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Ecotricity is an electricity company with a difference. As green energy pioneers, the company is dedicated to building new sources of renewable energy to fight climate change.

Ecotricity take the money their customers spend on electricity and invest it in clean forms of power such as wind energy.

Ecotricity is recommended by the Soil Association, Christian Aid and Oxfam.

Selling points

  • Know that every bill you pay is helping to contribute to building more renewable energy sources.
  • Matches the standard cost of your regional supplier, so you can help save the world at no extra cost.

Supplier services

  • Economy 7
  • Green

Packages on offer

Ecotricity offers two electricity tariffs, New Energy and New Energy Plus.

Ecotricity’s popular New Energy tariff offers a growing percentage of green supply offset from their own turbines – currently around 37% and set growing to 50% shortly – with the rest coming from conventional sources. The more customers Ecotricity has, the more investment they can make in building new renewable electricity. With New Energy you pay the same as the standard price of your regional supplier.

Ecotricity’s New Energy Plus tariff is derived of green supply offset from their own wind turbines, plus additional green electricity purchased from elsewhere, making this a 100% green supply tariff. There is a small premium of 0.5p per kilowatt hour to cover the extra costs of supplying additional existing green supply.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Cheque
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
10.9 18.5 1.7 67.5 1.4 219.1 0.00014

16 responses to “Ecotricity”

  1. Paddy Conway says:

    We are interested in switching our supply to you.

    Could you tell us how we go about this?
    Could you also tell us what happens with our FIT payments?

    Thank you.

  2. barry gardiner says:

    Has any one heard of Extra Energy, I have had some very low quotes from them. I am a little worried, I cannot find them on Google. Barry

  3. Peter Yuan says:

    Please more informations. such as tariff charged per unit on different plan and different times of the day ? Payment on cash does it meens token system ?

  4. Laura Bolohan says:

    Good customer service, friendly and helpful.
    However I was deeply disappointed to find out that they are still using 18% coal in their fuel mix.
    The fact they are using profits to build new turbines is encouraging but not enough.

  5. Matthew Gough says:

    Really genuine ethical company. Good communication and newsletters about updates and developments. Green gas supplier. Switched from other ‘ethical’ companies when realised lot of BS claims . Trust Ecotricity: good service and price too.

  6. Kingsley Anyanwu says:

    Good day, can Ecotricity be consulted to solve some electricity problems in multi-national companies located in Nigeria?

  7. James Hall says:

    Been with Ecotricity for 4 years now and always found them to be excellent to deal with, offering a personal service that the big suppliers can’t, dealing with any query very quickly and efficiently.

    They price match the big electricity suppliers, so you pay the same, but get green energy with great service.

    Highly recommend.

  8. Kate Spouse says:

    I’ve been an Ecotricity customer for several years and have been really impressed with their customer service. I really couldn’t fault them. It really feels like I’m making a difference by being a customer.

  9. Gail Dickenson says:

    I switched to Ecotricity because I wanted to do my bit and they seemed the only company that were putting their money where their mouth is.

    I have had nothing but positive, personal service from the team there, it is refreshing talking to people not machines and they seem to know what they are talking about.

    I did get an estimated bill but when I gave them my meter reading I had a new accurate bill to my reading within 2 days. I would recommend them to anyone.

  10. Leash Carter says:

    A refreshing change to see an electricity company putting my money towards a greener future.

    Not only that they will always answer any queries i have,they are very helpful in finding a solution thats right for me and explaining everything in a simple manner, meaning i know whats happening and not kept in the dark or confused by jargon, as we all know this is a confussing industry at the best of times!

    Its even better that im not on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone…less that 1 minute and everyone is always willing to help…never to much trouble!

    Bills are always accurate and on time and their website offers loads of information and you can submit your own readings through and send any queries.

    keep up the good work guys!!

  11. Sharon Higgleton says:

    I’ve had nothing but good contact with customer services, helpful, friendly and do as they promise. I like the fact that all the profits are invested back into building new turbines, no other company does this.

  12. Paul Beeson says:

    Great, good service, and saving the world, they just need to invest in Tidal power ( Harness the power of the Thames to power London, The Seven for the south west etc… It is the only power source we can depend on-even if the seas rise!!!) come on people support UK natural power.

  13. Phil Oldroyd says:

    I have been with Ecotricity for over a year now and have received an excellent service with no adverse issues.
    I would be more pleased if they could get online billing sorted as I hate receiving paper bills from a green company.

  14. Jo Davis says:

    Had a couple of glitches when changing from direct debit to quarterly bill – it took a couple of calls to get all parts of the system updated (the direct debit part thought I had missed payments when the billing half knew I had swapped) but hey – these things happen.

    Until then and after that point I have had no complaints. They’re always polite and are quite happy to admit if they don’t know the answer, speaking to a supervisor is simple.

    Having endured British Gas upping my payments to £95 a month in 1995 when my actual use was about £12, being treated as a bill dodger when I tried calling and EDF muppets on the telephone telling me I lived in a three bedroomed house so must have used £750 of electricity when I live in a 2 bed flat and they actually owed me £290, threatening me with court action, disconnection at Christmas and so on, even trying to take hundreds of pounds from my bank account after I had ceased to be their customer (they held up my transfer to Ecotricity for 6 months even after they had been proven to owe me money) Ecotricity are a breath of fresh air.

  15. Isabelle Knight says:

    I’ve had fantastic service and nice simple bills. I’ve just had to ring them because I was confused why another company came to read my meter. The phone was answered very promptly and curteously and they were able to answer my query immediately.
    Never had any problems in the past when I needed to change DD details or send in a changed meter reading. They were very helpful when there was a lengthy powercut one day, and even rang me back to advise me how long it was likely to be.
    I can’t vouch for the electricity being greener, but the customer service has been great. On the other hand I still get pestered by two of my previous energy suppliers to change back to them.

  16. Sarah Hilling says:

    Appalling service! I wanted to go with them to ‘do my bit’ as they support green electricity – took 3 months of asking to get my welcome pack and hence my account number and 7 months to get a bill. By that time I owed over £180!

    Through my various calls to them I was advised it had been sent out, but in fact it hadn’t been sent out – it had been lost along the way. It was the first they had heard of it – no one even knew what was going on. I then set up a direct debit and never received information and bills again until I pushed and made a number of calls.

    When I moved house I moved suppliers. Even when I gave them my reasons for leaving they didn’t seem bothered, everyone you speak to seems tired and otherwise engaged. It certainly doesn’t offer decent customer service. I am reluctant to even give them 1 star but there is nothing less!

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