rd wokingham to another stockist bearing in mind I have four children and do not drive to get another key after 2 trips, there’s still no electric, they decide it’s my meter so call and engineer to fix it, told that they would be here in 3 to hours for me to ring back and find out that was not the case, could be up to 11pm sat night if not monday as they don’t work sundays, so I’m left with four children the youngest 5yrs old not electric and frozen food destroyed as no ware else to put it. so what a nice welcome to me as a new customer!

  133. Billfacey says:

    Worst customer service I have received from any company. Refused to do a final meter reading when the meter reading was in dispute, when given a weeks notice by telephone and and insist on charging on an estimated figure way above this bill

  134. Matthew Dunne says:

    N Power, what a joke, had a payment meter fitted, 2 months ago not worked right since it was finned and can’t top it up as the key does not work, it’s now got 4p left, I have a 4 month old child to feed and no POWER, can’t call npower to put some cash on my meter as they are closed.

  135. Andy says:

    I have been with npower quite a while had a few financial problems npower have refused my offer to pay the bill, ignored my requests and gained a warrant of execution to make me have a prepaid meter surely this must be illegal. I have made an official complaint, on the grounds that I had made an offer to pay the bill and this has been totally disregarded. I bet they never told the judge that I had attempted to sort out my bill, but they refused!

  136. Michael Joseph says:

    I’ve just received a gas bill dated 3rd july 2009 for £230.41. I dont understand because I only use key meter pay as you go. Can someone please clarify the problem or I shall return to British gas.

  137. Ruth Berry says:

    Worst company ever. Have been in dispute over a bill from December. £400 for 2 months electricity in a tiny house with 3 people who are mainly working and out at night! Our Gas bill for this quarter (March – June) was almost £400 too when we didn’t even have the gas on! This wasn’t even an estimate. The customer service is terrible. One agent even admitted that what has happened with my account is a “comedy of errors”. Very good but that doesn’t help me. I HATE THEM!

  138. Jillian Clarke says:

    I was quite happy on a pre payment meter managing my bills and even getting money back from time to time as I had overpaid. However that all changed when Npower advised me that I had to have my meter changed as mine was quite old. A very long story cut but you’ll get the gist if you have ever been a Npower customer… 2 wasted days off work NO SHOW by the engineers when one eventually came he had the wrong meter and in the end when they did change my meter I did not even have to be at home as all the work was carried out outside!!!! Waited 10 months for a bill when that came it was wrong. Npower did not know the difference on the meter they had fitted from day and night time rates I had to read at 8am and 11am to them to see if the reading had changed!! Eventually I got a revised bill and increased my STANDING ORDER to suit. Have been told that Npower do not recognise standing order payments!!! so had to pay the bill by debit card. My bank advsed me not to pay DD as Npower will take what they think to be correct and as we all know CORRECT is very rare from them– NIGHTMARE and sure not the end… Oh PS one of their Sales People in Morrisons only advice to me — change supplier if you are not happy! customer retention not on the top of the list then?

  139. Bernie Olliver says:

    After reading all of these comments why as no one put npower in court just 1 county court judgment would cause them all sorts of problems and it only costs £75 and you get that back when you win as they don’t seem to fast at replying they will only get 14 days.

  140. J. L. Orr says:

    I had a visit from npower sales people in Dec 08. The information they gave me turned out to be mis-information regarding sales, costs etc. Since then I have been trying to get this mess sorted out, but keep getting referred to another Dept. & then passed to another Dept.
    As of today 30/6/09 I still await a satisfactory solution after six months.
    So much for Customer Services, if they are not the worst then they are in the running.

  141. Gary Miller says:

    If you have any sense! ‘do not become a customer of this inept company’! My electricity charges increased by 50% overnight with them. Left these as soon as I could, 5 months. I have a pre payment meter, yet have just received a bill for £200 for electricity service charge! Awaiting investigations reports from them, I don’t owe anything! And I will see them in court! if they try me on! Be well advised from a stable individual, do not be a customer of this company! period!

  142. Martin Evans says:

    Avoid like the plague – lured me in with low rates then put charges enormously. Now trying to move and contesting final bill I’m getting letters threatening court action and debt collectors. In the meantime they pushed up my direct debit payments until they owed me £500 which they eventually paid back.
    Only the utilities can get away with this sort of behaviour because they are monopolies with a weak regulator – but npower are the worst of a bad lot.

  143. Chris Jones says:

    I have just had a whopping £900 added to my bill – with no explanation or breakdown. I’m also investigating bills going back 7 years. NPower typify everything that is wrong with this country. The common man no longer has any rights. It’s a disaster. How on Earth is this company still in existence? Everyone who has a complaint should get together and create a joint ACTION against these people.

  144. Happi says:

    I moved in a 1bed flat which had a pre-paid meter in 2007, I came to find out the prevoous tenant had left a debt on the meter so Npower was deducting £3 every week from my topup. I phoned then enquiring about this; the promised to send me a refund cheque but I didn’t get anything from them till today. I have tried to phone them write them no one bothers to call back or respond to my letters. Last time I spoke to them I was told the meter was correct and no debt was left. This is the same situation happened to Nadine Anne Short above, I think Npower they steel customers money and they don’t really care. Rubbish company!

  145. Mark Smith says:

    I’ve lived alone in a 1-bedroom flat for the last 27 months. I only have electricity – no gas. When I moved in, I provided npower with a true reading (day and night readings). Due to refurb work in the block of flats, I’ve only just been able to provide them with another reading. Now, despite paying £84/month on DD from the start, they claim that I’ve been undercharged for 20,000 kWh in that time, equating to about £2,500 – £3,000 in arrears – can a meter lie? Could it be faulty? Could I really have used that much energy? I only use the immersion when I need to (total 4-5 hours per week) and don’t leave it on. I have two crappy storage heaters and just the ‘usual’ household appliances on top of that – any ideas? Any genuine advice?

  146. Serina Lyn says:

    My electricity key has just stopped working I had to telephone npower 3 times and was then told to go to a shop to collect a new key, when I got there the shop keeper had no idea what I was talking about. Do not use npower they are absolutely rubbish. Customer service closes at 8pm so now have to wait until tomorrow to get this problem rectified. Not happy with this company will be going back to EDF

  147. Robin Tuff says:

    I signed up to the dual fuel on line billing account. My own fault, but I had not noticed that bills are now 6 monthly rather quarterly
    I have just downloaded my statement dated 3rd June notified 6th June. The statement date is the 15th May, a full 3 weeks previously. To make matters worse, the final reading is an estimate. you would think that if they have only 2 statements a year, they could organise an actual reading.
    For some weird reason my gas is the sign online 11 and electricity is sign online 13. However there is only a single tariff for the 6 months, in which time most prices have been reduced. I have been an npower for a number of years but this cavalier approach forces me to move elsewhere.

  148. Lucy Smith says:

    Over 3 years readings were taken from my gas meter and bills paid. They recently sent a bill for £900 backdated over 3 years, claiming that all previous bills had been based on estimated readings and were not accurate. This despite the fact that readings had been regularly taken by their staff. I have had the same experience as above while trying to sort this out – they don’t call back, don’t seem to have a record of my calls, finally call back and leave a message with no name so you have to go through their call options none of which are relevant. I will be leaving npower as soon as this is resolved and would strongly recommend leaving them now even if you haven’t had any problems yet.

  149. Angela Walsh says:

    NPower are shameful. Worked for them for 6 years as well . My bill is a total mess since they did a meter change last October then cancelled the electric side of my dual fuel account – have been paying massive DDs every month of £176 and they have the cheek to tell me im only paying £57, I even had to get bank statements to prove it!!! on top of this they took a double payment in April and denied that too – had to get the extra paid back off the bank, to then recieve a letter telling me I owed money them money for cancelling my DDebit – I have no idea of what my bills really are and as to wether or not im in debit or credit ! quite sure they will try for debit though I have insisted on a complete breakdown of consumption against payments which they agreed to but what a suprise the 8 weeks is up and nothing from them -the whole situation is a complete mess – but times up tomorrow NPOWER – I can offically pass this on to OFGEM – and then if it still isnt sorted I will havc to go down the MP route. Cant wait to leave this appalling company. If your researching this company Its a total disgrace never sign with these charlatans.

