Atlantic Electric and Gas

Contact Details

Atlantic Electric and Gas
PO Box 7506

Contact Information

  • General enquiries 0845 073 3030
  • Electricity 0845 073 3030
  • Gas 0845 678 0055
  • Switching 0800 028 3028
  • Meterline 0800 107 3205
  • Careline 0800 622 838
  • Textline 0800 622 839
  • Energyline 0845 777 6633
  • Email

General Information

Atlantic Electric and Gas is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE) and has been operating for about 5 years. Based in Gloucester, it supplies both Gas and Electricity to 300,000 customers and, along with its other brands, serves over 6 million customers across the UK.

Selling points

  • Aim to be cheaper than British Gas for gas and cheaper than your local electricity supplier for electricity.
  • Offer an e-billing service, allowing you to manage bills and submit meter readings online.
  • One month’s free energy for customers who sign up to Atlantic online and opt to pay by direct debit.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel
  • Economy 7

Packages on offer

Electricity Domestic Standard

Domestic Standard is designed for homes where little electricity is used during the night.

Electricity Economy

Economy discounts the electricity price for 7 hours each night and is therefore suitable for homes that use over 15% of their consumption at night.

Gas Standard

Suitable for all homes with mains gas, there is a Service Charge calculated per day, and a unit rate

Nil Service Charge

This is for people who only wish to pay for the units they have actually used. The rates are organised into primary, secondary and follow-on rates.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Phone banking
  • Phone (0845 073 3030) by debit card.
  • By post.
  • By cheque or cash at any branch of your own bank or a NatWest Bank; this is free. If you use a different bank you may have to pay a fee.
  • In shops with PayPoint.
  • At a post office (cash only) where you will have to pay their fee.

Special services

Home energy care register – register for elderly, sick and disabled customers who have specific energy needs. This enables use of the following:

  • Priority Service Register which you can join to receive Careline services
  • Careline: 0800 622 838
  • Freephone Textline: 0800 622 839 for those with hearing or speech difficulties
  • Large print or Braille bills for blind or partially sighted customers
  • Talking Bills – bills read over the phone for those who have trouble reading or seeing.
  • Bill sent to friend or relative
  • Notification in the event of a power cut if you rely on your supply for medical equipment
  • Information on special appliances or adapters and controls to help you with your appliances
  • Warmth without worry – advice on keeping warm on a low budget
Fuel Mix Information – Where Electricity Comes From
Coal % Natural Gas % Nuclear % Renewable % Other % CO2 emissions per g/kWh Radioactive Waste per g/kWh
54 28 1 15 2 613 0.00011169

108 responses to “Atlantic Electric and Gas”

  1. kiru says:

    New customer, looking for Gas and electricity supplies.

  2. BanditQueen says:

    Terrible service, especially to disabled customers with long term health problems and in fuel poverty.
    Highest prices and refusal to accept that usage is low and problem with their meter.
    Complaint leads to double payment plan and refused to honour agreement to have it set at a rate can afford.
    Lies and problems all the time, threats instead of complaint resolution.
    Disrespect when my father was ill and later died and stress caused at a time that was already bad for me

    • julia says:

      They don’t have the highest prices. Obviously you have a very biased viewpoint. Also it’s not their meter, it’s a meter in your distribution area. You will always pay for your arrears and your usage. Your paying for what you have used.

  3. Martin Jarvis says:

    I’ve been with Atlantic for fo both gas and electricity for the last seven years and never had any problems, when I’ve spoken to them via the telephone their response has always been a lot quicker than other companies and their fuel charges rank one of the best and for that I’ll give them a 5 star rating

    • Karl says:

      How did you compare Atlantic with the other companies?

      Have you actually tried the other companies or is it just a guess?

      (my impression of Atlantic isn’t as good as yours…)

  4. Emms says:

    I’ve always had fantastic service, no problems and when I have had to call them for something the customer service is amazing, I would recommend to everyone

  5. Daniel says:

    Got a bill for £421 and this is over four months so I’ve decided to go pay as you go not happy at all about this overpriced bill robbing gets.

  6. p jordan says:

    I want to know if I am getting the best deal you offer as I pay substantial amount of money per month as a pensioner.

  7. Kirk Grice says:

    This company are ok no probs for us and they give us one months gas and electric money back every year some of these comments are garbage

    • rapier says:

      WHY do you say GARBAGE? DO you know these people and their problems with the company? THINK before you COMMENT!

