Atlantic Electric and Gas

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Atlantic Electric and Gas
PO Box 7506

Contact Information

  • General enquiries 0845 073 3030
  • Electricity 0845 073 3030
  • Gas 0845 678 0055
  • Switching 0800 028 3028
  • Meterline 0800 107 3205
  • Careline 0800 622 838
  • Textline 0800 622 839
  • Energyline 0845 777 6633
  • Email

General Information

Atlantic Electric and Gas is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE) and has been operating for about 5 years. Based in Gloucester, it supplies both Gas and Electricity to 300,000 customers and, along with its other brands, serves over 6 million customers across the UK.

Selling points

  • Aim to be cheaper than British Gas for gas and cheaper than your local electricity supplier for electricity.
  • Offer an e-billing service, allowing you to manage bills and submit meter readings online.
  • One month’s free energy for customers who sign up to Atlantic online and opt to pay by direct debit.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel
  • Economy 7

Packages on offer

Electricity Domestic Standard

Domestic Standard is designed for homes where little electricity is used during the night.

Electricity Economy

Economy discounts the electricity price for 7 hours each night and is therefore suitable for homes that use over 15% of their consumption at night.

Gas Standard

Suitable for all homes with mains gas, there is a Service Charge calculated per day, and a unit rate

Nil Service Charge

This is for people who only wish to pay for the units they have actually used. The rates are organised into primary, secondary and follow-on rates.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Phone banking
  • Phone (0845 073 3030) by debit card.
  • By post.
  • By cheque or cash at any branch of your own bank or a NatWest Bank; this is free. If you use a different bank you may have to pay a fee.
  • In shops with PayPoint.
  • At a post office (cash only) where you will have to pay their fee.

Special services

Home energy care register – register for elderly, sick and disabled customers who have specific energy needs. This enables use of the following:

  • Priority Service Register which you can join to receive Careline services
  • Careline: 0800 622 838
  • Freephone Textline: 0800 622 839 for those with hearing or speech difficulties
  • Large print or Braille bills for blind or partially sighted customers
  • Talking Bills – bills read over the phone for those who have trouble reading or seeing.
  • Bill sent to friend or relative
  • Notification in the event of a power cut if you rely on your supply for medical equipment
  • Information on special appliances or adapters and controls to help you with your appliances
  • Warmth without worry – advice on keeping warm on a low budget
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per kg/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
29.5 57.3 4.1 7.5 1.6 - -

93 Responses to “Atlantic Electric and Gas”

  1. Christopher Vetrano says:

    Our electric bill was about 250 per month, atlantic elec wanted to move a pole onto my land I refused they moved it anyways, then my bill went down to 100 per month after the pole was moved, now I was thinking great scott I must have been paying for the street lights, I called atlantic electric and asked them what gives with my lower bill, ever since the pole was moved, well their answer was to send out a meter guy to change the meter. Now my electric bills are at an all time high averaging 600 per month with a 787 month bill from feb, I called and ask what’s with the high bills, they told me to use less electric, I said I have been living in this house for 22 yrs and have never had electric bills this high, anyone else have this problem?

  2. Edward Wilson says:

    I have no real complaints about atlantic but with the larger companies dropping there prices, I am having a lot of problems finding out what I am being charged now

  3. Bigmamou says:

    Atlantic are the best supplier I’ve ever had. Along with comparably reasonable prices they have a customer service second to none. Always polite, always knowledgeable, always sort things out.
    I’m sure some of the negative comments come from competitors or people who create their own problems and then expect the company to bail them out. Please feel free to leave Atlantic if you DON’T pay, that way my costs will be lower.

  4. Tina says:

    Booooooooo moved in with new tenancy. Other tenants left debt. Sent them new tenancy by fax. Said they have hundreds of faxes and my landlord was responsible for this and there would be a key for me at the end of week……. Two weeks later nothing still. I have a baby. British gas would not do this…. will be sending them court papers!!!!! grrrrrrr

  5. Daniella says:

    They take our money monthly, direct debit, yes… BUT they owe us money! Therefore, why take the money from our account, EVERY flippin month, if they OWE US MONEY?! The sensible thing would be to deduct from the money owed us, then start fresh because every time we get a bill from them, it’s the same amount they owe us??!! Does that make any sense to the sane people on here??!!

  6. Marcia says:

    They don’t read your meter, just send bills, when leaving the property, slapped me with a gas bill of £1k and electricity bill of £500!!! I’m paying it off, but they’ve decided to take me to court and dragged my name through courts and bailiffs. Totally ignore all letters sent to them and they’re not even cheap! Nightmare and should disappear.

  7. Rosemary Duncan says:

    After posting “Nightmare Move” on this site three months ago and assuring a manager I was happy with final result and reimbursement – what should happen but an electric bill arrives for £104. Rang Atlantic and they said “ignore it” as I had never had electric supplied to me. Sure enough a month later another reminder. Cannot get any joy by speaking to anyone at Atlantic – they all seems to work independent of each other. Now waiting for a court summons!! Ha Ha

  8. Alan Mock says:

    I have been with Atlantic Energy for about four years, and have had no problems. Their service has been very good. Far better than others that I have used in the past. I am surprised that others have had some bad experiences.

  9. M Aubrey says:

    Been with this company since they started and can’t fault them, touch wood.

  10. John, Edwardharding says:

    I found them perfect, just great in every aspect.

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