  150. Stephen Phillips says:

    Just received a letter from Npower today 03 June, 2009 for a bill of over £400!.

    Where do I start?,The property they mentioned I’ve not lived there for over 2 years, the house has since been demolished after moving out, I was always on a pre-payment key meter system so I can’t run up a debt, and I’m not even with them anymore!!.

    They are threatening debt collectors within 10 days!. They need to get their facts straight before sending out these kind of letters.

  151. Alan Machala says:

    I moved out from my old house in mid December 2008, I did ask Npower to send me a final bill but they didn’t, I called them and they apologise and send me estimated even so I gave them reading from the meter, i did ask for actual bill and they I was shocked to receive amount to pay of £834 for the period of 5 week and that’s gas only. If you are rich and want to waste lots of money that’s the company for you.

  152. Mercy says:

    Very Bad Customer Service- Quite Rude/not willing to listen/ never put through to the right person and put on hold for half an hour.
    Sent me a bill of previous owner in my name NPower expects me to pay the bill written to them 6 x no resolution, never been their customer yet bills still come, sorry aint your customer.

  153. Janine Griffiths says:

    Sent me a final bill of £199 dating back to a period which I had already paid for, so sent two threatening letters which they ignored. I will be switching suppliers very soon.

  154. Trevor Jones says:

    What a ripoff company, they changed the meter as soon as we we changed to n power, they said all meters had to be changed after ten years, I checked this with the company I worked at the time and they said they had never heard of it and my job was reading gas and electric meters, anyway when we was out they changed the meter all illegal as the cus has to be present, well now they say we are using 5kw a hour in a one bedroom bungalow when we are at work and as others have said we must have left something on like blakpool I suppose, what a rubbish company.

  155. Anonymous says:

    I agree service is bad only interested in stats not customers I know I worked for them

  156. Liz Oldham says:

    It has taken npower 2 and a half years to sort out a meter mix up, they now expect me to pay 900 pounds for electricity used over the time it’s taken to sort out the meter mix up! Customer services is bad, always saying my complaint is top priority ,no one ever gets back to you as promised, prices are sky high, will never use them again, but have to try and get my final bill sorted which will probably take another 2 and a half years!!!!! Customers are treated like criminals, DON’T USE THIS COMPANY!

  157. Joanne Akhter says:

    Key stopped working, was given the wrong place where to get a new one, after this was told somewhere else but they didn’t even give me a proper address, just area and shop name, no postcode. Now have to wait for a call out up to 24 hours to replace the meter when in fact I only need a new key.

  158. Deborah Egbuniwe says:

    I am not a customer of Npower. In fact, I have never heard of them till today. I just received my bank statement only to find that Npower has been withdrawing money from my account by direct debit. I called up my back and was told that I allegedly set up the direct debit last year when I wasn’t even in the country! Can some one help me here. How do I get Npower to return My stolen money. Their numbers are all 0845 which cost an arm and a leg to call. Now my bank account is in debit because Npower has overdrawn from my account. Is there no authority in this country that can help the oppressed?

  159. Clare Walker says:

    I have the same problem, they “mis-read” the meter on a few occasions and keep sending people out, now the want £900!!
    I don’t know what to do as I’m a student and moving house soon. They said I couldn’t leave until the bill was settled but I don’t have that kind of cash!! Who can I talk to about this??

  160. Tracy Harrap says:

    Had a prepayment meter fitted in March 2009, when I come to put my gas on the meter is so low to the concrete flags outside I have to get on my hands and knees with my backside in the air to put the money on. After 4 days of being passed from pillow to post I have been told if I want it moving I have to pay £500, hang on a minute I didn’t put the meter there. Surely this is a health and safety issue. Will take this further.

  161. Liz says:

    Npower are the most incompetent company I have had the displeasure of dealing with. How they are still trading is beyond belief. I am still waiting after 6 months for a correct gas bill following 4 incorrect bills, 2 final demands, 2 threatening letters and about 15 calls to them on their 0845 number. Appalling in every way. Once sorted I’m off.

  162. Nasir Ahmed says:

    Wooo, gas bill for one month £156.00 for one bedroom flat with me 10 hrs at work and their sales rep came to mw with a lot of newspaper cuttings that it will save me lots of money if I switch from British Gas to Npower. That’s the money I saved, for one month billed me for £156.00 while I paid to British Gas £145.00 for 3 months. What a horrible company is this. Never believe a word their sales rep. say.

  163. Fred Schroeder says:

    Having changed to N Power green energy and been promised savings we have just received our first electricity bill of £629 for the winter quarter – approx £200 more than it would have been with British Gas – and gas bill of £1026 – approx £400 more than British Gas. Once again N power have mis-sold and ripped off their customers. They are a disgrace and unapologetic about it. When you trawl the net and see how many complaints there are against them it is clear they should be shut down.

  164. Gavin Parkins says:

    Having the same problem with Npower partner had a normal meter and paying by DD in 2004 and early 2004 stopped paying DD to get a pre-payment meter. she got a letter from Npower in 2007 saying she owed them £1680 we complained. the first complaint the guy on the phone said they tried to take it from her “benefits” although she has never been on them????. they fobbed off the idea its someone elses debt by accident. they wanted proof of recepts from the shop but she said she doesn’t have any but told them they would know if she had baught any as it would come up on her account as to what she bought when they swipped her card. they said look if you dont have proof then its tuff. we still argued further its now been 2 years they even came and took the old meter away to look at it. they then rounded the debt off to £1300 if said no were still not paying it its not our debt. we asked for proof of threating letters they would have sent here so far 2years later nothing has been sent what we asked for as we are told its all archived. April 1 2009 the 3 month statement come has gone from £1300 to £1448.99 and we are on a pre-payment meter also another letter came with it dated 3rd April saying we owe £1500 and they will be taking it at £10 a week via the new electronic key they now use. again I complained and the guy said to me that the account is such a mess he can’t understand it but it says at the bottom the debt is right so it must be he also stated something new that this debt now went back to 1999 even though we have a statement dating Jan 2004 with an upto date account of £40 paid by DD. they have put the account back to the people who we cant speak to to look at it “again” and they can’t stop the £10 a week till its looked at.

  165. Mrs Pamela Rymer says:

    We live in a 3 bed house, I had a token meter taken out after years of having one with no complaints until they didn’t come to change the tariffs, from then on my bills got higher and higher. We got a letter saying they were coming to change the meter soon, so my husband rang them up to see if we could just have it taken out and have a normal meter where we pay quarterly, yes no problems sir, so a date was set 17 november 2008. They told us we would get a bill to bring us up to date not long after. In decemder we got our gas bill from the same company (npower) both meters being read, we got no electric bill until december which was for £194.23, (bare in mind that’s a month’s electric) so I rang npower up they said it was wrong just ignore the bill, so I did and waited for a new bill. The next bill turned up in january 2009 for £167.12 this was for less than a month’s worth of electric, so once again I rang them up oh sorry the bill was sent out by error it’s wrong just ignore it yet again. I asked them to send me a bill straight out so I could pay up to date but still waiting. On the 4th april I told my husband am going to ring npower up to see where our bill is, I was getting fobbed of again, I stopped the adviser in her tracks and said I want my bill, and a full break down from november 2008 until 4th april this year. Her answer was well it’s not that simple we need a reading so I gave her one, but had told her the meter was read on 9th march this year, oh it takes 14days for us to receive the reading, told her it was longer than 14days now, anyhow she did a calculation for me with 2 prices one was £228.82 from 17th nov-21st feb the other £65.40 from 21st feb to 4th april, in her next sentence it was £228.82 from november to april how much is my bill. She then told me I have to wait until 8th june this year for a reading and bill, I said ok and that my bill better turn up or am taking this matter further said it’s been going on too long I only want my bill to square up what I owe, put down the phone. Monday morning 6th april post got a last reminder from npower for my electric demanding me to pay up now £228.82, so rang them they said the lady new about this and said nothing, we have told them we are only paying this amount and are now looking for a new supplier. NPOWER R BEYOND A JOKE THERE THE WORST COMPANY GOING. Just one more thing they said sorry too us for over charging us by £100, that’s why the bill is what it is or it could have been more. 6th april 2009

  166. Anne Troughton says:

    I left npower Sept 2008. Although I paid by direct debit I received 2 bills 3 months later for different amounts. One of them was for a 3 month period when they were no longer supplying us with fuel.
    We phoned and we wrote and sent receipts. When we came back from abroad after 6 weeks, we had 3 letters from debt collectors threatening us.
    Npower said they were unable to read the letter we had sent.
    We sent the money to them and a letter to the debt collectors with a photo copy of the cheque.
    Several days later we got a phone call from the debt collector about non payment.
    This company runs on robbery lies and deceit. Also bullying .
    We will be suing them for harassment if we get any more threats from them.