  8. Tony says:

    Been with them just over 1 year, they keep assuming I’m someone else as well as me so send me two bills for two meters. Tried reasoning with them, kept paying my bills on time for my meter. Eventually got the bailiff letter for the phantom meter so decided to move to cheaper NPower. Now…Atlantic have blocked my move.
    Bureaucratic fools, sorry I ever joined them.

  9. Ruth says:

    Absolutely disgraceful service. They grossly overcharged me and admitted that they had, but said I would have to go to my bank to make an indemnity claim in order to get a refund. They were lying. That is rubbish and after a very angry response from me they made a refund directly to my bank account which is what they should have done in the first place. Not the first problem I have had in only 8 months.

  10. David Jackson says:

    I am just leaving Atlantic for a fixed price deal, but I can say that Atlantic have always been OK and reasonably priced. The only thing I would complain at is their estimating process for direct debit amounts which is always wrong as it is not based upon a complete years energy consumption even when one is available. It drove me mad until having a large debit amount which I am paying off in the future – even that’s a bonus if you can manage it!

  11. says:

    Left because of difficulty budgeting. In the course of one quarter they, reduced my monthly payments, gave me a loyalty reward in three figures and asked for one off payment of £600 to catch up with unpaid amount.
    Am still having trouble sorting out my final payment, three months after stopping supply. Keep being told it is “just one of these know”

  12. derek says:

    Thanks all you people for stopping me making a terrible mistake and signing up.

  13. j jackson says:

    I have recently joined and atlantic are a pretty amazing company had no issues and they have helped me with meter issues within 24hrs of joining them highly recommended and they are much more reasonable than other companies.

  14. Jack Bennett says:

    Have used them for a few years and no issues, can’t understand why others have problems. Is it the competitors like B.G. who are the pit’s with their telephone calls asking us to switch to them leaving these comments!! Each time I have called Atlantic I get a person and no waiting, who else can say that.

  15. John, Edwardharding says:

    I found them perfect, just great in every aspect.

  16. M Aubrey says:

    Been with this company since they started and can’t fault them, touch wood.

  17. Alan Mock says:

    I have been with Atlantic Energy for about four years, and have had no problems. Their service has been very good. Far better than others that I have used in the past. I am surprised that others have had some bad experiences.

  18. Rosemary Duncan says:

    After posting “Nightmare Move” on this site three months ago and assuring a manager I was happy with final result and reimbursement – what should happen but an electric bill arrives for £104. Rang Atlantic and they said “ignore it” as I had never had electric supplied to me. Sure enough a month later another reminder. Cannot get any joy by speaking to anyone at Atlantic – they all seems to work independent of each other. Now waiting for a court summons!! Ha Ha

  19. Marcia says:

    They don’t read your meter, just send bills, when leaving the property, slapped me with a gas bill of £1k and electricity bill of £500!!! I’m paying it off, but they’ve decided to take me to court and dragged my name through courts and bailiffs. Totally ignore all letters sent to them and they’re not even cheap! Nightmare and should disappear.

  20. Daniella says:

    They take our money monthly, direct debit, yes… BUT they owe us money! Therefore, why take the money from our account, EVERY flippin month, if they OWE US MONEY?! The sensible thing would be to deduct from the money owed us, then start fresh because every time we get a bill from them, it’s the same amount they owe us??!! Does that make any sense to the sane people on here??!!

    • natalie says:

      Marcia… same here, they owe me over £800 and cos I’ve changed company & rang therm 2 ask where my £800 is they’ve halved it, said they were meter readings and not correct readings, I’m absolutely fuming, I’ve threatened ofgem if they don’t pay up.

  21. Tina says:

    Booooooooo moved in with new tenancy. Other tenants left debt. Sent them new tenancy by fax. Said they have hundreds of faxes and my landlord was responsible for this and there would be a key for me at the end of week……. Two weeks later nothing still. I have a baby. British gas would not do this…. will be sending them court papers!!!!! grrrrrrr

  22. Bigmamou says:

    Atlantic are the best supplier I’ve ever had. Along with comparably reasonable prices they have a customer service second to none. Always polite, always knowledgeable, always sort things out.
    I’m sure some of the negative comments come from competitors or people who create their own problems and then expect the company to bail them out. Please feel free to leave Atlantic if you DON’T pay, that way my costs will be lower.

