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General Information

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies in the UK and is the new name for the merged London Electricity and Seeboard Group of companies.

EDF energy generate around 7% of the UK’s electricity and over a quarter of the UK Population depend on them for their electricity. The company employ 11,3000 people and supply energy to approximately 5 million customers through their retail brands.

EDF Energy encompasses London Energy, SWEB Energy and Seeboard Energy as well as having its own EDF Energy customers which were formerly Virgin HomeEnergy customers.

Selling points

  • Large well established energy company.
  • Offer priority services to elderly and disabled customers.
  • Points for Nectar card holders.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel
  • Online

Packages on offer

Standard Gas Tariff

There are two gas tariffs depending on whether you only have your gas supply with EDF or whether you are a duel fuel customer. For both tariffs you pay a set rate for the first 1465 kWh you use each quarter then a lower amount from any additional units used. There are discounts for paying by Direct Debit and if your gas supply is part of a duel fuel arrangement.

Online tariffs

Make life easier by putting in your meter readings and changing account details online.

Direct Debit Tariffs

Benefit from discounts when paying your bills by direct debit

Dual Fuel Tariff

Take both gas and electricity from EDF Energy and get a discount when paying with cash, cheque or prepayment. Benefit from further duel fuel discounts when paying by monthly Direct Debit in addition to your monthly Direct Debit discount for each fuel.

Prepayment Tariffs

After installation of a prepayment meter, customers can pay for their gas and electricity as they use it with no need for bills or meter reading. Prepay customers pay for their energy at exactly the same rate as other customers, so are not penalised for their choice of payment method.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Direct Debit
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Prepay

Special Services

EDF Energy offer a Priority Services option for customers who are elderly, sick or disabled. Once registered for this, customers will be able to take advantage of:

  • Password scheme – private word only known by yourself and EDF Energy that can be used to ascertain whether visitors to your house are genuine London Energy representatives.
  • Minicom system for those with textphones.
  • Talking, large print and Braille bills for customers with sight difficulties. Larger text also offered on the website.
  • Audio copies of information booklets.
  • Special controls and adapters for gas and electric appliances.
  • If you rely on electric equipment for health reasons (nebulisers, ventilators etc), London Electric can inform you of planned supply interruptions in advance.
  • Bill sent to another address.
  • Meter Reading Services
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
17 0 73.7 8.3 1 161 0.0066

149 responses to “EDF Energy”

  1. Megan Holmes says:

    Signed up for both gas and electricity. They have already made a complete hash of the start readings I have given them. I have point blank refused to pay any bill until they resolve their mistakes. Never ever sign any direct debit or give bank details. They are all sharks. They cannot cut off a supply until they have a court order. Legal fact.

  2. Delia Burkinshaw says:

    I am in the process of switching gas & electricity suppliers. My old supplier EDF have sent me a letter today stating that they object to me switching my electricity to another company as they are collecting a debt that I owed them via my meter. I have a pre-payment meter and have had one with EDF for nineteen years. How the h*** can I have an outstanding debt when I pay for my electricity up-front. Of course I phoned them! The call-taker assured me there was no debt on my account. I thought it was illegal for a power company to try and prevent a customer from switching to a new supplier. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Stephanie davis says:

    Absolutely disgusting customer service. called them nemerous times to tell them I had been charged for days I didnt live at property and could they please ammend it. Never ever happened. Spoke to someone again about this and when she thought she had put me on hold but hadn’t I then heard her say ” she wants me to f*****g change this its going to take ages”
    For then her collegue to be heard in the background saying “just tell her you will do it then just dont do it” I think that gave me the answer as to why it hadnt been changed in the 2 years I was asking. Awful customer service. Avoid!!!!

  4. J Pugh says:

    We received a bill for £1851.35 from edf yesterday which is a bit of a joke as npower have supplied us for over 20 years. On contacting edf the advisor insisted it was correct and should be paid. After a long conversation I established they had our address but the wrong meter number. After sending a photo of the meter they sent someone to read it who ignored the fact it was the wrong one. Upon ringing again and giving the supply number they agreed they got it wrong. What a way to run a company. I dread to think how many people get ripped off and pay their demands. Upon reading previous comments I was lucky to have got through to an advisor, although I wasted an entire morning finding documents to back up my complaint. Hopefully the only correspondence we receive from edf is an apology that would be a miracle.

  5. Helen Dudden says:

    When I no longer had dual fuel I still had to pay the charge of 25p a day for the the standing charges for the gas meter that had been capped. This does mount up over the years.

    This was happening because I signed up to duel fuel. Be careful.

  6. Snieguole Kucinskiene says:

    I have to wait long time to answer, waste of credit. Can explain you proper what to do. Everytime if you are calling, answers different people and tell you different things to do and after all you do not know what to do. Trying to contact them two weeks in a row that they would send me a new power key for electricity, but still telling me lots of non useful information and don’t bother even if I am telling them that my balance is running low and wont have any electricity. I am so fed up with all this, I start considering to choose another company, because it takes too long to fix everything and stress you out for such small things that could be fixed immediately. Feeling so upset with them.

  7. david timmins says:

    Have just switched to EDF. Cannot login to ‘my account’ page and have spent 3 weeks emailing to ask for a link for a password with no response. Similarly have tried phoning but have, after a total of some hours waiting, had to hang up every time before any response. Only contact from EDF has been an email on the 29th December asking me to login and give my meter reading before the 23rd December!

  8. Maureen Cocklin says:

    I emailed a complaint to EDF regarding electrical power cut on Christmas Eve. Took them 2hrs 30 mins to respond. This is an emergency number that they are charging 14pence per minute and have the cheek to say we should get a phone that doesn’t plug into the electric so we could use their free phone, well perhaps not charging would be a good idea. No response yet and it has been over a week. I will be changing my provider as they have not bothered to respond nor did they text me as they should have done, also they didn’t know the electrics weeks not working. I was told they are ONLY the provider. What a joke. Won’t be my provider for much longer and I have been with them for many many years. Disgusted with their service,

  9. Kevin Elks says:

    I have been with EDF (previously SEEB) for many years, decades in fact but now they are to team up to promote nuclear power (the most expensive and dangerous next to windpower) I will be changing to Equipower (EBICO) at the first opportunity as I want to support a company with ethics and of course they do not charge a standing charge for the account. EDF wanted to change the meter and the whole thing was a nightmare and wasted my time with one **** up after another. I do not rate the service one bit.

  10. Henry Jennings Cheap Links says:

    Which place am I able to call if I wanted to speak to the support?

  11. Rosalind Whitelegg says:

    We have a complex situation involving UKPN. EDF have entered, with a UKPN letter of authority, to the premise of our neighbour and removed a meter belonging to us. I cannot get anyone at EDF to speak to UKPN who we have been working with this issue on since 7 Oct. No manager is available to address our consumer rights issue.

