Windfall for E.ON customers

July 15, 2013 at 3:43 pm

18,500 E.ON customers are in for a windfall next winter. Some of the supplier’s most vulnerable customers will receive £135 off their bills as a result of an Ofgem ruling.

Energy suppliers were required to meet government targets under the CERT programme (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target). E.ON supplied inaccurate information about the number of energy-saving light bulbs sent out to households in Britain by including in the figure some light bulbs sold in shops in the Republic of Ireland. As a result, Ofgem has imposed a fine of £500,000 on the supplier and agreed that a payment of £2.5 million should be made to vulnerable customers.

Further information on the CERT programme which ended last year can be found on Ofgem’s website. The scheme has been replaced in part by the Green Deal, details of which can be found here.

Sarah Harrison of Ofgem said that the level of the fine reflects the co-operation of Ofgem and their willingness to make up the shortfall for the CERT programme. Without their “constructive engagement”, the fine would have been much higher.

Tony Cocker of E.ON said that no customers were misled but accepted that this did not detract from the fact that an error had been made. More robust processes have been put in place since the error, which was made in 2010.

The customers who will receive the £135 off their bills are those eligible for the Warm Home Discount. For more information on whether or not you are eligible see E.ON’s website.

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