  23. Edward Wilson says:

    I have no real complaints about atlantic but with the larger companies dropping there prices, I am having a lot of problems finding out what I am being charged now

  24. Christopher Vetrano says:

    Our electric bill was about 250 per month, atlantic elec wanted to move a pole onto my land I refused they moved it anyways, then my bill went down to 100 per month after the pole was moved, now I was thinking great scott I must have been paying for the street lights, I called atlantic electric and asked them what gives with my lower bill, ever since the pole was moved, well their answer was to send out a meter guy to change the meter. Now my electric bills are at an all time high averaging 600 per month with a 787 month bill from feb, I called and ask what’s with the high bills, they told me to use less electric, I said I have been living in this house for 22 yrs and have never had electric bills this high, anyone else have this problem?

  25. Deborah White says:

    I have come onto this site to get their contact details because apparently, that’s where my complains procedure has to start.

    I switched to Atlantic several years ago and had no end of rows with them due to their incompetence, unhelpfulness and making out everything was my fault.

    I let my house out two years ago. My tenants have just left and I’ve discovered that Atlantic has installed a card-paying meter without my consent. There is a big debt on that which they need to come and wipe down. We were told they would come out within 24 hours of 5 o’clock yesterday. Atlantic took my partner’s phone details so that he could go down there (we live 10 mins away) and he took a day off work. No one called. When we rang up tonight, we were (eventually) told that someone had called but no one was there! We explained why and they put in an emergency callout but contradicted their original advice by saying that they couldn’t guarantee they would ring us first and that someone would have to go down there – in a freezing, furniture-less house until 11.00 tonight. We told them this is unacceptable so are now waiting to see if anyone rings us before calling because if they don’t, I don’t know what we’re going to do as we can’t let it out again with this debt on our meter. We are, of course, going to complain to several bodies including Watchdog.


  26. Paul Woods says:

    I have just moved from Atlantic Electric & Gas as I discovered to my amazement and sheer annoyance that their unit rates had risen by stealth over the past 12 months or so which made them more expensive than several other companies. My fault for not keeping a regular check but it just goes to show you can’t trust anyone nowdays (least of all bankers) and certainly not these energy companies who are fleecing us all by keeping prices high when wholesale prices went down months ago and we all know it doesn’t take months for them to go up!!

  27. Angela says:

    Unit price (0-900kWh per year) 14.186p

    Unit price (over 900kWh per year) 11.456p

    Unit price – Economy 7 4.473p
    Standing charge none

    Well looking not bad to sign online special tariff —Online Fixed Price 31 March 2011 Economy 7
    any one on this tariff???

  28. Patrick Powers says:

    The service offered by this company is crap. Bills are now not sent except every 6 months – when they do come they do not make proposals for the payment that you now need to make. In a time of unprecedented gas price movements the information from this wretched company should be monthly. It appears that i cannot rate the service at a zero only a one but readers of this should knowe I mean zero, YES ZERO. How can anyone with Atlantic avoid being ripped off?

  29. Wayne Aspley says:

    I haven’t had issues yet, but I’m currently switching to another supplier simply because I can save over £500 per year!

  30. David A Scrivener says:

    This company should be closed down. I have had nothing but trouble since last Jan when I switched to another company. One minute they say I’m in credit and pay me back £3006.00 2days later send me a bill for £2985.27 with no explanation now they have sent a reminder for £3064.50. They have offices all over the place and run around like headless chickens. If you are thinking of changing to them DON’T. If you are thinking of leaving be prepared for a lot of phone calls which will do you no good and a lot of letter writing which wont help either. I’m going to Which.

  31. Mrs Elliott says:

    I switched to atlantic from edf as the prices were relatively cheaper than edf however this winter I am finding myself applying £10 every 2 days to my prepayment card, I am a single mother and am working full time however I cannot afford to keep this up and myself and the kids are having to wrap up warm while watching tv which is disgraceful, I am now in the process of changing suppliers again and hopefully won’t be wearing a scarf and coat while trying to enjoy xmas totally disgusted customer.

  32. Matthew Gilbert says:

    I’ve been a customer for both gas and electricity for a number of years. But recently I have been over paying on my monthly direct debit, so in credit by £513. Asked for a refund, still waiting two weeks later and five phones calls. Still can not give a date for the credit to be paid into my Bank. Atlantic have agreed it is their fault. That does not help!Poor customer care, will now be changing companies.

  33. Anthony says:

    They are a joke, the mis-estimate your bills and when they read your meter, they realise they have screwed it all up and send you a big bill for the difference. Around 18 months ago i had a £1200 bill because i used too much gas an electricity… Today i received a £750 bill for the same thing…

    How incompetent can one company be?