  167. David Round says:

    I have just recieved a bill from N Power for £444 for a Quarter for my Electricity, I live in a two bed flat with my girlfriend we have two tv’s a computer and cooker etc i could power the whole of my block with that amount of money, i am refusing to pay it as im moving house end of the month, they are a useless bunch of Pr**ks, the block of flats are all economy 7 heating, i am no electrician or meter reader i dont know someone in there infinate wisdom changed the meter to a standard meter before i moved in, as far as i am concerned its economy 7 so i put the storage heaters on and they also come on at 12, Now they are saying its my fault i should no what meter i have in my premises and if i had requested a economy 7 meter they would have put one in!!! they are refusing to budge on the money, i told them i will see them in court as they are a total unfair bunch of idiots… Fortunately for me they dont know my new address just incase 🙂

  168. Mrs Joan Tuckley says:

    I changed our duel supply from npower toED in nov 08 and cancelled our direct debit, in march this year 09 we received a final demand for£574 75. Firstly i would like to know why, after notifying power of the changeover and receiving correspondence to that effect, why did they continue to supply us with gas for the next 4 mths?.We have also contacted EDF to ask why the direct debit for gas wasn’t set up at the same time as the electric.
    Under GREAT duress i have sent you the full payment for the final bill but would like some answers please.

  169. Anon says:

    I owe them so much money now that I can never change providers. Everytime I set up a direct debit they never take the money. Then I get threatening collection letters. They keep saying they will give me good wll money for all of the phone calls, but I have never seen any of it. Set up a new DD recently, almost double, to cover all of the money that they failed to take and guess what they have failed to take it out again!!!!!!!

  170. Alexander Hammond says:

    There should be an option for no stars. NPower are appalling, and clearly too big for their own good. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    Paid £220 over 6 months on my pre-pay meter when I first moved into the house (1 bed flat, just me living there), then they tell me I owe them £570 for the same period. I think not. They tell me it’s a “discrepancy” because they didn’t calculate accurately the amount I should have been paying on the pre-payments. What??? I thought I was on PRE-pay?

    I now have a credit meter, on Economy 7, and am being charged over £300 per quarter (for the same 1 bed flat). Turns out they have got the day and night readings mixed up. The people in the call centre agree with me that it’s a basic mix-up, but I’ve filed complaint after complaint to try and sort it out – and they keep closing the complaints and sending me debt collection letters. These people could not organise a booze-up in a brewery. Just shocking.

  171. Phil Simmonds says:

    I have insider knowledge of energy companies and their practices, I have also had the misfortune to have been landed with this company as my supplier when moving houses. When it comes to customer satisfaction and communication I would rate Npower as the worst of a bad bunch. I do sometimes wonder if the huge number of bill disputes with Npower are strategic and intentionally generated by them in order to frustrate or prevent customers switching.

  172. Janey Dicker says:

    I wouldnt reccomend them to anyone! I was paying so much per week on a budget scheme, thought Id change to British Gas as they were cheaper for me, then got a final biill from NPower for £660 –I am in a 2 bed house, 2 adults one child NO BATH just a shower, and theres no way I could use all that Gas!! I went to the C.A.B who said to ignore the nasty letters they send out and to send them £1 a month as a token payment! NPower say theyre still `looking into it` but are insisting I owe them it…even though I didnt get any bills fro months UNTIL I changed over to British Gas.
    Cheers NPower, youre unbelieveable!!!

  173. Karen Lynn says:

    This comment is on behalf of my friend who is 86 years old and living alone. she was very highly over charged by n power and i find this very discusting of them robbing a vunerable woman who has contacted them and complaint about her unusually high quarterley bill! 10 weeks later she has had no resolve to this matter and is very tired. I will not let this matter lie! I will take this matter further if need be!

  174. D Chen says:

    I have paid my bill totalled 490.54 on Feb13th, I never received any bill after that, but suddenly I received a PRE COURT NOTICE asking me to pay just 32.34. Their explanation was they had re-calculation and send another bill of 520.88 to me. Would anyone still look at the letter from them if you only have to pay quarterly assuming I have receieved the letter. The bill of 490.54 was pretty expensive enough. They never contact you by phone or email which we all have supplied in the beginning anyway. For merely 32 pounds, they will sue you. Never join them!!!

  175. Malcolm Law says:

    They have to be the worst energy company on the planet, not only do they seem to make new terms and conditions up at the drop of a hat to hold you into contracts, they never send you renewal information until after the roll over date on the new contract, their customer service team are rudest and most incompetant staff you could employ, the pricing structure and billing information changes per bill and overall an insult to the industry and this country. NEVER USE THEM!

  176. Tom Braley says:


    They haven’t supplied me for nearly a year now and I’m still trying to sort out THEIR mess and errors. Which means regular phone calls, which mean being put on hold for an average of 40+ minutes at a time before you eventually get to speak to someone – this is standard procedure when dealing with Npower, so get used to it, because you will be calling them alot to complain and sort our problems! Honestly, god knows how much I’ve wasted calling them.

    Frankly their activity borders on the criminal. Here’s just one little episode I’ve had to deal with, sorry, am still dealing with, out of a catalogue of balls ups and disgusting service….

    The incident that springs to mind is this: I was billed £1599 for a quarter, when my account was in credit – because they had the meter readings ‘transposed’ (back to front to you and me. day=night & night=day) and nearly a year on this still hasnt been resolved. Amidst the court threats, threating letters, threats of bayliffs, rude calls from them at my work place, I eventually got them to admit it was their mistake, but still it’s me who has to sort it out… oh and also foot the bill (call them up all the bloody time, sometimes twice a day, each call averaging about 1h30m, most of which you spend being held in a queue) This is just one of the incidents I’ve had with them – there have been numerous.

    There customer service team are possibly the rudest and least helpful people I’ve ever dealt with – it’s as if they’ve been genetically modified to get your back up and be as unhelpful as possible. Apart from one manager – who was a Geordie – and admitted that they were rubbish, and operated a disgusting service and he was surprised how they could legally get away with what they did.

    I could go on – but it’s beginning to wind me up again just thinking about them. If you think I’m an isolated case check this out. In my circle of close friends (about 6), of them 5 of them are supplied by Npower and 5 have had serious problems… Serious problems, not missed bills, wrong meter readings etc. Serious problems… leading to a lot of stress and financial difficulty. One girl I know was nearly taken to court because she refused to pay her bill – you might think this sound reasonable – well you’d be right except she was with British gas and had never been an Npower customer…

    Eventually Npower backed down – but only after 9 months of threatening letters and harrasment.

    I myself am still dealing with that bill for £1.5 thousand pounds for a quarter of electricity in a 2 bed falt, and this is 8 months or so after they’ve admitted their mistake and I’ve moved house…

    Npower = Ncompetent…. avoid like the plague.

    I hope they have a power surge at their plant, and it blows up taking them all with them

  177. Hector Peniche says:

    I came up with this site as I was looking for an alternative gas supplier, since npower was charging me £165 for 2 months of gas supply. when I called, they said that is normal. (all my friends pay a third of that). I was surprised to read so many posts of how bad this company really is . I am changing companies today.

