True or false?

November 15, 2013 at 9:33 am

With energy prices soaring we are all trying desperately to keep our consumption to a minimum. Many in the UK are officially classified as being in fuel poverty but even those who are not still want to keep their bills as low as humanly possible.

All sorts of tips are bandied about but is it true that painting your radiators black can save money and can leaving your heating on all day really be cheaper than switching it on and off? How do you find out which are the proverbial old wives’ tales and which are worth doing? Martin Lewis of has come to the rescue and published a myth-busting guide.

Here’s what he says:

  • It is probably cheaper to have the heating on only when you need it but many swear by having it on a low temperature all day; this really is a grey area.
  • If you have an electric immersion heater and an Economy 7 tariff it is cheaper to heat your water at night. Otherwise have the water heater on a timer and do not leave it on all day.
  • Gas central heating is cheaper than using electric heaters.
  • Chargers generally use energy when plugged in even though they are not connected to a device (Apple chargers are the one exception).
  • Painting radiators black will not save money although reflective panels placed behind radiators can help. Best of all, though, is to insulate your walls.
  • Keep doors closed in rooms you want to heat.
  • Turn lights off if you are not in the room.
  • Do not leave appliances such as televisions on stand-by.

To read the full guide or ask your own question click here.

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