    So here’s how it goes – they can swing for the £750 and I’m off to speak to the nice people at USwitch…

    ******* *********

    Hmm there doesn’t seem to be an option for -5 stars!

  34. B. Ormrod says:

    Overcharged me by more than £120 and now it is proving impossible to recover my cash from them. They say that they reply to e-mails in 2 working days; I have been waiting 2 weeks in spite of numerous emails to their dedicated Contact email address. Exceedingly poor customer service.

  35. Susan Lee says:

    I found it was easy to switch from Scottish Power. I pay my bills via Direct Debit and a couple of months ago, I received a bonus payment of £120 because I have been loyal to them and did not switch to another company. I found their customer service courteous and prompt in answering my queries. A very good service and prices good as well.

  36. Elizabeth Baines says:

    I am in the process of switching to Atlantic from EDF. Friends have recommended this company, and in comparison they came out cheapest. In all my dealings so far with Atlantic I have found them to be extremely helpful and polite, and unless I ring at the obviously busy times, the phone is answered promptly. My switch has taken longer than it should have due to EDF’s incompetence – they were actually fined recently for poor customer service; I think that says it all!!

  37. John Aspinall says:

    I have just received my bank statement and find that my electric direct debit has gone up from 21 pounds to 43pounds, and my gas debit has gone from 28 pounds to 67 pounds, so why is this as I have had no pre warning of these increases?

  38. Jane Courtenay-moore says:

    We have been with atlantic electric and gas for some years now and when we first moved to them they were great, I pay my electric weekly on a card at my post office, I had been paying more than they asked and am by their own admission over one hundred pounds in credit, but as I have missed two weeks they are now demanding almost three weeks payment to top up. I am considering moving as soon as I can find a more reliable and cheaper alternative, I have phoned and explained that my partner is now unemployed and we have to jiggle the payments some weeks but they are not interested.

  39. Mrs G Mehmet says:

    I have used atlantic for their gas and electric for around 4 years. I switched to them cause they came up cheaper on uswitch. I’ve moved and taken them with me. But the last move was 3 years ago and the last year they have been a nighmare. I never received an electric bill even though they read my meter 3 times, in 7 months and then suddenly i received a phone call telling me that i owed them over £950.00. this in a matter of 6 months went upto £1200.00. The lady that i was speaking to was really pissing me off and wouldn’t listen. We made an arrangement to pay this off at £100.00 a motnh and then to my suprise the payment didn’t go through as they didn’t set up the dd correctly. I got so fed up as they made me put a key meter in which we didn’t want. That i wrote a two page letter of complaint and only now are they trying to help to resolve the situation. But on saying that they compensation that they are offering me for their error is absolutely appaling. I requested time and time again for copy bills and the only way i got them was by downloading them myself from their website. My bill hadn’t been produced at the time of the readings they just produced one bill for the last 2 years. How are you supposed to now what your meter readings where at the time. I have now managed to change my gas back to British Gas and soon as I have resolved this issue with them on the electric i will be saying bye bye to them again. Can’t wait.

  40. M Warrilow says:

    Do not change to Atlantic – I had no bill for over 12 motnths – system error – payed by Direct debit for both gas and Electric or so I thought. Eventually told I owed £1300- more than double annual costs. Customer service is appualling and you get no call back or answers to your queries. Just in the process of writing to compain.
    Its a shables!!!!

  41. Arthur Jennings says:

    Been with Atlantic electric & gas for 3 years,Perhaps i’m just lucky but i’ve never had any problems with them. Easy to contact via phone or email,staff friendly &helpful. Their loyalty bonus works,keep it up.

  42. Peter Tew says:

    I have been with atlantic for 8 years. As I am on an old tariff, I always have to phone to say they have got the bill wrong! Their computer cannot work it out. Now I have received a 7 page double sided revised bill for 2006-2009 where they have overcharged me by £400. It’s impossible to understand ( and I worked in elect. tariffs for years). They are cheap though!

  43. Mr J Halligan says:

    I am fed up with them, their customer service is a mess as I just ask for bills by post, haven’t seen any bills for two yrs as paid by d. debit £90 every month, no bills. I emailed them and still wait for a reply. Please don’t join Altantic, for your sake.

  44. Nazifah says:

    May I know the CO2 coefficient that you are using currently?