  12. p daptiston says:

    EDF gave free insulation and then put bills up to pay for it. –true–

  13. Nancy Holt-Whittaker says:

    Apalling customer service.

  14. R Clewer says:

    Completely useless customer services, phone numbers cut off after a couple of minutes, keep sending me bills although I am not a customer, when I do speak to them they say it’s a mistake. Stay well away!

  15. colin frodsham says:

    Your latest letter asks me to supply my meter reading by http://www.edfenergy.com/account.
    Easier said than done!!! WHERE?

  16. taj daems says:

    I’m disabled and have been with edf. Paying by direct debit for 5 years for duel fuel. After sending a meter reading in suddenly I got a bill saying I owed £7000 that had built up over a 6 month period. They’re insane, it’s because they didn’t change the direct debit to cover the bill.

  17. Marjory says:

    My account should have been closed on 16th Nov 11. It’s now 18th Feb 12. I’m still waiting for a bill that’s correct. Or even vaguely correct. I’ve spent literally hours on the phone, spoke to a manager and now dealing with the director of customer services. They boast ‘excellent customer services’. Really?!?

  18. George Rouse says:

    I have read the comment above and they do not reflect my experience with EDF. Joined them a number of years ago because of dreadful customer service from Scottish and Southern. (Similar experiences to those listed above). I have found them really easy to contact and reliable as well as excellent value for money. Sorry to disagree with you all.

  19. Chris Wilson says:

    Just checked my online bill and guess what EDF want to more than double my monthly payments.

    A quick calculation against their estimate for my next twelve months consumption shows a rise of 25% would be enough!!!

    Got through to them in 2 minutes and the lady at the other end confirmed my calculations and reduced the payments … but could not explain how they had arrived at their first extortionate figure. Time to move supplier.

  20. Jeff says:

    Went for dual fuel with them back in June 2010. Took them 4 months before the gas part was activated. Tried telling me this was industry standard (even though gas / elec was supplied by the same company previously) Awful customer services – even though 0800 number, costs a fortune in your time as you wait to speak to someone.I cancelled and switched to another supplier (all done in less than 3 weeks). Now EDF can’t agree final reading, billed me for stuff i didn’t use and now have got debt collectors to contact me. Waiting for this to go to court to show how incompetent they are (they don’t even read their own letters that they send to me).

  21. khawar says:

    Edf have worst service no one is attending the phone.

  22. John E Grosvenor says:

    I am sick of EDF trying to increase my monthly D/D payments when I am always at least one and a half times my monthly consumption cost in credit. They play the big brother by masking their greed behind an annual consumption guide, which is only designed to hold hundreds of pounds of customers money in their bank accounts. I will be changing my supplier next time and I hope millions of others do the same. I am going to spend some time now looking to see if I can make some legal claim against them.

  23. anon says:

    EDF have to be the most disgraceful company when it comes to customer service and making realistic billing.

    I was being charged over £60 a month for 5 months. Why? no reason just that they are charging me so. They even claim that it covered a 6 month period. I left them for another supplier and their last billing was for the last 2 months. 3 plus 2 equals 5 months not 6.
    My new supplier are only charging me £35.00 a month. I have letters and receipts as evidence. Just as I expected EDF are fraudsters and were charging me an amusement park.

    Now they are threatening me to pay this dreamed up sum of money.

  24. Sarah says:

    How long does it take to recieve chq from overpayment when I have had a letter saying it will be sent to me ?

  25. b pegg says:

    terrible on line service cannot submit gas readings even though i am a dual fuel customer been trying now for 3 months without success
    e mails sent to company numerous
    replies non existant
    rubbish service

    • John E Grosvenor says:

      Do the same as me and look to another supplier. These greedy people (EDF) will never change. They act ignorant from my experience and have ignored my requests.

  26. R Bentley says:


    shows it has the worst customer service as also experienced by my daughter.

  27. Everard Edbutt says:

    Use say no to 0870 and find an alternative landline number and use that. I do anytime I need to contact EDF and get answered very quickly. They will always say you shouldnt use that number but I tell them their engineer gave it to me and you will always get put through

  28. Kewal Chana says:

    I agree with the above opinion by Phil Andrews. I would add thhat it would be easier to go to the moon and come back or to speak to the god.

  29. EVERSHED says:

    I want an answer to my question I do not expect the operator to say he cannot access this information to hand.The operator took my number and could have phoned me back but didnt. I asked how much does it cost to run a 100 watt light bulb for one hour .I have found nowhere on the edf site that answers that question.

  30. kevin dever says:

    I agree the customer services are non-existent, I have sent two emails and one letter and still no reply since decided to change supplier.

  31. Sharon says:

    I am a community energy advisor and regularly ring the fuel companies. I have found that EDF is one of the worst companies for their customer service, I can be on hold for anywhere up to one and a half hours without speaking to anyone even though they are supposed to have employed another 700 call centre staff. They are the worst company to get hold of.

  32. NCOLLINS says:

    Agree with above comments, useless, will complain to Trading Standards.

  33. Mrs Darby says:

    At the same time as crediting my account with £188.79 they had been sitting on, they were attempting to obtain access to install a prepay meter on the grounds of account arrears. This is sharp practice bordering on criminal.

  34. Ray Bartholomew says:

    I am a customer of EDF and I am very disappointed with them. I have constantly rang and have been on hold for at least 15 minutes. Is there anyway this system can be bettered. I am leaving EDF and will find another company that is more efficient

  35. Pat Field says:

    Just to say thanks for these comments. I cant even find out how much they charge per kw which is basic info but after reading these comments I just wont bother!

  36. Laurence says:

    I had EDF for gas and electricity in my previous flat; moved out over a month ago. I took a reading when I moved out which turned out to be massively below their estimated reads and they said that they would sort it out within 28 days. Since then I’ve received 4 letters threatening proceedings if I didn’t pay their bill, which I have never received and which cannot be right, as I was up to date with their over-estimated reads and so they actually owe me a refund!!!!!!!!! Can’t get hold of them at all, I’ve been trying to call them for 2 weeks now, always get the same “I’m sorry, we’re experiencing very high call volumes at the moment…” – DO NOT GO FOR EDF, THEY ARE AWFUL AND ONCE YOU’RE IN, YOU CAN’T CONTACT THEM!!!!!!!!!

