Equipower (EBICo)

Contact Details

PO Box 354
OX29 7WN

Contact Information

  • New sales enquiries 0800 458 7689
  • Current customer service 0800 096 6344
  • Email info@ebico.org.uk

General Information

Equigas and Equipower are part of EBICo which was launched in 1999. Equigas launched an innovative domestic gas tariff which enabled customers paying by direct debit to share savings made by their payment method, with pre payment meter customers. Lower prices can then be offered to of often lower income households.

Selling points

Equigas and Equipower claim to have the only tariffs in the country which offer a fair price to all consumers by charging customers the same unit rate no matter how they pay or how much energy is used.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel

Packages on offer

Equipower charges a different price depending on which area of the country you live in. You can find out the prices for your area here.

Equipower has no standing charges and charges the same rate no matter how much you use or how you pay. They have two tariffs: General Domestic (single rate) and Economy 7 (two rate)

Ways to pay your bill

  • Use pre-payment meters
  • Pay bills quarterly
  • Pay by Direct Debit
  • Weekly payment at the Post Office

In addition, Equipower now offer a deal to those customers who wish to generate
their own electricity from a renewable source (wind or water turbine or
photovoltaic panels). They will supply and fit, all for free, to any Equipower
customer who wishes to install renewable microgeneration, an export meter
and they will also take on all the registration paperwork for them. They will then pay
the customer 4p/kWh for all the electricity they generate and an additional 3.8p/kWh
for all the electricity they export to the grid.

Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
29.5 57.3 4.1 7.5 1.6

28 responses to “Equipower (EBICo)”

  1. mr john ancrum says:

    I wish to change from n power to ebico as I have been informed I can have my pre payment meter changed to ebicos pre payment plan with no standing charges which will suit my situation can you advise I have spoke ebico switch with no joy. Thank you.

  2. Steve Juden says:

    Applied to switch but still waiting, reason for being cheap is no staff working to answer phones, emails or letters.
    Thinking of comparing and switching to another provider now. If they dont offer a service to a new customer, why should I give them my custom?

  3. robyn says:

    I have been reading the comments about ebico having an 0845 number to contact if you all look properly there is also a landline 01993 number which is an alternative to call them on. I have no queries with ebico.

  4. Drakman says:

    I have been with Ebico for many years and always found them to be cheaper than the others, I cannot get wrong bills or estimates as I use prepayment meters and am not penalized for it, there are no special internet only offers so no BS. I will not pay by variable direct debit as my money is fixed as a disabled person, they are undercut occasionally but the other companies are usually dearer within a month.

  5. BanditQueen says:

    Wish I had never changed to Ebico. I think they are liars, cheats and crooks. I have been charged three times what I use and can afford and they will not accept they are wrong. Based on wrong information and rubbish historic usage they invented. Poor service and they are crap.

  6. Steve Liddle says:

    Used to be with Eon, long term customer, twice they screwed up, claiming I was no longer a customer of theirs for gas and then electric. Eventually did the work for them and found I was, apparently it was my fault. 1st time no alternatives that seemed any good. 2nd time found Equipower.

    They are a reseller for southern electric and scottish hydro etc depending on where you live

    Am now being charged for what I use instead of estimates, so a refund due soon. Gas is £7 per month and electric is £21 per month

    Get the odd email offering lower prices, some have been lower, but the customer service rating is so poor that for the small amount of money saved am not interested. Most of the time, it is more expensive.

    No complaints, easy to understand bills, no minimum spends

    • s.wrightson says:

      I am searching for another supplier for my gas & elec. since british gas saw fit to increase monthly payments by more than 100%. Noticed your comment “gas is £7 and elec is £21 pr month. Is that a misprint?

  7. Neil Clarker says:

    Why do so many people appear brain dead – The person above complaining that EBICO uses a 0845 number is missing a very important point – That EBICO must make a degree of profit to cover their operating expenses. What a fool. My experience of EBICO is good. I prefer to pay my bills by cheque not direct debit, their system allows you to do this. Another positive is their prices – I have searched USWITCH monthly looking for a cheaper supplier but EBICO always comes out on top for payment upon presentation of bill. Yes it’s possible to find cheaper tariffs but these are all online accounts and payment must be made by direct debit. Other suppliers also hold you to a fixed period whereas EBICO customers are free to change provider whenever they wish. I live in Kent and for me this represents outstanding value for money compared to the others.

  8. corinne abraham-wallace says:

    I was with equipower and moved to EDF who promised lower rates. This has not been the case and as a low user I am applying for a transfer back . The service is good and the fair tariff appeals no daily standing charges great.