  45. Mrs Haslam says:

    Don’t switch to Atlantic Electric and Gas. This is the dearest utility bill we have ever had. They are a nightmare to try to contact and you are left waiting and waiting.
    I received a final reminder on one bill to pay both the electric and gas which was over £500.00, I paid this in cash at a cash point shop. Weeks later I received a disconnection letter to say that they will be charging if this process was to continue. Once again tried to contact them, I have dates and times on my phone bill. You can never get hold of them unless you ring them on the free phone number which is 0800 074 0745, they didn’t seem happy that I had contacted them on that number but what the heck.
    I am now in the process of switching back to British Gas.
    I have just tried to buy something on buy now pay later and my credit has been refused, I have obtained a credit report and its Atlantic Electric and Gas that have set the bad score.
    Don’t switch to these.

  46. M Thomson says:

    I have found atlantic service, interest prompt response and courtesy to be excellent and I would have no hesitation to recommend them we have been very pleased and satisfied dealing with their staff unlike some others.

  47. Amanda Ainsworth says:

    I think theyre really good. Cheap, helpful, friendly and couteous. They even give you money back if youre paying less than it costs all I do is ring them up and they pay it into my account straight away. No problems with them and I’ve been supplied G and E for the last three years by them.

  48. Tom Braley says:

    After the Nightmare that was Npower – Atlantic are a breath of fresh air…

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about with negative comments about their customer service, as according to comparisons, they come out the best. My experience of them would back this up too.
    So far they have been easy to contact (no more being put on hold for 40+ minutes, this is no lie and happened every time I called Npower). They have provided accurate readings (no more bils for £1579 pounds from Npower when my account was in credit, which then takes 9 months or so to sort out, all the while receiving threats, and having to fork out my own money to put right their mistakes). And when I have had a problem its been promptly sorted – it’s not taken over a year to be put right… incidentally my problems with Npower are still on-going… They haven’t supplied me for nearly a year, I’ve moved house and they’re, correction, I’m still trying to sort out their mess and I still have to put up with their cr*p attitude and rude customer service team.
    After being supplied by Ncompetent, Atlantic get 5 stars from me. If you don’t go with Atlantic, just dont go with Npower – they are disgusting, and I’d go so far as to say bordering on engaging in criminal activity in the way they operate. They are scum.

  49. Rob Newcombe says:

    I styrongly advise everyone NOT to use this company. prices are amongst the lowest, but so is customer service. I have spent hours trying to resolve a substantial overcharge and they are next to useless. Please DO NOT use their services!

  50. S M Smith says:

    Generally a reasonable company but I have had a problem with this company over the 5 years I have been with them.

    When we switched, our application provided the correct postal address including postcode. However, rather than using the correct details they have referenced a postcode data source containing an address error. Once the error is pointed out they acknowledge the error and promise to correct it immediately but still keep repeating it.
    Despite numerous telephone calls and strong letters to senior management, they seem inept in permanently correcting their error.

  51. Andy Benson says:

    Moved over to Atlantic Energy nearly 2 years ago and not looked back.
    British Gas called me and wanted to know why I switched after 16years with them? I answered that they have sold me the most expensive gas on the high street and only wanted to talk about it when I requested to moved (2 accounts) from them! They said ‘but we sell the cheapest electricity’.

    I explained that I only buy my gas from BRITISH GAS and the electricity prices were not an issues… They then put the phone down on me.

    I have not had any problems with AE they listen to customers, answer the phone and make a refreshing change to how I personally have been treated by British Gas.

    Last point on British Gas, after a direct debit was set up last year for my mother in law, the account details was not correct (our fault) and after the first greeting letter of “Welcome to British Gas” within 3 weeks a letter stating that the bailiffs, police and locksmiths are going to call round was disgusting…..

    This lady had just lost her husband and took her days to talk to us about it. She has moved over with a little note to customer service that if there are any problems to talk to her family and we would be happy to help resolve any issues.

    What ever people say, I think British Gas have lost their customer focus and service. They may Al Capone look like Mother Teresa and at least Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed you.
    I will continue to recommend Atlantic Energy to my friends and family over British Gas any day of the week.

    PS The mother in law still gets phone calls from British Gas asking why!

  52. Geoffrey Vail says:

    was with them for a while qabout nine months, but in that time they got my meter readings reversed night for day and day for night. it took a bit of sorting out. when I switched from them they sent me a final account which was not correct but corrected it farly quickly and paid £40 which they owed to my bank account. All over O no then had another final account saying that I owed them over £100 they had on this account again reversed the readings day for night and night for day, I phoned them up and the operator could not or would not understand what I was saying and said that it was down to my new suppliers giving them the wrong readings on change over this could not be true as I had allready had the proper final account with correct readings from them.
    She said that nothing could be done and that I would have to contact my present supplier to resolve the matter as they had given the readings completly untrue as they Atlantic had allready supplied the correct account. My present supliers when contacted were most helpful even though they were in no way to blame. I have heard nothing since. Would award them – 8 if possible.