  37. Veronica H says:

    They used to be quite good at customer service, but now, no matter which number I ring, I can’t get to speak to anyone. They didn’t send a “read your meter” reminder this quarter, but I read it and sent it in online anyway. Once I got my bill I discovered that I have been badly advised by them – I’ve spent c £4.90 more this quarter on gas with their special tariff for dual fuel [version 9] than if I’d just stayed on the standard tariff. If your usage is very low [as we are all told we should cut back] watch out for these excessive standing charges. You won’t save in the summer months! I won’t be staying loyal next time I find an even marginally better quote. This company seems to have gone to the dogs!

  38. K. Bywater says:

    Completely agree!
    An appalling service. The customer care services are non existent. Unfortunately, I do not have a land line, so have to use a mobile to call. It has cost me a serious amount of money, as I am always put on hold and no-one ever actually responds! (with the exception of once, when I was instructed to call back!!! ) There is no system in place where one can request a call back, as with other companies, and emails go unanswered. It is far from satisfactory. Customers deserve far better treatment than what is presently offered.
    Given the choice, I would never choose this provider and in the future, I will avoid them at all costs.

  39. John Hilton says:


    I have never had worse customer service in my entire life…over a week now and 20 calls later (hanging on for between 25 and 50 minutes) I have managed to get through just twice…and then was told the systems were down, they couldn’t help but would call back. No call back. No call back from 3 emails sent to customer service complaints either. How are you meant to communicate with this company? Maybe the Ombudsman could suggest they have their licence revoked in the UK?

  40. Adam Green says:

    I have just moved into a new property and trying to get hold of EDF customer services to set up the account. Have called 4 times already and waited an average of 40mins on each call. On a call again now fer 1 hour already – am not hanging up until they answer! Could that be today???

    It is unacceptable in 2011 to have this level of (lack of) Customer Service!!!

  41. Rachel Charles says:

    EDF has the worst customer service ever.
    I have been on the phone to them for most of the day this morning on hold for 30 minutes the lady said some one would call me back … no one did so today at 1pm MY LUNCH BREAK I decided to call again, I was on hold until 3pm, I am originally a british gas customer. Unfortunately I moved into a new property who used EDF prepayment meter… as soon as I get the power up and running I am moving back to british gas! I’d rather pay more and have my calls answered in 5 minutes. I have NEVER experienced anything like this… And when you get through the customer service person either has to transfer to some one else or give you another number to call? The service is dreadful!

  42. Paul says:

    EDF Energy is ok if you ask for their cheapest tariff and dont mind waiting 45mins for (non emergency) Customer Services/General Enquiry

  43. Nina says:

    I would also echo the above posts. I’ve spent three hours in the last seven days on hold (giving in after about 25 minutes each time). This morning, I decided I was getting through to an advisor if it killed me. After 50 minutes of ‘an advisor will be with you soon’ I burst into tears of frustration and gave in. EDF 1 – Nina 0.

    All I want to do is pay an outstanding charge, which would take about 30 seconds. They are absolutely appalling and I will be leaving them as soon as possible.

  44. Helen E says:

    To add to my first note, I’d also like to add that the first phone call I made to them I was on hold for over 45 minutes before I got to speak to anyone!

  45. Helen E says:

    Have been trying to contact EDF as my bill is over £400 in credit so would like a refund. First time I called the woman said it’d be sorted within 24 hours. It wasn’t. I waited a week or so then emailed them asking what was going on. Got an automated response saying I’d get a reply within 10 working days, it’s been over 15. I’ve also since received a letter saying that if my account is over £150 in credit then I’ll get that money back automatically. Now trying to call and customer services line just keeps cutting off, despite me trying several different numbers. Oddly, the line for new customers I tried was working perfectly but they couldn’t just patch me through like I’d hoped they might. Have now made an email complaint. Will I ever get a reply to either email? Looking doubtful. Will I ever get my money back? Ditto.

  46. Vince says:

    I’ve just had the same problem. I wanted to do a simple thing and change my direct debit details. No problem with British Gas, was able to do it online. EDF have no such facility and so I have to phone Customer Serivces, which frankly is a misnomer. Have so far spent almost an hour on the phone and got nowhere.
    I’m going to change supplier if I can

  47. Angela Turner says:

    Same problem can’t get hold of Customer Services, got through after 25 minutes and got cut off! I would rather pay for the call and get dealt with in a respectable time scale than spend an afternoon queuing. They seriously need to sort this out, can’t comment on the service once you get through as yet after 3 attempts still in a queue!!!!

  48. Peter Fisher says:

    Same experience. Impossible to speak to anyone… over 1.5 hours waiting… ridiculous. What a way to run a company.

  49. may o says:

    After a 42 minute hold EDF employee took my account number and I was put on hold for another 66 minutes before giving up. NEVER AGAIN How can such a huge company have such a rubbish Customer Service GOOD BYE EDF and Good Riddance

  50. T welch says:

    I tried twice to pay my outstanding bill by mobille when on holiday.Ran out of credit waiting.AVOID THEM

  51. Tom D says:

    Same problem, can’t get through to customer service, emails go unanswered. Stay away from EDF

  52. abdirahman ahmed says:

    EDF is really the worst company ever.
    I have been without an electric for 4 days and I have been with them for almost 7 years and when this problem accrued they just kept ignoring me, and not to forget I have a seven months old baby and the house is really cold I cant cook or make a milk for my baby and I am sitting in the dark. No TV no food no baby food it’s living the past dark ages. I am really disgusted with them. I would not recommend anyone to use their energy.

  53. Dave Wightman says:

    Cancelled my dual fuel DD, don’t intend to inflate exorbitant profits (they tried to up my gas payment 70%). Tried standing order; now they are dictating minimum payments. Latest bills arrived; no payment slips printed at base of account sheet to pay by cheque! Suggest rename: Excessive Demand Function!

  54. Bunch of con artists says:

    This company is a complete scam, I moved into a key metered flat and within 2 weeks of moving in I had a letter from EDF saying that my kilowatt per hour rate was going from 11p to 17p, when I phoned the call center they informed me that it would go up even more to 26p in March.

    The person who I spoke to was a childish snooty nose diva, when I said I was disabled he just laughed.

    He told me that everybody in Cornwall is paying this, that’s a total lie, I’ve checked with various friends who are all paying around 8p

    I am cancelling my contract although will have to wait 6 weeks as there TOS allows them this extra time to scam some more. All I know is I simply cannot afford to pay over £300 per month for electricity.

  55. Phil Andrews says:

    Totally agree. EDF customer service is non-existent. I’ve spent over an hour and a half one day, an hour and 25 minutes last night (2 calls of 25 minutes and 1 hour 3 minutes respectively) and 40 minutes this morning (2 calls of 20 minutes each) and still never spoken to anyone – just on hold. E mails go unanswered – the one that was answered took 17 days for a reply! If I was able to move without incurring penalties, I’d move back to nPower like a shot.