  178. Alec Dauncey says:

    Absolutely hopeless bordering on faudulent. Taken 6 months to get an incorrect reading, by about 6000units or aout £800 sorted out. Bills recalculated back to 2005, they used an initial reading of 27623. Fortunately I had my bill from 2005 showing initial reading of 30150. Were they trying to defraud me? Hmmm

  179. Man Wang says:

    I hate this company, it has totally disrupted my normal life.
    My story is in this Feburary, I received my first electricity bill, and I noticed the reading is absolutely wrong (the starting reading is much larger then the current reading). So I called the CS, they told me not to worry about the wrong bill, they will revised. Yesterday, I received a threatening letter from their ‘Collection Direct’, saying I had to pay the wrong bill otherwise they would take to court!!!! I phone the CS again yesterday, telling them to cancel my wrong bill and stop sending me the threatening letter. Guess what? The CS said they cannot tell their ‘Collection Direct’ team to stop, and they cannot do anything about the following things which would happen for the first wrong bill!
    It is the worst company in the galaxy. I hate it, I will tell everyone I know.

  180. Denise Martin says:

    I had serious problems with NPower when I moved into my current home. Nobody bothered to tell me my meters were prepayment meters or how to go about getting cards etc. When I finally (after approx. 10 months) managed to get through to them to change companies and get rid of the meters and change to ordinary ones they tried to charge me additional monies. I told them it was not possible as these were prepayment meters but their reply was that the meter rates had not been updated!!!! Idiots they were outside the property and could be assessed at any convenient time. Apparantly it is the householders responsibility to ask them to update the meters when rates change! Because of course I have nothing better to do doh!!! Any how i threatened them with court action through the small claims court and miraculously everything got sorted out! If in doubt go down that route and they will soon start back tracking.Good Luck

  181. Mike King says:

    Have had to overpay NPower for a previous tenants meter reading at my flat including the Economy7 pricing while there are no economy7 appliances here either ( admittedly that was the irresponsible landladies fault in not informing us of her change of wiring) Npower were basically not interested and I’m basically several hundred pounds poorer to them. Makes my blood boil and im looking for alternative supplier right now 😛

  182. Kerry Peck says:

    Npower are totally rubbish, we have tried and tried to send our meter readings and get a new bill and keep being told there is a problem, yes there is we had a new meter fitted and we told them that but that cant get their heads around it, we have been on the phone so many times trying to resolve this and we aren’t getting anywhere, is there anyone above them that we can complain to. As we are really really fed up with this now, and then when they do send a bill it will be huge and they will want it within 7 days. They have messed up so many times with us its unreal. NEVER sign up for an account with these people.

  183. Darren Francis says:

    Can’t see what everyone is fussing about. I have had no problems with Npower, they reduce direct debits when requested to do so, refunded an overpayment promptly and no problems to date – just thought I’d add a balanced view to the arguement (and I don’t work for anyone in the electric or gas supply business)

  184. Richard Graham says:

    Something will be done on watchdog and my news article.

  185. Richard Graham says:

    After being lied to by one of there terrific sales reps I found out the truth about this company the hard way, I have a payment card meter which as you know charges you, in my statements it identified I was over charged by £181.20, after a call to them I was told this would be returned. Due to there incompetence it also cost me £7.63 IN PHONE CALLS. HERE’S THE FUNNY PART, I CHANGED SUPPLIER ASAP AND WAS SENT a bill FOR £18.54. ALL THIS FROM A PRE PAID METER, THEY WILL NOT LISTEN, LIE, AND STEAL, IF ANYONE ELSE HAS THIS PROBLEM PLEASE CONTACT ME as I can get this issue raised with watchdog with 9 more cases, best of luck.

  186. Sheila Mccaffrey says:

    Everyone must and I cannot stress this enough, you have to look at the back of your bill, write to the complaints team first, if they don’t deal with your issue take it up with the ombudsman. I keep every kind of paper work from these people and send everything by recorded delivery. I WON AFTER A LONG 2 YEAR FIGHT. These people think you will go away. KEEP A FILE TOO.

  187. J Desancho says:

    After a house fire and leaving an unoccupied property for three months to repair and redecorate I was given a bill of £158. The fireman had turned the electric off a the mains and it had stayed that way.
    After a two year battle with horrendously high bills. A 2 bedroom holiday home could not possibly use the kilowats they were suggesting! Two years of hell, rude and obnoxious jumped up young people who insisted phoning at a time of bereavement at Christmas last year. Months of the ombudsman, piles of paperwork. Huge files with everything recorded. Got nowhere Ended up paying a £1000 bill for a house rarely occupied just to move on. No energy to do anything else with this horrendous company. How can these people operate. They promise billing and correspondence to another address. They dont. They dont turn up for 5 meter reads, despite advising them that I have to take time off work and travel 100 miles to sit around for 5 hours waiting and waiting and waiting. Could not wait to get away from this horrendous company.
    How they can say they provide excellent customer service is beyond me. They are like broken records, one department does not communicate with another and they still did not meet the ombudsmans recommendations TWO years later.
    Do not go near them if you value your health.
    Would rate them a minus 5 if I could.

  188. Serena Sibson-bartram says:

    I was paying direct debit to npower and when I switched I had an electric bill 110 final and 80 for a gas I can’t understand why it was so high as I was out most the time and the only thing on was the fridge. Let alone there is only me and my son and I am still struggling to pay it off and have had demands through I am income support with another baby on the way.

  189. Gillian Richardson says:

    Npower are a greedy , profit obsessed totally uselss company who care nothing for their customers or the service they provide. My advise is to play hard ball and counter sue them for compensation, complain loudly and if Npower owe you big bucks and you can definately proove it take them to the county court for £50 you will get it back plus any expenses. Go for it and show them who’s BOSS.

  190. David Ollerenshaw says:

    The worst utlity company that I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldnt recomend them to anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Hayley Marie Nicholson says:

    Npower is one of worst ever customer services just because my brother works for them they think they can get freebies and my brother gets all the blame for it!

  192. Sq says:

    I have been in a 2 bed apt for a little over one year now, and have not received a electricity bill. Been calling npower since mid October, given them the meter readings, its mid December now, no bill! I have all the calls I made noted down, and just worried that they are going to slap on a ridiculus amount that will have to be paid ‘Within 14 Days’ or they will draw up a payment plan. I never signed up for their service and neither did they bother to see who was using their service at that apartment. Its highly unprofessional, and for the fact that the Utility companies are charging ridiculous rates that seems to be the only explanation why they are not bothered. They know they will get their money or mess up your credit rating!

  193. Sally Palmer says:

    Have had problems with NPower for 5 years, I can’t switch supplier until they have resolved the issues they have created, namely my meter number is not registered to my property, they have another address down for the MPan number, however the bills seem to find me OK at my correct address??? Needless to say my pre-payment meter, which I tried to get rid of 5 years ago is still installed, as the engineer continues to go to the wrong address…Well that’s the excuse I keep getting, but can’t tell me why the details on my account have yet to be updated.
    When you do (eventually) get through, the customer service is ineffective (at best), rude and dismissive.

    I have wasted endless money on phone calls, holidays taken from work to let the engineer in (who never turns up) and God only knows how much in the extra charges I incur for having this pre-payment meter still installed.

  194. David Melville says:

    We just received notification of court action for an unpayed £108 bill… Pointed out that we had been on pre-payment with ANOTHER company for 10 years until we changed to Npower in October this year and THEY insisted on the removal of said pre-payment meters as I am disabled. So HOW could we owe this much after just 2 months with them. After 45 minutes, 6 different folk and my wife bursting into tears she was told that this bill was for what is owed to date because they hadn’t set up the standing order.. Told them we had rung 4 times to try and set it up but they couldnt do it because they were waiting for something from pre-payment.. they guy said “oh yes I can see you have called” and then he sent the info they were waiting for (sent it to themselves?????) and said OK just ignore the letter its all set up!! No apology, No kiss my butt nothing.. we are changing on Monday.. Good ridance!!!!