  9. Cyril Cowdall says:

    I wish to compare your tariff for electricity.

  10. Stuart says:

    Excellent and convenient customer service. Very competitive energy prices especially for dual fuel. Admire the ethical stand also.

  11. Matthew Gough says:

    Left this company as expensive due to fixed tariff. Joined when wanting to be ethical but when realised a trading name for Southern Electric which gives air miles as prizes, not impressed. Penalises unless low user

  12. J. Cooper says:

    I find Equipower/gas one of the cheapest around but Southern Electric who send out the bills are a PAIN (proberly trying to get the most money for the least work from Equi)

  13. Allison Woods says:

    At present I am using e.on, and I have noticed that my weekly pay as you go meter charge has gone up from £1.50 per week to £3.38 per week without me being consulted, I have a few friends who have changed over to your company and still maintained there pay as you go meter, could you inform me of your tariffs, I do not have any debt, the meter has been in the house since I moved there and it works well for me.

  14. David Tonge says:

    I thought this was supposed to be a non profit organization, then how is it a 0845 456 0170 number to contact them with, was going to switch but not now.

  15. Silvia Motroni says:

    I purchased a flat in London and I’ll have the key next 10th sept. As I’m coming directly from Italy that day, I’d like to have soon gas and electricity on. How do I have to do? Could you please help me?

  16. Harry Owen says:

    Used Equigas and Equipower for a couple of years now. No problems. They are certainly cheaper than my previous nationally known supplier.

  17. Jon P says:

    I’ve just moved to Ebico and found them very easy to talk to. I particularly like their billing model and presentation of their prices.

    All energy companies should be obliged to have a similar payment calculator similar to Ebico and selectable for each of their tariffs.

    There is no excuse for this it is a big step for ensuring customers are on the right tariff.

    I hope Scottish Hydro release those figures for CO2 / kWh soonish as I am motivated by green as well as social issues.

    Are their any preliminary values available?

  18. Helen Huse says:

    Never had so big bill

  19. Duncan Wilson says:

    I have signed up to both Equigas and Equipower recently. I am billed by Southern Electric and they are a nightmare to deal with. Quite apart from estimating totally unrealistic consumption values, I found it extremely difficult to access the automated meter reading telephone service and totally impossible to access their website in order to manage my account on-line. Needless to say I am thinking of moving to another supplier which is a shame because of the ethical dimension.

  20. John Gibbs says:

    When I joined them in May 2006 they where the cheapest supplier with very good customer service.
    THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE as of September 2008 they are amongst the MOST EXPENSIVE.
    Customer service is very poor
    I have been trying unsuccessfuly for over a year to get a statement from them (prepay meter) despite numerous phone calls and e-mails.

  21. Amjad Fayyaz says:

    Reasonable prices compared to other suppliers.

  22. David Clare says:

    i have been with equipower now for over a year and i think the standard of service the competative rate there ethics of buisness are a shining example to all the greedy profiteering companies out there i always recommend them to people i hear telling me about there over priced bills

  23. David. says:

    With all the ups and downs and special deals,ect EBIco, seems to offer a down to earth honest service,Top marks.

  24. Mark Taylor says:

    Switched over from Npower and British Gas, pay by key meter, no problems as yet.

  25. Catherrine Blackmore says:

    I’ve continually had good service from Equipower & Gas. I applaud their ethical status, too.

    As a low energy user, it’s so good not to be penalized for requesting postal quarterly on bills rather than direct debit billing (which always overinflate one’s use). Also, any overestimates in bills received are dealt with promptly.

    I can see from other comments that problems can arise for some – but I’d advise you switch to Equipower & Gas!

  26. Jason Rushworth says:

    I joined Equipower and Equigas as a recommendation from the church, as you were a none profit making Company with Christian Principles. I am billed by Southern Electric who are making the life of both me and my family a living hell.

    I informed the company that I would be out of the UK for 3 months, doing works in the Middle East; from the 14th March to the 15th June 2007 I clearly explained during this time No ELECTRICITY or GAS would be used as the house would be empty. Now why are they cutting of my supply which I will need to be fully functioning on my return after a long 7 hour flight on the 15th June. They owe me an apology and a free switch on. I was only alerted to the mistake they have made, by my post being forwarded to my Grandfather. When he read it out to me last night my heart could have burst to hear his worried shortness of breath as he told me the situation of my account. He is in his 80’s. How dare they cause this amount of grief to my family? How dare they try and penalize me and fine me and create a bad credit history for me when I have had good credit all my life.

  27. Darren says:

    Great service and very very cheap!

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