  56. Mike W says:

    Signed up to dual fuel but as I couldn’t login to my account I tried to phone Customer Services. I was on hold for an hour and twenty minutes before the call was answered. After that length of time I decided just to cancel the account there and then. I tried sending an email through the website, I got a message back saying I would get a response in two or three days. Ridiculous. I need a supplier I can contact when there are problems.

  57. Keji says:

    I think EDF is too expensive because as a single person who work full time and is hardly at home (staying with Mum) and only use the light and TV, (and the fridge freezer which is always on off cause) when home pay £28.00 monthly. Just a minuet ago, I was on the phone to EDF and said that I owe them £180.00 after paying monthly via direct debit, they clam I use more than I pay, I said to them why don’t you take it out via direct debit as I have set this up, why leave it to accumulate. I know this amount is not a large sum but I refused to pay this because I do not have it. Furthermore I got this information simply because I said I was moving home.
    There answer well you still need to call us back on your moving date, so you can get your FINAL bill after you read the meter for us. I think this is unfair, who can I go to for help as I refuse to use pay and I refused for my name to be put on debit collectors list or something like that.

    • Tessa says:

      You can go to the website of the Office for Fair Trading then select the electricity options as they deal with a lot of things. Hope this helps.

  58. Mike Eley says:

    Why are there not more positive comments? So far I have no complaints.

  59. Andrew Carter says:

    EDF rob people blind!pre-payment meters they say are the same priced gas and electricity as normal meter accounts.infact they charge you a hell of alot more on pre-payment.these meters are for people that have low incomes and can’t pay massive bills every month.why are these people ripped rotten?also watch when you top up!they take money for dept even tho you are not in dept.when you complain they give you so much bullshit,they talk there way out and make you look stupid!you are right .they are wrong!just another little scam!!!!!!!

  60. Steve says:

    Joined them as they were the cheapest at the time, put prices up twice in a month so switched suppliers in July, still waiting for the money they owe me now into October. Rubbish customer services and now rubbish prices beware!!

  61. Gareth Molyneux says:

    EDF are quite simply the most helpful, friendly and pleasant company I’ve ever dealt with. Nothing seems to be too much trouble with them, and their staff really can’t do enough for me.
    Will never, ever change from them if I can help it!

  62. Josie Mary Wilson says:

    Does anyone know that if I leave a property and owe over 1500 whether EDF would accept a payment of less as a settlement if I move houses. I am eager to settle but cant afford their bill as they forgot to read the metre for a couple of years and I got this huge bill in the end.

  63. Salem says:

    I am on prepay meter, I received a bill for the same period…. this is EDF, I am still waiting what they are going to say… I remember being cut off when I run out of credit, so what are they billing me for? Now they said sorry for the mistake!

  64. Michelle Purdy says:

    I have to say, I’ve been with EDF for 2 yrs and had no problems until they took £85 from my account without a single word! When I challenged them they just said that I have used much more gas this yr, (with such a warm yr how?) Making my monthly payments £62 more, disgusting.

  65. David Commons says:

    I work for BG and EDF have got a nice 2.86% increase of electricity.

  66. Keith Lee says:

    DUAL FUEL not duel!!!

  67. Bradley Feasey says:

    Been with edf energy for 6 months after being with british gas I am saving about £20 pounds per month! Excellent customer service and I also get nectar points with them to. Join edf if you want to save money and get great service.

  68. John Darkins says:

    Currently paying over £1,500 per annum for dual fuel.
    Was going to switch to EDF until I read these comments.
    Not now.

  69. Ian Crabb says:

    Apart from the company hounding you for payments using your mobile phone number which they excel at, when it comes to customer service getting back to you on meter changes required then nothing.

  70. Ivor Pugh says:

    Applied to change meter in Jan came could not do as metal box where electricity comes in house left box unopened and now my young family could easily put fingers in and die instantly. Rang several times and shunted from one office to another after 45 mins or so line usually goes dead or told please phone later. 2 email now both not answered told edf contracts now and they work on there own. How hard can it be to get a new meter put in so tempted to go to another supplier EDF. Not impressed at all.

  71. Adam says:

    The most useless customer service I have ever experienced. Asked them to re-direct bills to another address as it was my second home and they have sent through not one, not two, but THREE overdue bills to the old address, then blame me for overdue payment!

  72. Mrs Pauline Oxley says:

    I received a letter from you to say I would get just over an extra £8 when I put my next top up on my gas pre payment card, I have put 4 top ups on now but have not received any extra.

  73. Mrs A Ward says:

    Switched to EDF recently after a rep approached me in Sainsburys, sounded attractive and trusted it as it was Sainsburys the rep said!

    No problems switching gas, but masses with electricity. EDF have forwarded to old supplier 4 different meter readings, all estimated, different to the one I submitted. They switched electricity 3 weeks early with no notification, only letter the day before. Tried to cancel it, as it upset my budget, and they refused saying it would take 6-8 weeks, but it had only taken 3 to switch.

    Have given EDF now 4 times the correct meter readings, but old supplier state they still have not heard of the correct readings. Have accepted them from me so I have paid them.

    Telephoned and written to EDF, nothing happening.

    Than, last week, a man came to the door, with no ID, woollen hat pulled over face, scruffy in jeans, white trainers, (no uniform or safety shoes) reckoned he wanted to read the meter. Well, I am not supposed to be having meter readings as I am submitting them online, to get the cheaper rates. The Rep in the store said there would no meter readings.

    When I questioned the man, he threatened to obtain a warrant. He was very unpleasant and nasty. Now every time someone knocks at door, I am afraid it is the man, or someone with a warrant.

    I have health problems and disability, so I am thinking of switching back to old supplier, who I never had any problems with, EON. They have been very good, and patient and also communicating a number of times, but EDF never do.

    I feel very cross that I allowed myself to be persuaded in Sainsburys Store to change and regret it.

  74. Keith Stollery says:

    I write for information on what discounts are offered on electricity and gas bills for disabled customers. I can’t find details anywhere!

  75. James Gallagher says:

    I’m with EDF for 6 years, my bills are around 100 pound per quarter. I got a bill sent to me saying I owe £600 going back since 2004 because they read my gas meter by cubic feet instead of metres. Are they breaking the law? I live on my own and know how much my bills should be.