  195. Mark Phillips says:

    i was with n power for about 7 or 8 years i got a bill last year for over 11hundred pounds even though i was on a pre payment meter for my gas i rang them at that time 2 sort it out and they said i did not owe it then i tried 2 change suppliers and they would not let me because i owed over 200 pounds which i have paid and have now changed supplyers but this october they sent me another bill for over 11hundred pounds i rang them up they said they would investigate it 2 which i have heard nothing up until the other day when i received a letter from a solicitor in scotland with a final demand for over 11hundred pounds or it would be taken 2 court witch would incur costs and i could get bailiffs 2 remove goods from my home i rang the solicitor and explained i did not owe the bill she did not seem 2b the least bit interested and told me 2 send proof that i did not owe the money they were asking 4 they said i had till wednesday next weet 4 them 2 recieve that proof inow have 2 find a solicitor on monday morning 2 see if i can stop any further action being taken because n power do care but only about the money they just dont care how they get it or weather u owe it or not

  196. Angelene Evans says:

    n power took over my supply by mistake and no consent on my part september 2007 they should have taken over someone who lives in a totally different area to where i live. Have been threatened with bayliffs to cut supply off, still awaiting a proper bill, they have all the wrong details for me can’t get no sense from anyone who works there its now december 2008 and the cheeky b——s are demanding £580 by the 18th december. They have no chance since they havn’t even got my meter number correct and i’ve been waiting 15 months for any sense this as all come too late will be contacting a solicitor to rectify this cock up. THERE IS NO RATING THAT GOES LOW ENOUGH TO RATE THIS COMPANY CRAP!!!

  197. Carol Braid says:

    i was paying N power by direct debit when i first set an account with them, i was living in a 2 bed flat with gas heating, within 2 months my electric bill went from £35 per month to £80 per month (how? i dont know) then i got a letter telling me i am in arrears by £500 again i phoned and said how can i get in debt when its you taking money from my account? they could’nt and would’nt give me a good answer, i then switched to a pre pay meter to try and clear the debt ? at first it was ok i was using just £10 per week, then £10 was’nt lasting more than 3 days!!! i was hardly ever home so i dont know how.
    now i am in a new property with british gas and N power have sent me a final bill for £725.17 for electric, i have sent them a finacial statement for £10 per month and they are now sending my letters freting me with court and baliffs i have proberly paid my bill in phone calls because every time i phone the line goes dead when been passed from one to another, is there any thing i can do to get this debt reduced or even squashed i am positive i hav’nt run a bill for this much

  198. Claire Gee says:

    Our supply was changed from EDF to N(o)Power by eroenous transfer. Sales company or NPower not doing much but passing the buck!!.

  199. Somer Larnach says:

    last month I received a final reminder bill for 121.00. When I phoned npower up to ask what this bill was for, they told me it was from april 2007. I have been with another company since then, and have just recently moved back to npower. I told them that we paid off all our bills, but they told me I had not. When I was previously with npower they didn’t read our meter for 2 years, and in the end up we had to pay them £700, £100 a month. Now a year and a half later, they are saying that we still owe them money. Can they get away with this, and has anyone else had any problems like this?

  200. Janet Bailey says:

    I’m surprised to read all these comments about npower customer service. Maybe it depends which part of the country you live in. I live in West Yorkshire and Yorkshire Electricity was taken into npower but with retention of the original very good staff, I think. I have had problems (eg refunding money at the end of the summer, contrary to promises in their booklet, only to then get greatly increased monthly direct debit charges) but problems have always been sorted and I have, without exception, found npower staff in my region to be very helpful and amongst the best call centre staff of any company. I tried to find a cheaper supplier, using an online search organisation, but the only supplier who was cheaper for me was npower on-line and when full terms were looked at it actually wasn’t cheaper at all.

    The main problem is, I think, that power costs have gone up so much, almost certainly out of proportion to the rise in cost of fuel, and it is difficult to compare tarriffs as each can have complex intricacies – but the only solution to this would be a return to non-profit making energy suppliers as we had pre-privatisation; having electricity supplies in the hands of a few giant operators, at least half not British owned, is not conducive to low prices.

    I would however like a better meter again, which gives readings in xxxx.xx and not just xxxx ……… xxxx.xx makes it much easier to monitor consumption (they gave me a useage monitor, which is useful, but it isn’t quite the same thing).

  201. Michael Lightfoot says:

    After repeated attempts to rectify my billing I have only been fobbed off every time. Can anybody beat £57 odd per week on electric, living in a 3-bedroom bungalow with two adults and 1 child. I’ve worked out I would have to use 2.4kw per hour 24 seven (impossible). Added to this when they changed our meter we suddenly owed them £900 and some how can this be as we have been on prepayments for over 10 years (some sort of stealth tactics I think) unless they do something soon time to move on.

  202. Claire Crisp says:

    I have just received my first bill from n-power. £549.10 for me and my little girl for 3 months electricity. Reading these comments has made me more nervous. What their sales rep said about halving my bills, a limited time offer, fixed rate deal. I think one needs to switch rapidly. Do not trust this company!!!

  203. Rita Roberts says:

    I have a pre-paid electricity key meter and n power say I have a bill owing of £146.13. How on earth did that happen and why are they not listening to me!! This has to be THE worst company ever, I have been writing to them since LAST October but still to no avail and now debt collection agency letters are being sent to me, for monies I do not even owe.

  204. Colin Alston says:

    Npower is incompetent to the point of willfulness. Hardly had my meter read in years. Always estimated reading. Currently being Direct Debited £190 per month for a property that is occupied six weeks a year. Having to transfer money from saving to keep current account in credit. Terrible customer service on all fronts. They try to delay you to death. Institutionalised robbery. I am owed over £2,000. No meaningful complaints service. Npower is unresponsive, complacent, unprofessional and untrustworthy. Where is there a regulatory process that can deal adequately with this shameful company? Can anyone advise?

  205. Kevin says:

    Overcharge £4000++++ what’s going on? No bill onward but still power supply why? Sorry for leaving us but contract haven’t finished yet?

  206. Raju Gurung says:


  207. Sheila Cann says:

    N Powre have been the worse company to deal with.
    My bill was sent to an address i had not moved. I had a call from a debt collector which has worried me.
    I had told npower i had not moved.
    Are all fuel companies now not the same!
    They have got too greedy!

  208. Margaret Nicholson says:

    They are now cutting off supplies rather than work out a package for customers with problems. I have just had a hip replacement and have developed epilepsy, now I will have no heating and winter is coming.

  209. Williaw Foster says:

    when i moved into my new address on 25th August 2008 i had £7 deducted out of every £10 i put on my pre pay meter. after weeks of writing letters and making several phone calls i recieved a refund of £7, when in fact they owe me £28. i have been ignored and treated like dirt by n power, they are without a doubt the worst company i have ever dealt with. i will never deal with n power again and i will advise everyone i know to keep well away from this tinpot company.

  210. Jeff P says:

    They have improved a lot since febuary…now with a call back facility….and at least their callcentres are in THIS country!!

  211. Leeann Gittins says:

    My problems began in Dec 2006 when i received a bill claiming that i owed npower £950, funny this as i had been paying my bills throughout the yr on a quarterly basis by payment slip at my local post office. They claimed that the bills I had payed were unfortunately from an estimate meter reading and were incorrect. I contacted npower and was obviously very angry at this mistake…..i then gave them a correct meter reading over the phone and was then told that i actually only owed them £450. As i could not afford to pay this i was advised that having a pre payment meter fitted was the best option to pay off the outstanding amount. Stupidly I agreed and have had nothing but problems since, currently I put £10 on my gas card per week and npower take £7 in debt. I recently received a review and it stated due to pre payment meter costs over the last 2 yrs i now owe £500.How is this possible…does anyone have any advice to help me get this problem sorted. Thankyou

  212. Clare Layton says:

    The WORST customer service of any company I have ever encountered, by a long shot. Have waited over 4 years for them to admit they owe us money, have waited over three months for the money – still waiting. Have had excuse after excuse, cheque lost in post, lost my telephone number, accounts person is on holiday (there is only one accounts person in a company like Npower!?), they are now blaming each other for the mess, calling their fellow employees liars! The next stage for me is the small claims court, I have alerady complained to Energy Watch, which doesn’t seem to have shaken them. I would NEVER open another account with Npower, even if they were the cheapest provider, their systems are a shambles, it’s not worth the hassle.

