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Basic Power is currently (January 2005) displaying the following information on their website:

Basic Power’s service provider has gone into administration therefore Basic Power is no longer in a position to supply its customers. Electricity regulators have appointed London Energy part of EDF as the new supplier.

EDF will be contacting all Basic Power customers to explain the new arrangements. Customers will have to provide up to date meter readings so that EDF will have a start reading and Basic Power will have an end reading for the final bill.

The website confirms that Basic Power will continue to trade normally and reviewing future options.

Contact Details

Freepost (SCE9229)
SN15 1UZ

Contact Information

  • General Enquiries 0845 601 2421
  • International +44 161 947 4248 (international)
  • Email Feedback form

General Information

Chippenham based Basic Power commenced operation in 2000, and claims to offer some of the cheapest electricity around, facilitated by not forking out on big marketing campaigns or using third party electricity brokers.

Selling points

  • Basicpower don’t spend a lot on marketing and advertising. This reduction in overheads means that they can offer extremely competitive prices to electricity customers.
  • Basicpower are proud of not discriminating against those without access to modern technologies – online customers are charged the same amount of money as those choosing to pay their bills using more conventional methods.

Supplier services

  • Economy 7
  • Online

Packages on offer

Standard 24 Hour

Electricity units are charged at the same rate irrespective of when they are used.

Economy 7

Electricity units used during the set night-time period are charged at a lower rate than those used during the day. This tariff is suitable for households where over 15% of electricity is used at night.

Advance payment

Those choosing to pay for electricity consumption in advance will receive discounted rates compared to those who pay for their electricity upon receipt of the bill.


Different tariffs are available for business users.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Online
  • Cheque

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