  76. Paul Carrier says:

    I’m not even with edf and I hate them already, they dug up right out the front of my house on Tuesday saying essential maintenance had to be carried out finished by Wednesday, it’s now Thursday still no sign of finishing, with a big pile of earth out the front which is now like a mud bath and being walked all up the drive, to say I’m angry is an understatement to say the least…

  77. Jim says:

    I have been a customer of EDF for about 6 years. In that time they have ready my gas meter approx three times and these were wrong. Every other billed has been grossly over-estimated.
    Over the past few weeks I have had edf calling me at least once a day in an attempt to convince me to pay by direct debit. I pointed out that i wouldn’t do that until they started getting my bills right. The guy on the phone tells me that they are not responsible for reading meters anymore and that this is the responsibility of the householder. No matter how many times I have said i will not take out a direct debit with them, they still call every day. It is tantamount to harassment so I am now looking in to switching supplier.
    Take my advice – find another supplier.

  78. David Alan says:

    We moved into our new home and the previous tennant had a key meter which we had replaced by EDF to a normal economy 7 meter. It took 9 months for EDF to be able to read properly their own meter and send us a correct bill ! so we had 3 quarterly bills with the night time readings mixed up with the day time readings and no amount of explaining to them worked until they finally got it after 9 months ! needless to say we have now gone to another supplier and we will never go back to EDF.

  79. Mrs. K. Hedge says:

    Edf are quite possibly the worst supplier I have ever been with. I lost my gas card a couple of days ago and was told that there was nothing they could do and that there was no pay of putting credit on my meter until my new card arrives! This has left me and my 2 autistic children without heating for up to 5 days, what a joke!!!!!! I am now going to switch to british gas as they at least have provisions in place for this sort of situation.

  80. Jane White says:

    Just thought I’d add this ridiculous request from edf energy after reading the above, we don’t and never had any electric from them but that hasn’t stopped them sending demands for payment for ludicrous amounts, despite me telling them repeatedly that they don’t supply us, the bailiffs are coming in a week unless we pay them, wait for it £10,296.69 FOR LECCY WEVE NEVER HAD, I SAID TO YET ANOTHER OF THEIR WORKERS TODAY Y WOULD YOU LET SOMEONE HAVE A BILL THAT HIGH AND NOT CUT THEM OFF, IT BEGGERS BELIEF NO!

  81. Mr Derek Hugh Barnes says:

    I want a visit from one of your maintenance people to change my main fuse at the outside fuse box from 60A to 100A.Virtually impossible to get through on 0845 601 4516 option 4 then option3.
    Anybody ther who can help?

  82. Subbu says:

    very good

  83. Patrick Sheehan says:

    In our “DA12 1” area we’ve suffered about 5 power cuts in as many weeks. On two of these occasions I’ve managed to out-wait the dreary barrier of unhelpful pre-recordings and get through to an actual person at the EDF Emergency Call Centre when I got the following idiotic responses:

    On the first occasion I was told that I couldn’t possibly be having a cut in my power supply because my address didn’t appear on a list of affected addresses that the person I spoke to claimed to have and that therefor I would have to call out an engineer at my own expense, since the failure was not EDF’s concern. Fortunately for my pocket, I didn’t believe the story, but I said I was of a mind to go to the newspapers about it.

    Power was restored within the hour.

    On the second occasion (today) I was told that there was no power cut and was asked to trip the switches on my meter and report if there were any readings at all showing on the meter. When I reported that there were I was told that this proved that electricity was being supplied to my premises and that I would have to sort it out at my own expense, since it wasn’t their concern. I then ‘phoned another department (“Any Questions?”):

    Here I was put through the same routine as before, seeing if all meter readings were blank but of course they weren’t, not even when I switched off the main supply to my premises (last reading always showing).

    On this occasion it occurred to me to mention that there was a pattern to these power cuts;
    – they started at around the same time each day;
    – they didn’t usually get fixed ’till around midnight (as for example was the case yesterday but by strange coincidence excepting the time I’d threatened to go to the newspapers);
    – and (maybe by strange coincidence they were invariably followed by nuisance ‘phone calls from British Gas asking us if we’d like to change our electricity supplier – I suggested EDF look for a mole in their works.

    It turned out that despite the Emergency Call Centre’s denial, there was a power cut.

    Power was restored in 2 hours.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  84. D. Hinds says:

    EDF have been nothing but understanding, helpful and extremely efficient whenever i contact them! They have helped me to budget when i have been in trouble with debt etc.. The customer service i receive whenever i call is second to none, truly caring advisors who would go 100% above and beyond to help.
    People complaining about EDF may have valid points, but i do also find that if people don’t get their own way they are so quick to jump and slander truly understanding and professional companies such as EDF. Go to British Gas you will soon be back with your tail between your legs!

  85. Fiona Johnson says:

    I have just had a gas prepayment meter installed… (no pre warning, just threatening letters if we do not pay.. etc etc). Anyway as no-one was present at time of switch.. (I was at work trying to pay the arrears off) they did not re-instate the gas supply as a safety measure, (how thoughtful of them!!.. didn’t think they cared about lives.. just the monthly DD’s).
    A note left asking me to call to arrange an appointment and they will send an engineer to come out and re-instate supply as a matter of emergency as I have 2 very young children.. (one which is recovering from the dreaded swine flu.. yes swine flu!!!..).. after about an hour I am informed by EDF that unfortunately the engineers will not be able to call me for at least 24 hours to arrange a suitable day/time.. It’s now out of their hands. Fuuuummming!!!.. I am now going borrow some money to pay a corgi registered privately.. and they know what they can do with their highly paid commission based engineers.. at least my young family won’t have to suffer the -3 temperatures… Merry christmas EDF… Hope santa brings you a whole new workforce..

  86. Gerry Prideaux says:

    I have been advised to pre-claim Nectar points on-line at edfenergy.com/claim800. This is a non existing site.
    Where a box is asking for a nectar card number it fails to ask for the last eleven numbers only.

  87. Melinda Noutch says:

    My meter was not read for 12 months. When someone called to read them (gas and electricity) I was not at home. They said that they would be back the following day so I waited in for them. They failed to turn up. Readings were placed by the door, but all I got was an estimated reading. I moved to another accomodation and notified EDF of the final meter readings. They were also notified of my new address. Letters were recieved and phone calls made to my guardian demanding full and final payment otherwise it would be a Court action, debt collector or Balliff. My Guardian has sorted it out by agreeing a repayment plan of the arrears over a 12 month period. Now that the money is being paid it is all seems to be well and we are again on speaking terms with the company. Prices are though, on the high side. I wont be going back to them

  88. Claire Barnes says:

    EDF offer priority services to disabled customers in the event of a power cut do they? NO THEY DONT AS THEY CANT PROVIDE WHAT THEY SUPPOSEDLY OFFER. WE were told when the power went out at my severely diabled sisters house that no one is a priority and they cant get the power on quicker for vulnerable people. I asked them about their priority services and they said Oh yes, we can provide heaters and meals etc. SO I said they needed to get this done and the response was “we cant, we dont have any heaters at the moment”
    So my sister and pensioner parents are in the dark, freezing and unfed and no one sees it as being a problem at EDF energy that they may or may not have power back on at some point in the next 24 hours. Apparently the only service they can offer is to call back every 2-3 hours to give ‘updates’ which consist of the same useless info that it may or may not be fixed and tyhey are NOT A PRIORITY!
    I will be writing to my local MP EDF energy, any disability support groups, social services and the local and national papers etc as I cant believe that EDF do not have a duty of care to vulnerable people.
    If I could rate below zero I would, my actual rating is minus 5 out of 5