  213. Sophie Goodgame says:

    bad, bad, bad.
    Told them to stuff their services and cut me off out of principle. Im going back to the old ways an open fire, oil lamp and camping gas stove
    I suggest all disappointed customers should do the same

  214. Chris Flory says:

    Moved into a small, well insulated flat in Oct 5th 07 living alone with no tumble dryer (I hardly ever had the heating on). They set my direct debit at £72 / month which I said was too much but they said they would look at it later on and reduce it if needed. I moved out on May 30th 08 and they told me my account was in credit and I would get a cheque in the post. I called them yesterday (22nd July 08) and they now say I owe them about £200!!!! There is NO WAY I have used more than £72 worth of electricity per month in a flat that I spent very little time in. Everybody I know who has used N-Power has had similar things happen to them. STAY AWAY!!!!!

  215. Fride Egg Girl says:

    solar power lights are really use full because they save the world and the cost of elcricy

  216. Deborah Isepp says:

    We were “recruited” by Npower from EDF Energy where we were paaying £130 dd, by them promsing we were paying far too much and that they could reduce our bills to £83dd. Now, amazingly they are tellling us that that was miscalucated and are increasing dd to £156 pcm. We are, like most of the population, finding it difficult to make ends meet. Any advice?

  217. Caroline Howard says:

    N power are the worst people for chasing up bills. I changed to another cheaper supplier and found out I owed them money even though I had a pre- payment meter,
    Apparently I still get a bill, as there meters don’t take for standing charges, so be warned. Also within a week of recieveing the bill I asked for It checking and the women on the phone agreed I could not possibly owe them x amount. The very next day they were sending me threatening letters which I should have never received according to the phone calls I later made. after 4 phone calls later and an appology and a payment in full,l they are still sending me threatening letters. All this in 3 weeks of leaving them. When you talk to the people on the other end of the phone they say you was never ment to recieve the letters it’s compleat harassment! I will never return.

  218. Lesley Luhman says:

    I moved to Spain in January, notified NPower, as I paid my bills monthly expected a little balance but over £400 was a bit steep I thought. I wrote to them several times giving my address in spain (as all post was being redirected to my mother in laws house in Romford) she is 84 and doesnt get to the post office much so consequentkly all post was several days late getting to us. I have received several debt collection agencies chasing me through the Romford address, having begged by letter to NPower to contact me in spain. I have received another debt collectors letter having paid the bills in June because I was worried about a black mark going against my name should I decide to move back to England. I asked for an apology from NPower several weeks back for all the hassle, I explained I wasnt trying to shirk payment, I just thought the amount was over the top. I have received nothing. I have copies of every letter sent and received and would welcome the chance to speak to someone like Watchdog on the televsion to let the whole country know what a complete shambles NPower are when they will not reply to my address in spain and notify the debt collectors that I am no longer in England.

  219. Cath Forber says:

    Aviod Npower – their customer service is rubbish. In November 2006 they came, at my request to remove an off-peak electric meter. I did not recevie a bill until August 2007 and I had been charged estimated use for the off peak meter. Fast forward to April this year and after countless phone calls, letters, emails and two appointments when their staff failed to show they finally accepted that I did not have this meter in place and sent me an amended statement. Luckily I checked this and discovered to my horror that they had now decided that I prepay for my electricy and had done for over 12 months – I don’t and have always paid by direct debit which they now havn’t called for for over three months. I have made a formal complaint but have got nowhere – I’ve just phoned to chase it again and been told that my account needs a ‘data cleanse’ which is the same reason I was told almost 12 months ago was the cause of the problem. AAARRGH. Avoid, avoid avoid.

  220. Carolyn Booth says:

    My previous home had an Npower pre paid token meter for the electricity. I moved out last year and recieved a letter to say that the account was closed. A year latter in my new home I rercieved a final demand letter from Npower saying that i owed 54. 97. The next day I recieved a letter from a debt collecters agency. I called Npower and found out that apparently the meter in my previous flat had been under charging and that I had to pay this balance. I calmly argued that it was a bit suspicious that it had taken a year to get in touch with me AFTER closing the account.

  221. Rebecca Nunns says:

    Moved into my modest 1 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend on Nov 1st 2007-received first bill on 10 Dec 2007 for £226.14, so for 5 weeks my electricity cost me £226.14. Thought this was very high but as I’d only just moved in, assumed it must be correct. Received second bill March 14th 2008 for £289.54, so how can 3 months worth of electricity only cost £63.40 more than 5 weeks worth of electricity? Thought this seemed about right at the time so I continued to pay my monthly instalments of £50. Received the third bill today for 14 March to 20 June 2008 for £789.73!!!!! How can we have used £500 more electricity in the last 3 months than the previous 3 months???!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous. I called NPower and was told that all my bills have been based on accurate meter readings. I don’t have access to my meter in my apartment complex so I now have to wait until Monday to gain access. Does anybody else think this is completely unbelievable? I know I’m now going to have to go through weeks of engineers coming back and forth to try and fix this but I am not paying an extra £500!!! The unbelievable thing is that my partner and I have both been working full-time over this period as well so we have been using less energy than ever before!

  222. J Chittenden says:

    I have been trying to talk to some one to request a copy of my last statement((DEC 07 to May 08).I have hung on to your office for 15mts and tried Call Back but no respons.Please reply

  223. George Gibbs says:

    On moving house I paid a final bill to npower. 3 monts later I received another ‘final bill’ for the same address. Call said no one could understand why I’d been billed – 4 hours and 3 letters later still no sense – absolutely appalling service.

  224. Jeremy Wilkinson says:

    N Power are a discrace, i have been trying for the last 3 months to get back money they owe me to the tune of around £1000 due to a faulty meter. Without a doubt the WORST customer service i have ever encountered.

  225. Victoria Proudfoot says:

    Have had to ring several times to correct their mistakes, including:

    1. Saying I had requested a transfer from direct debit to quarterly. I had not.
    2. Saying I had requested a transfer from quarterly to direct debit a few months later. Again, I had not.
    3. Keeping an extra electricity account open, even though I have dual fuel. I have been paying twice for my electricity. They owe me £97.00. I rang to fix this a month ago and was told the extra account was closed and my cheque would be in the post. Neither of these things have happened and they charged me extra again this month.
    4. No apologies or acceptance of responsibility in regards to point 3.
    5. Person on phone quoted me lots of random figures that don’t relate to their correspondance or the money coming out of my account.
    6. Said I should cancel all direct debits and standing orders to try to solve the problem. Said my dual fuel was a standing order. Just not true! It was a direct debit and my bank account showed no standing orders associated with it.
    7. Had very old phone number linked to my account even though I have moved twice and kept them informed of my details. They managed to keep my address up-to-date.
    8. I thought I had been signed up to dual fuel, with the benefits that come with it, for two years until I got a letter saying I should sign up. I opened my gas and elec accounts at the same time, from scratch because I had just left home, and said, “I WOULD LIKE DUAL FUEL.”

    Very frustrating to deal with, computer system seems like its in chaos, and most importantly doesn’t seem to be able to say sorry and accept that they need to improve.

  226. Keith Bown says:

    Avoid Npower like the plague!! Changed to them, from Powergen, for my gas & electricity 14 months ago. I am now reverting back to Powergen (E.on) as, during that time, I have only had 1 correct bill!! Despite ringing them and sending messages via website they still say I owe them £200 more than I actually do!! Don’t have much faith in them sorting this out without it going through a legal process.

  227. David Orton says:

    I have just been to my father in law’s funeral.
    He was partly driven to his grave by the distress caused by npower’s dilatoryness in dealing with their grossly overcharging him for gas. He joined them a year ago and from the outset claimed that the gas charge was way too high. Nevertheless, these wizards just kept on increasing his debit order to the present 375 pounds a month. They did send a man to look at the meter and then they increased the bill further. I had to arrive from overseas to find that the meter reads in cubic meters and they were charging the readings as though they were in 100’s of cubic feet, i.e. almost three times too much!! Some meter reader! I wonder how many more of their elderly customers are similarly being ripped off.
    I estimate the over charge to date to be about 1600 pounds.
    And guess what?
    No response to my email, help line, wait for ages, different person each time, but no refund.