  53. Michael Sandbrook says:

    I switched to Atlantic because of the awful customer services provided by British Gas and Atlantic were rated for the best customer service on the comparison website. I have been very pleased with Atlantic’s customer services as they have always been professional and courteous. My only complaint is that I am paying by Key Meter to help manage my bills in this time of very energy prices but Atlantic are disadvantaging Key Meter customers by not offering them the discounts of dual fuel customers paying by direct debit. This has been highlighted by both the energy watchdog and WHICH magazine. I feel this is very unfair and I have complained twice by phone, letter and now by email but nothing has changed. I feel let down as ALL Energy companies should be more responsible and offer a fairer system for all their customers.

  54. Trevor Finney says:

    Had to alter monthly direct debit payments a few times to get it right for gas/electric used.
    But found whoever was at the other end of phone very helpfull. Sometimes put on hold for a while. But free phone. So no problem.
    Been with Atlantic for about 6 years. If i was owed money. They put into my account when they said they would.
    If there estimated reading was wrong. Just phoned free number and sorted it!
    Not sure if they are the cheapest anymore?
    Need to be a mathmetician to figure it all out!!!!!!!!

  55. Brenda Roxburgh-clark says:


  56. Wendy Rushworth says:

    I have been questioning my bill for the past two years and an investigation is underway however, I want to pay in the meantime and need a standing order form please could you send me one to 18 yalton westcross swansea sa35ny

  57. Fred Smith says:

    Customer service tried to be very very helpful but were rarely of any practical use.
    Couldn’t get old tennents bill dealt with despite supplying address

    Ring 4 times to get your query resolved.

    Building up the energy to switch suppliers…

  58. Mr M Fisher says:

    Have been with Atlantic about 18 months now although I did leave them for a month when someone from N Power came knocking on my door and pursuaded me that they would be better and cheaper.
    Shortly after joining N Power they sent me a letter stating that they would be increasing their prices so I would now be no better off.
    Additionally I own another property that I rent out which N Power supply , it took N power over 6 months to send me a bill for gas I used earlier in the year when the property was unoccupied and I was decorating it before my new tenants moved in.
    I didnt pay the bill straight away but after a week I got a letter from N Power threatining me with further action involving debt collectors and county court judgements if I didnt pay up.
    I couldnt belive the tone of the letter after only a week had gone by without paying them after all it took them 6 months to send the bill in the first instance !.
    I have now switched back to Atlantic and told N power where they can shove their energy !
    Never had any problems with Atlantic

  59. John Ryan says:

    Switched from a nightmare with British Gas a year ago and have found Atlantic miles better, I don’t know what your problems are but I am happy (for the moment).

  60. Yusef Mohammed says:

    I am using prepaid meter for my gas plus elec, I would like to know Atlantic’s current tariff and if there is any benefit for me to switch at this time when prices or constantly moving up.

  61. Joe says:

    Due to the kindness of my heart, I will post for all you the energy unit prices that I have been quoted by Atlantic Energy for the online deal. These prices are for the Berkshire area:

    General domestic service:
    With Service charge:
    15.07p per day and 12.40p for every unit

    With No service charge:
    First 650/quarter 16.11p
    After that – 12.40

    With Service charge:
    Daily charge 13.36/day and 3.31p/unit

    No Service charge plan:
    First 1143units 4.32p
    then 3.28p for the rest.

    I had to be on hold for a while to get these prices but hopefully posting it here will help some people.

  62. Cath Berry says:

    I have been supplied by Atlantic for about 3 years now at two different addresses and they have been very good, much better than British Gas who I got rid of because they never answer their phones and also don’t honour appointments/call-outs.

  63. Brian Lovett says:

    cannot access my accounts.
    When logged on and trying to bring up my bills,the page informs me that the internet explorer has performed an error.My server has no problems this end so there is an access error your end.
    please inform me when corrected.
    Thank You B Lovett/nottingham/

  64. Alan Gilholm says:

    Been with them a few years now. Always been last to increase prices and first to lower. No complaints about service, and loyalty bonus is helpful. When British Gas ‘cold call’ to sell me gas and electricity, as soon as I tell them I’m with Atlantic they give up!