  89. Dawn Mugford says:

    Edf are robbers I paid them 1,007.66 to clear my previous electric arrears and requested 165 be paid to clear my gas arrears. But have got pre payment meter for gas and it had a dept of 267.58 on it when they forced there way in to install it over a year ago. And it reads that I still owe 219.00 therefore they have not taken the payment off for 165 pounds nor have they credited my metre with the 8.60 rebate. I have also put over 800 pounds credit on it with key yet am mostly without any gas. I put 10 pounds in and it gives me 1.50 of gas. Don’t even put heating on or run a bath and within 24 hours the 1.50 has been used up. They also I’ve heard charge to take the meter out which they don’t tell you when they install it. I’m switching to eon. Would have liked to switch both gas and electric but until they remove the meter am not able to set my gas up with eon grrr edf are horrible.

  90. Peter Morley says:

    I have received confirmation from you concerning supply of electricity but I have not received anything in respect of the transfer of GAS supply from Eon to yourselves. Is anything underway in regard to gas supply ?

  91. Mr Brian Evans says:

    Why is it so difficult to claim my nectar points? A couple of years ago I never received over 2 thousand points, and now I am trying to claim 600 points on line but cant. Why don’t you just give them to me instead of asking me to claim them? thus making things awkward.

  92. Tracy Trousdale says:

    I have had a prepay meter put in for my elec paying £5 a week off from £148, I owe, it seems too high as I’m putting £20 a week in, so I’m asking is if I clear my debt will it go down so I’m only putting in I use a week, otherwise I will change to a better company.

  93. Paul Knight says:

    An absolutely disgraceful company, a pack of bullies. I have just paid my partners final threat … not a demand … a threat for a payment of £365 for a screw up on their part as they failed to read her shops meter correctly. The result was a £780 bill that she / we could not afford to pay forcing her out of business. Do not buy from these people

  94. Kim Marchant says:

    EDF charged me £400 per quarter on an empty property, after 12 months and letters to the head office, a check meter was put along side my own. as this did not show any diffreance thay said that the bill has to be paid, i had stopped the payments to edf to make them look into this problem. i had to pay them over £900, it has not been sorted todate, i have now switched to british gas as my bills in my other house that has 3 persons living there is no more than £200 per quarter.
    explain that edf

  95. Mandy Beaumont says:

    I was so shocked when I rceived an Electricity payment review from EDF and they have informed me that my direct debit will increase from £60 per month to £120 per month! And I thought £60 a month was a lot! I am on the dual fuel plan and also pay £60 per month for Gas. Has anybody else had a review recently?

  96. Mr Daren Dalton says:

    My pre payment meter would not accept my key phoned as I have no electric in my house and have been told even though I have 5 small children that they do not operate an emergency service in my area in the evening and I would have to wait up to 24 hours for someone to come out going to phone them tomorrow get my electric back on then tell them to stick it where the sun does not shine total cowboys stay well away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Mrs D M Jones says:

    Please can you give the telephone number so that I can register my Street Lighting on my developement I have my Mpan numbers. The developement is in St Florence Tenby. I have Hotel which you already supply

  98. Jamie Murphy says:

    EDF was my supplier in my previous residence and when i was moving i decided to continue the account. When I spoke to them I was told that they would handle the transition over from the existing supplier and I set up a new direct debit with them. After four months of living in my new property I recieved a bill from the previous supplier saying I owed them £160 for the months I had been living there, When I asked how this was they told me that EDF had never been in touch and that they had been supplying me. To make matters worst when I contacted EDF and wanted to know why they had been taking £55 per month via direct debit from my account they said it was my fault and that I was only entitled to £66 back as they have estimated what the previous reading from the old property was as they had no record of all the information that I had given them, So in short they have charged me £154 for 4 months of electricity and gas that I have not recieved AND TO MAKE THINGS WORST I NOW OWE THE OTHER COMPANY FOR THE SERVICE THEY HAVE PROVIDED. Do not go to EDF.

  99. Joy Harris says:

    I have today 6/7/09 just received a phone call from a solicitors on behalf of EDF saying that there is £25 outstanding. I told her I am on a key meter I pay for what I use and probably more I don’t owe this. She told me it was because when I was with someone else they were charging me more so when I signed with EDF they gave me a lower rate yeah right but now that I have left they won’t it back and I should of phoned them to get the meter sorted, how am I meant to know this, never again.

  100. Paula Gibbons says:

    Re: Job No. 400546163
    Terrible service. Still waiting for maintenance to ring me back regarding outside work to be carried out. I constantly am ringing and promised a call back but nobody ever rings me back. I am at my wits end as I am waiting for my roof to be repaired due to water penetration and first need this work carried out by EDF.

  101. Kold says:

    I hate EDF….. and will be changing supplier as soon as this horrible unexpected bill they sent me is dealt with…. awful customer service and clearly one of the ‘daylight robbery’ organisations.

  102. Chris Hall says:

    Posted by Natasha Middleton, 20th August 2008

    This is probably because BG were charging correctly and EDF decided to lower your DD to attract you to them as a supplier… all suppliers do this.

  103. Adenrele Ojeniran says:

    I am writing for more information on how disable person can get discount on a pre-paid meter on electricity and gas.

  104. Uncle Monty says:

    The director of EDF ENERGY “customer care” sent me a payment demand today for 32p, yes for 32 lousy pence, that I owed them. I am retired at age 65 and pay by two installments per bill. I usually round off my payment to the nearest quid but that will not do for cold and cynical EDF ENERGY that is so money hungry it has demanded my 32p from me within 10 days or else!!!
    How callous? The letter was dated April 29th, but I did not get it in the British mail until today May 5th, 2009. I immediately phoned “Tracy” at edf and at first she said I could send a cheque for the amount due!! I could also send it by freepost to them. When I told her I would send the efd letter to my local mp and also send a copy to the local London Evening Standard, Tracy then asked me to hold on while she spoke with her faceless supervisor. Moments later she told me to “ignore the letter” demanding 32p from me. I am outraged at such a petty-minded and mean-spirited company that EFD ENERGY seems to always be to its oppressed and elderly customers like me. Have any of you good folks out there also received a demand for such a few pennies from greedy EDF ENERGY in the UK? If so, tell us about it, please…

  105. Christine Pate says:

    As a young mother of a 3 week old (premature) daughter and a 2 yr old son, I was disgusted that I was left with no power due to a previous tennant’s debt, for over 24 hours, during which time I was dependent on others’ goodwill in boiling kettles to enable me to feed my babies. I will certainly be changing my supplier at the earliest opportunity.

