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Green Energy (UK) PLC
Black Swan House
23 Baldock street
SG12 9DH

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Green Energy UK is a 100% green electricity supplier helping homes and businesses across the UK reduce their environmental impact. It also facilitates investment in a wide range of technologies including small scale hydro, CHP, organic waste gasification, vegetable oil and pig waste; 70% of the power purchase agreements they have entered into are with generators that didn’t exist when the company was formed. Green Energy UK has a very unusual and radical business model: it is giving away half of its business in shares – the first 100,000 customers receive 400 shares each. This not only gives them a potential stake in the future, but involves them in the business and its successes.

Packages on offer


Do different
Different because it’s one simple unit rate for all your consumption. There is no standing charge just a simple on line account with a single unit rate to apply to your consumption and a monthly variable DD to ensure you only pay for what you use.


Do good
This is a low carbon tariff; the carbon emissions per kWh of electricity are less than half the national average. And priced to compete with the Big 6.


Do better
Using the power of falling water, the sun, the wind, and organic waste material – it the energy that is 100% renewable. And all this for the same price as the standard tariff in your region.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit

7 responses to “Green Energy UK”

  1. Brian says:

    How do the prices compare with the best of the rest?
    Can I get more than the 400 shares?

  2. Darren says:

    Great small UK Owned Green energy supplier. Humans on the end of the phone in the UK. Good personal service, and a genuinely 100% green supplier. Cheaper alternative to installing solar panels etc.
    Check out their website. Join and you also become a share owner.

  3. Bing Beghin says:

    I note that you draw electricity from Wind / Solar Power. Do you as a company invest in Wind Power and Solar power? Please advise

  4. Anya-nicola Darr says:

    Can anyone tell me what area they supply and what their tarriff actually is?

  5. Janine says:

    A good ethical company – and the cost doesn’t seem much higher than other mainstream providers. Well worth a try.

  6. Laura Stone says:

    Small friendly electricity company, all customers get shares.

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