  65. Mr Akinwale says:

    Can Atlantic Gas justify their reason for raising Gas and Electrcity prices by 29.2% & 19.2 % respectively from25th August 2008 at a time when global oil prices have come down by a considerable amount.

    As a customer l have today the 18th October 2008 received a letter from Atlantic Gas CEO (i bet there other customers have received similar letter’s) informing me of the prices increases. I find these increases shocking and unjustifiable to say the least.

    These utility suppliers are taking us for a ride indeed.

  66. Adam Whitehouse says:

    Today 17th October 2008, I have just received a letter dated October 2008 advising me that due to increased costs my bills are going to increase to take effect 25th of August 2008, Can they do this, increase my costs and then inform me a month later?

  67. Mark Street says:

    Why do they employ these self important little people who cold call at my home and proceed to tell me who supplys me with power and tells me what I am going to do about it. For my benifit of course!!!! They do not accept the answer I AM NOT INTERESTED PLEASE TAKE ME OFF YOUR CALLING LIST. But take the trouble to call back a fortnight later JUST INCASE!!!

  68. L Greenwood says:

    customer service does exist but they are so rude and cockly its discusting i will be looking for a different supplier

  69. Theresa M Grundy says:

    I am very pleased with the service provided by Atlantic and have saved money

  70. Gerald Bearman says:

    Why will you not quote unit price for Electricty ? Is Atlantic cheaper than 10.29 for EQUIPOWER ?

  71. L Sargent says:

    I have been with Atlantic for gas & electric for just over two years now, have never had a problem fingers crossed. on each anniversary of signing up I have recieved one months payment for gas and electric back as a thankyou for staying and every time i have compared prices to change no one can beat them

  72. Toooldtooz says:

    I am with Atlantic and they are excellent, however i hope they don’t come to me for extra cash on my bill because of this governments ‘nanny’ fuel policy. I am a pensioner and i know that there are a few of the elderly and infirm deserving our help. Please don’t stick us for extra cash for the lazy, feckless idiots who don’t know how to turn down their heating or budget for their bills like most other people had to in the past and still do. God save us from the single mother, the poor immigrants and the people whose vote the politicians are trying to gain, if it’s a bit chilly one day, the ‘don’t care’ brigade should go and knit a jumper, stop wasting fuel and act responsibly like the rest of us.

  73. Malcolm Carlisle says:

    Have been with this company for some time and are now moving house. The service I have received is unbeliebably brilliant – I am looking forward to seeing how well the change over from existing card meters to tarrif meters happens – I will post again in about 10 days time. We have saved a lot by changing to them.

  74. Jenny H says:

    They stuck me with an ex tenants bill even though I have only lived in my house for 3 months. Lost my original tenancy agreement. Called me a Liar and laughed at me whilst I was seeking their help. And every thing that they cock up is my fault!!! AWFUL COMPANY AVOID

  75. Alan Nicholson says:

    I switched to Atlantic from Npower supplying readings to both companies at the correct time. I received my final bill from Npower and they had used an estimated reading way ahead of my current meter readings. I rang Npower who said they hadn’t received readings from Atlantic and so an estimated bill had been agreed between both companies. I rang Atlantic who said they had passed the correct readings to Npower!! So one company says the other didn’t supply readings whilst the other company states it did!!

    Result ? My final NPower bills are completely messed up and taking no end of phone calls and hassle to sort out and both companies are blaming each other.

    Seems to me that all suppliers are the same – couldn’t care less about its customers!!

    I will wait until bills are sorted and see how Atlantic performs for a few months then………who knows, switch again?

  76. Barry Cooke says:

    I am an online customer with Atlantic and I like to refer to their website regularly, but for the last six weeks their website has been down due to some security problem so now I am in the process of looking to change my supplier

  77. Paul Sharpe says:

    Have been with Atlantic G + E for 4-5 years always had good customer service with NO problems. Over time they are about the cheapest supplier. Also they insulated my cavity walls for less than £180 which will pay for itself in 4 years. As long as they continue as before, I will be a very long term customer.

  78. Paul Sharpe says:

    Have been with Atlantic G + E for 4-5 years always had good customer service with NO problems. Over time they are about the cheapest supplier. Also they insulated my cavity walls for less than £180 which will pay for itself in 4 years. As long as they continue as before, I will be a very long term customer.