  106. Jemma Tavinto says:

    EDF are absolutely shocking. Moved out of an edf property back in august, cancelled my details with them, only to find out today that they owe us almost £1000 for not cancelling our service and continuing to take money off me. When questioned over it, they said “it was out of their hands”! How does that help me?

  107. John Ingram says:

    Changed to EDf from Scottish & Southern in January and have halved our monthly direct debit to £100, we have a large house heated with ground source heat pump so all electric, we are monitoring our usage very closly (daily at the moment) we are much better off with EDF, everything done on-line, so easy.

  108. Nadia says:

    Worst experience ever dealing with EDF won’t recommend to anybody.

  109. Edward Peek says:

    EDF’s service is absolutely awful. We have experienced four power cuts in the last fivemonths and this is just the latest in a series of cuts over the years. Attempts to contact the management are frustrated by a call centre, which offers apologies and letters from the company offer meaningless peromises that they are doing everything to garantee reliable supplies. In one power cut that lasted from breakfast time to 10.30 pm we were lied to and told that engineers were investigating at lunch time , but the engineer who rectified the fault was not called out until early evening and then had to drive half way across the country to the scence. Perhaps if they paid for a few more engineers instead of sponsoring the 2012 olympics – although perhpas the sponsorship is a reflection of EDF – the games are a pretty pointless waste of time and effort and are bound to be a total cock-up anyway.
    Maybe we would get a better service if the company was Britsih and its managing dfirector could speak English so that we could undrestand him on the radio. If the French can’t keep the electricity running it’s hardly surprising they couldn’t keep the Germans out of their country.

  110. Angela Cajamarca says:

    I have always used EDF since I moved to my flat in 2003. At first as I didn’t have much furniture the bills were very low and the cost was not more than £10 or £20 per month. In my flat everything is electric therefore If I get the washing machine and the cooker then obviously I know my bill will increase specially in winter. My normal bills increased between £60 and £90 pound quarterly. And in the winter period hit the roof to £177. I am a single mum and I leave my house from 07.00 to 21.00 when I come back after my mum’s. I don’t cook, I don’t have a computer, and the house is empty everyday and at the weekends I stay at mum’s most of the times. I understand the prices increases but this is so unbelievable. And I had made the complaints previously everytime that bill comes that high and they are just not helpful at all…..

  111. Waleed says:

    Edf is a robber no matter what they say is all lies, they never reply to your queries, please can someone recommend a cheaper supplier.

  112. Joy Pownall says:

    I have put in over £50 in my card meter for gas and it has just lasted over a week. I am at work during the day and the gas is only on for a maximum of 5hrs a day. They are too expensive and I am just contacting them now to remove their meter as I am going elsewhere. You do not get through on the phones so I am now emailing them.

  113. Louise Stephens says:

    What a rip off indeed – I know am paying over double what I used to pay a month on both gas prepay and electric prepay. I have put on just under £200.00 this month on elec & gas and we have run out already with another week to go of the month!! This is disgusting as there is nobody in the house all week as we work and only use a little gas and electric in the evening! I would like to switch to a cheaper company who wont rip me off….I think more people should complain!!

  114. Mike Colyer says:

    I am deeply disappointed to announce that I hate EDF Energy 🙁
    They are the worst company ever and it makes me sick to even think about it!
    I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER use this sickening company EVER AGAIN!!!

  115. L. Turner says:

    EDF are bad – they cannot even get the bill correct, they took my meter read right back to March 08 and re-invoiced gas I’d already paid for in June and August 08 because there was a mix up in meter reads, then they had the audacity to charge me for this gas at the increased prices when I’d already paid them for the amount of Gas used, finally they gave me some of the money back after I was on the phone for 2 hours they are so thick it’s unbelievable – worst company I’ve ever dealt with.

  116. C Dutton says:

    I have been paying a debt on my gas meter with edf they are taking a 70/30 split which means when I pay 10 pounds in my meter they take 7 pounds for the debt and I get 3 pounds gas.
    called them today to see if c could get it reduced as I am on job seekers allowance with 4 children and they said it is not possible…
    I have paid 25 pounds in my meter and it lasted for 72 hours.. how am supposed to be able to keep up these sorts of payments.

  117. P Mahon says:

    I currently have dual fuel with your cmpany.
    q1 is it cheaper to pay by other methods?
    my electric key seems to be eating money over £20. per week this has been noticable more in the last week , but no increase power usage

  118. Patrick White says:

    For the second time this year we have been subject to a major power cut lasting over 12 hours. For the second time our parking spaces have been taken over by generators and security vehicles. Is it too simple, maybe not cost effective, too fix the problem? EDF this is the 21st century.

  119. Cyril Hailfax says:

    If anyone is thinking of going with EDF don’t, they ripped me off with someone else bill and also they sent out leaflets about free energy light bubs about 5 or 6 mouths ago and I am still waiting for them, they are full off themselves DONT USE EDF.

  120. Lorraine Chapman says:

    my meter got damaged they replaced it after calling out as no gas coming through that was on a tuesday they put credit on told i would get new card on friday phoned up saturday as did not get card plus gas run out spoke to manageress had gas man out again for more credit and promised i would get card on tuesday what do you know still no card phoned again told i will recieve tomorrow wednesday i wonder if i will get it still got to have gas man out for more credit are they being stupid or what

  121. Kelly Dolan says:

    I have recently moved to a new house. i was being supplied with edf in my old house so thought i would just stay with them. Big mistake.
    I have been in my new house for 2 months edf took over my gas 4 weeks ago they put in a new metre in sent me out 6 cards none of which work my new metre, two weeks ago i told them to get there act together they promised me they would get the right card in the post which they haven’t managed to do. i have to young children and when i rang them up tonight and asked them to come and put some emergancy gas on for me they said they couldn’t do it, i think they are a disgrace they just think they we should sit here and be cold. i’m at my wits in with them i just don’t know what to do to get some gas on in my new house, or where to go to get this problem sorted cause they are just not interested.