  228. Wayne Pollock says:

    I am so disappointed with Npower. I have been with them for 8yrs. I have had loads of problems with them and should have switched companies. I live in a 1 bedroomed flat and have just received a bill for £1013 for 6 months which i said is really impossible. I feel sorry for the call centre staff as they must get so much grief of customers. I am disgusted with this company and am currently looking into (again) this bill and the problems i am having with them. Absolutely rubbish with customers and no communication at all.

  229. Emma Procter says:

    The worse customer service ever but aren’t they all the same? Being on hold for over 1 hour at a time is just unacceptable but what do they care? T

    hey just make heaps of cash and that’s the beginning, middle and end of it (although the recorded message continually assures you that YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US! )

    One huge big fat FARCE of a company!

  230. Victoria Jackson says:

    i have a elctricity pre payment meter with n power, so you wouldnt think you can get into debt with them! was i wrong!
    just rang up to change my pre payment meter to a normal bill and they say i owe them £80 as my meter wasn’t updated for ages and has been charging me a lower amount! why should i pay for their mistakes! the reason i got a pre payment meter in the first place was so i didnt get a big bill, as its like a pay as you go phone! not a contract! now they are going to be taking £10 a week ooff my meter to pay them back the £80.wish i had never joined n power a year ago, they’re rubbish,will leave once this is paid off.

  231. Paul Jones says:

    Ive been taken to court by Npowers collection agency for an £86.00 gas bill even through my gas is supplied by British gas pre payment meter which npower have now admitted is fact and yet they still insist on taking me to court for a bill that doesn’t exist any advise?

  232. The Other Side says:

    I think people should sit down and look through their bills thoroughly before calling and complaining.

    Understanding your bill, isn’t always easy and if its estimated don’t take it to be correct! Just call up or go online and submit an accurate reading and request a new bill…..Really easy isnt it!

    It’s rediculous how people call these call centres and complain purely because they haven’t got a clue what they are actually looking at, i wouldn’t dream of calling a call centre to make a complaint…’s common knowledge that if you want to make an effective complaint you should write in and send it via recorded delivery that way when you say “i’ve sent countless letters” you can back it up!

    Pensioners & people on undeserved benefits i.e (can’t be bothered to work) DO NOT deserve a cheaper tariff, looking at the bigger picture the working class pay for their gas and electric anyway.

    Pensioners get a fuel allowence off the government which i think is brilliant because at their age they feel the cold more, however, when they use it to buy christmas presents and food shopping or even bingo!!!!!
    I think that is rather disgraceful as come January, February, march time, when the winter bills come in, they are shortly followed by the unjustified complaints.

    I think we now live in a sad little world full of sad little people i can’t believe people seriously have the cheek to dispute what they have actually consumed, I work too hard to be complaining……some people have too much time on their hands in my opinion!

  233. Jo Bloggs says:

    why do people who dont understand how it all works complain on these sites??

    you have no idea how much you are unaware of. And regardless to who supplys you or how much they charge you they all have to work under the same guidelines and are regulated by the fsa…

    I feel sorry for the call centre staff at not just npower but all other energy suppliers as they must deal with a lot of ignorant & rude people with plenty of attitude

    also why do so many people take so many trivia things so serious? i leave you with one thought show the guys who work for call centres some respect if you wanna get anywhere as in years to come it will be all done by automated service

  234. Lisa says:

    Mike Pile at npower offered to send me information on switching to npower, with the details i gave him he set up an account in my name. As i only gave him my address they had no Direct Debit set up so i now have a huge bill to pay. Whey are the worst company i have ever dealt with.

  235. Joan says:

    NPower have to be the most unprofessional, inefficient and incompetent company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.
    They kept increasing my direct debits payments even though I was in credit for both gas and electricity. NPower appeared to be trying to collect 18 months of direct debit payments in one year, earning quite a bit of interest on my money and all the other customers they are doing this to. On one occasion, I refused to pay the proposed increase and insisted that my direct debit payments be reduced, eventually stopping the direct debit payments altogether as I was around £400 in credit for gas and electricity. After using up my credit NPower sent me a bill but within 2 weeks of receiving this bill I received a Court Action letter telling me that they would apply for a Warrant of Entry from the Magistrates’ Court for non-payment of the bill. When speaking to NPower I was told that a reminder bill would have been sent out but “surprise, surprise” they couldn’t tell me when it was sent, how it was sent, and why I hadn’t received it – they just claimed it was fair that within the space of 2 weeks they had issued the bill, a reminder bill and a court action letter. I changed my energy supplier last week.
    My daughter was in credit with NPower when she changed energy suppliers. She phoned NPower regularly to see when she could expect to receive her credit which NPower agreed they owed her. Each customer service agent she spoke to gave the same “spiel”, “I’ll give you my name”, “I’ll make sure your money is returned to you” but nothing happened. She wasted £â€™s on phone calls, lost interest on her money (over £100) but they still ignored her requests. In March this year, after 9 months of trying to get her money back, she contacted the regulator and her money was returned promptly.
    This company is not interested in its customers, only in getting its hands on its customers’ money and keeping it for as long as possible.
    I would urge anybody having trouble with NP to go direct to the regulator.
    NPOWER are a rip-off company.
    The only reason I give this company a 1 for rating is that I am unable to give it any less.

  236. Neil Cheetham says:

    i have a prepay meter nothing but trouble i was told that i was in debt to them for 1500 ponds when on asking how can this be they said i must of tampered with the meter or used some one elses card basicaly accusing me of fraud they came and changed my metre the engineer said it was faulty but no appology given by npower now im paying back at 3 pounds a week for a long time to come cant wait to get away from this shower of dog muck and now my meter key isnt working its saturday evening and guess what no one available to speak too so now going to run out of leccy totally peed off.

  237. Craig Stevens says:

    Shame there is not a zero – rip off company, liars and cheats in my opinion. Bil gone up by 50%, asked for them to reduce it and then they sent me a higher bill two days later. Contempt for customers!

  238. Gill Wyatt says:

    This is also the worst company we have ever dealt with. We tried to switch to them last June. They got us mixed up with someone else, gave us wrong customer numbers/ had the wrong meter number. Then we were bombarded with calls/ letters from the ‘sorry you’re leaving us team’. They have cancelled our direct debit and sent us a cheque for £100 which we haven’t cashed because we know it isn’t ours. There seems to be no communication between departments and no centralised data base. Our latest letter says our complaint has been passed to the specailist Customer Relations Team, whatever that means. Just wish we could get out of this mess.

  239. Chris says:

    I was a satisfied customer of Northern for 25 years then moved house, retired, and changed to the govt sponsored fuel scheme for pensioners. Today two young high-pressure salesmen from npower came round, smooth and mildly menacing, desperate for a signature. Which they did not get. I shall warn my many friends etc that npower is not the Northern it once was.
    I tried to email npower (not possible unelss you are an existing customer) , and also tried to phone them ( 20 mins waiting time anticipated on hold at 7pm), but gave up. This at least should get to their sales team, with luck, and stop the conter-productive hard sell.

  240. Chris says:

    I was a satisfied customer of Northern for 25 years then moved house, retired, and changed to the govt sponsored fuel scheme for pensioners. Today two young high-pressure salesmen from npower came round, smooth and mildly menacing, desperate for a signature. Which they did not get. I shall warn my many friends etc that npower is not the Northern it once was.

  241. Mr K Holley says:

    N-Power….. where do I start? In short they charged me over £500 for 3 months electrcity. I am currently in a small, one bedroomed place while I wait to move in to my new place. Finally found out 6 months on that they were charging me partly for the shop next door…. absolutely ridculous. I got all the scare letters but I knew my rights and also had the brains not to pay by DD straight away. A bunch on nuggets that have not got a clue… the main reason is becasue the people on the other end of the line dont care because they are paid poorly and still get the same pay each month if they help me or not.

