Sainsburys Energy

Household supermarket brand Sainsbury’s have joined forces with British Gas to offer their customers great savings on gas and electricity as well as on the groceries.

Sainsbury’s Energy’s selling points include:

  • High standards of quality and service expected from Sainsbury’s
  • Opportunity to collect Nectear Points on energy bills

For more information or any questions about this service, call:

0800 077 3833
Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 6pm
Sunday Closed

5 responses to “Sainsburys Energy”

  1. Llewelyn Tudor says:

    Please let me have an email address that I can send info to requesting an electricity supply quote.

  2. jenny says:

    I have just obtained a quote and they were not the most competitive in our area. A huge 2p per unit more than what I am paying on a bill that already reached 100 a month

  3. Sarah Ferguson says:

    I got my first gas & electricity bill. I know companies usually keep anything overpaid but I would like the £262.96 refund as I could do with the money, if I owe you next time I will pay you thank you.

  4. James Francis says:

    Sainsbury’s energy is by far the best energy producer that I’ve ever used. I used to use Vestas and they ruined my life with their huge prices.

  5. David Leeson says:

    I’ve just looked for a quote from Sainsbury for electricity. Quote is competitive against E-ON, so switched, but am still looking for a deal better, given the wholesale prices aren’t nearly what they were predicted to be, and yet the retail price is only down by a few percent on the basic rates (excluding the online deals, who’s price fluctuations are almost a joke now).

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