  122. A F Hildreth says:

    i have had to remove my safety socket from my freezer in the garage because when the supply goes off the socket did not reset itself so if i am away for 3or 4 days contents of freezer are ruined also i have a condensing boiler and when the supply voltage goes down to 180 volts the fan on the boiler runs slow and the boiler goes out on the over temperature stat.so if i go away for a couple of weeks in the winter and decide to leave the heating on for a couple of 1 hour settings during the day then i cannot be sure that the supply will be maintained at a high enough voltage to maintain the boiler,so i will have to drain down the whole system,turn off the water and gas and come back to a freezing cold house.this has been going on for almost a year and so far the only explanation i manage to get is that”it is an underground fault” unfortunately my supply is overhead from a local pole.

  123. Michaela Smith says:

    EDF are robbing me blind! Put £80 on my prepayment meter within the last 2 and a half weeks, wasn’t even home for a week and I’m down to 0 already! Will need to put on at least another £50 to get through the rest of the month. Terrible.

  124. Derek Perry says:

    EDF energy are a joke. A week before I moved into a vacant flat I rang to confirm everything was OK for me to move in and was told yes, just get the key charged and put it in the meter, there are no debts outstanding. Well the meter ate my £10 credit because it had a £222 debt on it and when I rang EDF they said I needed an electricians report to get my supply back on, as premises had been vacant longer than 3 months. So I said to send one out and they said they don’t do that I’d have to get it done myself. Why didn’t they tell me this a week earlier so I could have got it done before moving in. Middle of winter, no electricity and no heating. EDF didn’t care at all. So EDF has no customer service what so ever.

  125. Arvind Vadgama says:

    I applied for new services and an upgrade for two premises. I was given a quote and the quote said that once the payment was made I would get the supply within maximum of twelve weeks from the payment. The payment was made 7th August and I am still struggling to get the dates out of EDF to give me supply.

  126. Laura Perkes says:

    It takes ages to get through.

  127. Mr Jason Burgess says:

    I am a customer who has recently bought a property in france, I have being trying to settle my account on line using your web page for foreign customers. The web page is written in French which is not much bloody use when you dont speak it.
    Customer services does not exist in England or France.
    I just want to speak to a real live human and pay my bill.
    Please contact me in English or you can ‘shove your bill where the sun does not shine!!’
    There must be thousands of uk customers in france who are also at the end of there tether trying to pay there bills-
    If you advertise a web for english living in France then write it in English not French!!
    All we require is someone to talk to
    Extremly frustrated Customer
    Jason Burgess

  128. Nick Alexander says:

    So, we’re up to 17p a unit now… poor edf it’s so hard for them. Except that EDF in france, (remember that EDF is THE state electricity company) is still billing 9p (11 euro cents)

    a unit and making lots of profit… Why? Because the govt sets the prices. So who do UK customers nees to be blaming for these prices? Erm, EDF and, erm, the govt… Useless.

  129. Danny says:

    EDF do not answer the phone, website does not work cannot contact them. About time i left them as they do not like their customers.

  130. Colin Winchester says:

    We have now been without elec for 20 hours and cannot contact anyone to get an update, only automated answer service blocking access to an operator.
    It is the moast appaling service. They dont deserve any customers and should be regulated and fined.

  131. Lee Smith says:

    i have signed over my gas supply at least three times to edf and never recieved information as to why it has not gone over. great customer care isnt it. if there is a problem or your not able to go over why not let people know why

  132. Karim Khan says:

    My power cut 2 days ago. Meter problem. Still they haven’t sorted it out. I hate edf, a rubbish company and service in the UK.

  133. Natasha Middleton says:

    I switched my gas from British ‘rob you blind’ gas to EDF and now pay much less BUT EDF have just raised my monthly electricity charge from £25.00 per month to a whopping £55 – I’m certain, even with the raise in prices generally we don’t use that much!

  134. K Bains says:

    I was phoned bby EDF to switch from another supplier which i agreed to do, only they nnever bothered to send me anything in writing, so i can not actually cancel within the 10 day cool off period, i phoned EDF only to be on hold for some 35 mins only to be told every few minutes that they are very busy.
    now i have decided to sign up to a different company who sent a person around to my house and explained everthing in detail plus left a form to cancel should i change my mind.

  135. Mr David Reid says:

    I have just swiched to edf for gas and electric,I am going pre pay as the units cost the same and you know exactly where you are,and what you are using.The new style meters are very good,and so far the service from EDF has been 1st class.and my costs have gone down.

  136. Nicola Taylor says:

    just recieved a bill for over £500 pound for 5 months been paying £30 a month direct debit so they seem to think that i have been using over a £100 pound a month electricity yea this bill does not include gas. use gas for heating and water and live in a 3 bed flat. think they trying to charge me for the rest of the block of flats an all.

  137. Lynn Fear says:

    Could you please give me a reason for the persistent losses of electricity we have been experiencing lately? They are pretty numerous and last from seconds to minutes which in itself isn’t that disruptive, but means that all digital apparatus in the house needs to be reset, We also keep koi carp which require oxygenated water constantly and the pump has to be reset after each power cut which is ok as long as someone is at home at the time! My postcode is BA5 1HG

  138. James Adam says:

    We are in the 18th hour of a power cut in which the information provided by your customer service team has been inaccurate. No work was conducted overnight to fix the problem despite this being the normal response from previous power suppliers. Presumably profit is your only priority these days?

  139. Mr. Aeron Davies says:

    edf started off o.k but it wasn’t long before gas price went up from £34 per month to £55 . Also still waiting for over a month for electricity bill. Service standards are certainly slipping.

  140. Anthony Richard Land says:

    2 Power cuts in the last week in the Langney area of Eastbourne on the 15th and19th WHY!. These short power cuts are very likely to damage home electrical equipment.

  141. Tony Alan Stoneman says:

    I was with powergen on an economy 7 pre-pay metre, I was paying about £35 per month for all my usage. EDF told me my rate was to high, I switched to EDF and now it’s costing me up to £7 just to have a storage heater come on for 2 hours during the night or early hours and about £5 just to heat my water for 2 hours during the night or early hours.

  142. Stephen Mcdermott says:

    My post code is KT2 5JS. Why do I have so many power cuts 2 since Christmas and one before for 16 hours when all the rest of my street has electricity? I need oxygen so need constant supply.

  143. C Simpson says:

    Re: Mrs Holt. Edf is seeboard, same prices. Bill dates corrected so they fall in line with actual meter readings though, perhaps a lot of your old bills were estimated too low?

  144. Samantha says:

    Does anyone know how to register to pay EDF yourself quarterly ?

  145. Arlene Jones says:

    I have been with EDF for a year.
    They have just reduced my monthly payments for gas from £50 to £34.
    A year ago British Gas were asking me for £82!
    I also pay less for electricity than I did with Powergen.

  146. Mrs. Elizabeth Holt says:

    On their web page, edf say thay can save me over £58 per annum on dual fuel bills. However, in fact, they are now charging me almost double what I paid when we were with Seeboard.

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