  242. Paula Nichols says:

    I have just left nPower after recieving 3 bills in a month. I gave a reading which was not put onto the account, resulting in the bill not being sent until mid Feb. I then recieved a dual fuel bill (estimated) for another month’s gas plus 5 months electricity. I phoned them, and was told it was not their fault I had missed the billing schedule, and I should have been sent an electricity bill in january. As for the gas, well it was MY fault I did not pay it in time. No fault was theirs! I asked to speak to the manager, but the ‘woman’ on the other end of the phone ststed (rather rudely) that the manager was only there to deal with a complaint, and could not change the billing schedule. As for having another bill of over £300? Noth their problem.

    She then announced that all npower bills would be going 6 monthly soon, so basically get used to it. How they can expect the average punter to pay £600-700 per 6 months is amazing! Now I know why after seeing the comments here -they can fleece you on the monthly direct debit instead!
    Leave them ASAP is my advice, and go with someone else. I have found a cheaper company and am waiting to swap over!

  243. Mr Hussain says:

    N power is rubbish. They send the electricity bill for £300 for 4 month, where Atlantic take £35 per month.

  244. Nadine Anne Short says:

    I had a pre pay gas meter from n power, so you would think you cant run up debt. n power have sent me a bill for £1400 because they had my meter set on the wrong tariff. They had been taking £3 off my credit for debt every time I put money in. How is it possibly my fault that n power have set my meter wrong and why should I pay for their mistakes? Has any one else had similar problems?

  245. Gary Divers says:

    So I’m not the only one then…. Npower have £2500 of mine through overpayments going back 2 years. Finally managed to get through to someone to complain in August 2007, still waiting. After dozens of calls and emails and two failed appointments they finally came to change my meter so they could check the old one out. Now told my case is with the high value credit department who are checking things out but guess what, they are not customer facing and I cannot speak to them. I will have to wait for them to complete their investigations. Makes me sound like a criminal! Then yesterday, we had a message on our phone saying Npower were sorry to learn of our complaint and would like someone to come and check our meter as the reading is obviously wrong. Yes, they’ve started at the beginning again. They are nothing but incompetent bullies with no regard to peoples personal welfare or well being. Will now be going to solicitors as afterr reading some of the other reveiws on this site it looks like I won’t be seeing any of my £2500 for some time yet.

  246. Chris Jarrett says:

    It’s the 21st January 2008. From 1st Ocotber 2007 for 6 weeks, I received letters and phone calls stating “Sorry you’re leaving us” I’M NOT a continued to tell them.

    They eventually told me to ignore the letters as it was a problem with their system (i was being transfered to a new system?!?). I checked my direct debits, and noticed Npower hadn’t taken their money since 5th November 2007. 10 weeks, Free gas?

    I called them to sort this out. “We don’t supply your gas Mr Jarrett, you left us in November.” I will begin breaking legs I swear. Some very simple questions i asked:

    “WHERE’s my money you have?” (I was in credit)
    “WHY am I not with you?”
    “WHO is supplying my FREE gas then?”
    “Are you kidding me?”
    “WHAT now?”

    I am awaiting a call back today (I was promised a call yesterday, even though they’re not open on Sundays). Npower are a joke!!! I will be leaving them as soon as this is sorted.

  247. Sam Pottage says:

    Paid an Electricity Bill on 26 November 2007 through Bill Pay. Came back to property on 13 January 2008 after university vacation to find several threatening letters re termination of supply, court orders, etc. Took about 45 minutes of phone calls and several hours of sending emails and letters to sort this… npower states “payment lost in the process”. Tries to get through to the single cell organisms that sent the letters but was told that these people were “non-customer facing”… I wonder why!! Basically an absolute joke of a company… I managed to extract £10.00 off my next bill… Be wary if you consider using this outfit… an absolutely appalling institution… totally clueless.

  248. Michael Lumsden says:

    Possibly the worst company I’ve ever had the displeasure to deal with. For the first 5 years in my current address they over estimated my usage and had to refund me every year, then they changed the meter and within months increased the bill to four times the previous amount. When I complained they said my “usage must have increased and that I probably left the heating on without realising”, although my gas bill from another supplier had decreased over the same period. After further complaints and threats of legal action they reduced the direct debit to the previous amount, although they are still claiming the outstanding balance. They also had the cheek to send someone to my house to try to get me to switch my gas account to them also AFTER I had complained to them! Why is there no lower star rating then 1 for this company.

  249. Aoife Ross says:

    I have had similar problems – NPower have £300 belonging to me – and they won’t reduce my direct debit. I don’t understand how they expect their customers to pay in advance for about 5 months worth of electricity. How dare they, and why do the customers not have any rights – it’s our money after all! When I rang, the customer service engineer pawned me off with some excuse – I’m changing supplier as a result!!

  250. Colin Abram says:

    I was with Npower until April this year, and had been with them 8 years. During the time I was with them, they put up my direct debit to 180 pounds a month, after time they paid back 1000 pounds. In March they again wanted to increase my direct debit to an unreasonable amount, so I changed supplier. I have had no end of trouble sorting out my final bill, on the 28th September 2007 I received a debt collection notice from Wescot Credit Services, I called Npower and was told this was an unpaid direct debit, not shown on any of their paper work. I paid the bill that day by internet banking, I then got a bill, I rang Npower they said my account was paid up in full. On the 16th October 2007 I received a final notice threatening to take me to court if the bill was not paid. I am trying to resolve this matter, they say it’s being dealt with!
    Npower is a dreadful and bullying company and should be investigated by ROGUE TRADERS.

  251. Alan Clark says:

    I’ve overpaid on my meter since October 2006 . The meter was read and I was advised I had overpaid by £308. They claimed the cheque would be sent in 14 days, but guess what?! Nothing came!

    Every time I call they say they will get back to me but no one ever has. I am starting a complaints procedure with the ombudsman.

  252. Jean Reed says:

    Having the same trouble with npower no one will listen. I have a combi boiler for the water and heating a fire which we don’t use and yet I have been told I owe them £514.60. I have tried since Feb to sort it out, but they are full of hot air and promises.
    No one will listen to me! Ihave told them I have a new meter which reads in kwh and you don’t need to times it and convert it. I really wish they were interested enough in their jobs to keep up with technology!
    I will change when I find one who truly cares about customer service.

  253. Gurung says:

    Made a phone call to complain, kept me on hold . Ended up paying more on phone bill. Problem still not sorted. Bad customer service.

  254. Jennifer Evans says:

    I haven’t paid an electricity bill since october last year, why? because I have what is called an off peak 2 for my heating which is warm air storing overnight. I had a fire last year in the box and central network had to change the meter to a digital one. I got my 3 monthly bill in January which was £605 which was way out so I contacted them and with my investigations not theirs. I found out i had an off peak 3 meter fitted, which was there for nearly 12 months. They changed it in February back to off peak 2 and still wanted me to pay £605. What they didn’t think of was my off peak 2 only takes 11 hours charge, off peak 3 takes 16 hrs charge, so straight away it was 5 hours over each day, and it started taking in heat at 19.30 in evening when it was most in use, so as it was blowing out hot air it was also taking in charge for an extra 5 hours, on off peak 2 it doesn’t start taking in charge until 12 30 at night.

    They won’t understand this and have left me hanging, not able to pay and not offering a way to pay, they now say my bill is now over £800 pounds even though i turned off my heating and water in Feb as I couldn’t afford to pay it as I am sick and cant work due to brain condition, and have lived in the cold since Feb. I need help and I don’t know what to do. Energy watch cant do much but what do it do help me also I phone them most days on an 0845 no which is also costing me and they just hang up.

  255. Gary Briggs says:

    npower – customer service rubbish, send you estimated bill miles too high. Leave reading on automated service no one listens to it, can never get to speak to anyone and if you are lucky enough they tell you they will rectify it but do not, they just send you a reminder for original amount. This is the third time in a row this has happened and all the time you are paying in phone calls to pay your gas and elec bills. Totally disgusting, now if i ever get to pay these bills i will be getting shot of this pile of rubbish company asap

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