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Good Energy
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Monkton Hill
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Good Energy obtains all its electricity from wind farms, hydro- and solar-power generators, making it an excellent environmentally friendly option.

Good Energy, as the UK’s only dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier, are investing in new sources of renewable energy and support a growing community of over 7,000 independent generators.

Selling points

  • Know that your electricity usage is creating minimal CO2 damage!

Supplier services

  • Economy 7
  • Green

Packages on offer

Economy 7

Good energy offers an economy 7 tariff, meaning that you can save money if you use more than 15% of your total electricity at night.

Electricity Standard

Standard electricity supply for most users.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Prepay
  • Cash
  • Cheque
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
0 0 0 100 0 0 0

21 responses to “Good Energy”

  1. Andreas Neymeyer says:

    Yes, they are a very good company.

    Just got a sales call from one of the main suppliers again. I am so glad I got rid of them. All the hassle you get.

    The service you get with Good Energy is so much better.

    Ensuring that the electricity is sourced from renewable sources comes with a higher cost. Normally everyone who is with Good Energy knows this.

  2. Michael Maguire says:

    I can’t understand Rebecca Needham’s comments — it was quite clear to me when I signed up that Good Energy would be more expensive. I understand this to be the cost of ensuring that the electricity is sourced from renewable sources.

  3. Alan Carter says:

    Friendly, helpful and no hitches so far!

  4. Matthew Gough says:

    Left this company after Ecologist article criticising their inflated claims. Don’t invest enough in new technologies. Nothing special, though customer service very responsive.

  5. Rebecca Needham says:

    By far the most expensive energy supplier I have ever had – EVER. My bill arrived this morning and at first I thought there had been a clerical error. I am now in the process of setting up a payment plan something I have never had to do before. On the phone the lady confirmed that they are 12.5 percent more expensive than other suppliers, this is not advertised on any of their marketing and contradictory to other reviews so I am bemused and still in debt. I simply can’t afford to stay with Good Energy and I advise anyone to double check before signing up and getting stung by a huge bill!!

  6. Huw Thomas says:

    I have been with Good Energy since they founded. They have great customer support if you want to move house or just ask a question. Just knowing your energy is 100% renewables makes you think differently about it and think how you use it.

  7. Stewart Russell says:

    The only energy company that has managed to convince me that their green electricity retail scheme is genuine and worthy of the title. Excellent and friendly service and great additional information. Glad to see the company is also one step ahead of the RHI by offering subsidies for RH; even though I can’t take advantage of it at the moment, I’m happy to contribute the notional levy.

  8. Bill Hopkinson says:

    Efficient, conciencious and when you ring them up you feel like you are talking to a real human being who isn’t working from a script. A major improvement on my previous suppliers quiet apart from their green credentials

  9. Paula Lee says:

    Swapped from SWALEC and wouldn’t go back. These people are great, pleasant, service is excellent, no rude gits, no terrible bills. And, Good Energy. What could be better? Looking at all the other companies and all of the terrible experiences, I wonder why not everyone uses these people.

  10. Roy St Pierre says:

    They’re excellent – go for it and do your bit for the planet!

  11. Jack Downie says:

    A great company, service is excellent.

    Although I will point out that even though they claim to be all about the environment, they seem to send me a massive package of leaflets and other paper every other week. Waste of paper.

  12. Hairy Papa says:

    I am very disappointed with Good Energy, last week my bill was more that it usually was and I was away for a week on Holiday.

  13. Ian Mansell says:

    Good Energy don’t actually contribute anything to producing new green energy. All they do is buy existing green energy, sell it to you at a premium and keep the profits. No investment at all and realistically doing nothing to fight climate change!

  14. David Lawrenson says:

    After years of grief from other energy companies I have been with GE for nearly two years. The customer service is first rate. They gave me advice on sorting our a metering problem – my house is converted from flats and none of the others believed that I only had one meter. In addition they appear to take customer feedback seriously. Oh yeh, they are trying to save the planet.

  15. Tui Prichard says:

    I agree with all the comments. It’s hard to find a company that provides a great service as well as being easy to deal with. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use good energy.

  16. Michael Rumney says:

    Don’t all the suppliers have to allocate 15% of their supply from renewables (e.g. Southern Electric offer a 100% hydropower sourced units for same tariffs )? So you can allocate YOUR units to renewables at least… so if unit cost is an issue and you’re happy with just being part of the green market as opposed to supporting the greenest company as well…?

  17. Michael Delaney says:

    Excellent company – both in terms of service and price. I found my quarterly bills the same as they used to be despite the per unit size being higher as I started to always switch buzzing appliances on standby off at the socket. I now only use electricity that I have to and avoid wastage where possible. THIS is the company to go for if you actually care about our worlds future – 100% of their power comes from renewable sources. Excellent!

  18. Mick Sasse says:

    I’ve had no problems at all with Good Energy so far, and I actually think my bills are now less than they were when I was with NPower!

  19. Keith Farnish says:

    A first class service, and the only supplier I would consider using for my electricity – being an environmental writer and someone who wishes there to be a survivable Earth around in the future. I also have very small bills as, like all good users, I only use what I have to.

  20. Nick Johansen says:

    Good Energy have been great and I love that they only supply from 100% renewable sources. No body else only supplies 100% renewable.

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