  79. Crystal Ashby says:

    I’ve been with Atlantic for 2 years and have always found them to be very helpful. Was pleasantly surprised to receive £25 cashback after 1 year with them, and £65 after 2 years with them.

  80. Mike Gagg says:

    As haven’t needed to contact customer services, we have been satisfied with prices and really pleased with the month rebate every year. But would like the OFT to standardise pricing to make comparisons credible. Their failure to do so is of great concern.

  81. Simon Randal says:

    I transferred to them and found it was very straight forward customer services was the best and very helpful. I had no problems at all with any change over

    Full Marks and good prices as well

  82. Peter Hewitt says:

    I’ve had no problems having switched to Atlantic from British ‘I’ll Pass’.
    Customer service fine, bills much lower on both E & G. Surprised by some of the probs described above. Maybe I’ve been lucky!

  83. Rosemary James says:

    I transferred to Atlantic 16 months ago after some incredibly high bills and unfreindly customer service by Powergen. I have had nothing but excellent customer service, low bills and contentment ever since. Best company to be with by far, and you can email them questions, billing requests etc and they sort it out within a couple of hours without having to phone and be put on hold for hours like every other company I’ve been with.

    I’m sorry some of the above comments are so negative, but from my own experience, atlantic have been nothing but excellent.

  84. Hugh Jones says:

    Why does Atlantic Electricity and Gas not join the other suppliers with a capped price. If the 40% increase becomes a reality, they will lose out to their competitors. Yes, it is a little dearer but if the cost does go up, those of us who switch to a capped tariff will win out.

  85. Peter Smith says:

    To my emotional cost, but financial saving, I’ve been with Atlantic for many years & in 2 homes. As with (just about) every call centre you phone these days – and boy are there lots of call centres (banks, TV, etc) – Atlantic seem to employ people who would otherwise be unemployable, have no interest in the job or the customer & certainly do not make an effort to sort out the slightest problem. Probably bound by call centre systems & procedures, just about anything that goes wrong ends up outside of their tiny world & therefore is, just about, impossible to sort. Or, of course, they could just not give a damn & don’t bother to do anything on your behalf once you put the phone down – which is my personal belief.

    Over the years & moves I’ve had all the problems I read here: wrong meter number, wrong readings, estimated bills despite being given a reading, owed large sums after taking to much via DD, etc etc.

    Yes, if all is going well they are ok.
    BUT, if something goes slightly wrong – BEWARE!!

    I’m not sure if you get what you pay for, or if the hassles are worth the saving. But with even higher fuel prices on the horizon, they know you will stay for the saving. So why spend money on keeping you a happy customer, when they know they will keep 99% of customers on price alone?

    But as I said, in my experience of any call centre customer service once you need to phone them you are already on the path to more grey hair & higher blood pressure. Expect everything to take at least 3 phone calls, make notes of time, date, names & conversation and expect restrictive procedures to block your every move.

    I can’t recommend Atlantic. If you choose them at least choose them with your eyes open, expectations low and the knowledge that they are not picking on you, but rather, they treat all the customers like s***.

  86. David Flint says:

    im having problems switching to online account could you help me plz

  87. Mrs Greer Mcgeachy says:

    Best company I have been with lower rates and refund at end of year. I have been wih Atlantic for 4 years and after moving house in Dec 2007 I have swapped back to Atlantic from the supplier that was at this address. Customer service very helpful never had any problems. May 2008

  88. Samantha Stanley says:

    I have been with Atlantic for gas and electricity since 2006, I was recommended them by my mother in law. I have had no problems with Atlantic, I find you can get through to a person quickly, I did however have alot of problems with British Gas!!!. I am always in credit so no issues there. Great service.

  89. Violet Chibueze says:

    not happy with your service , not impressed as firts time with you.
    No emmergency contact phone to inform if key is invalid.
    I am unable to acess electircity due to the key sent was invalid no contact form you due to no staff to spaek to only anwser phone

  90. Christopher Pringle says:

    price is good .
    customer service is non existent .all you get when you call are the scripted lines .i have been trying for nearly two years to get my meter read instead of estimated bills .i finally got them to agree .next bill arrived estimated . you ring them to complain waste of time, they put you on hold then lie to you .promise what you want then ignore that promise , complete waste of space. i would switch but i’m determined to make them stick to there promises even iif it takes court action to do it

    i put rating at 1 because the system wont let me put a negative.

  91. Stephen Richards says:

    Atlantic gas have very poor customer service and can’t do their jobs correctly. I gave the customer serive rep my opening reading which she took down wrong and also didn’t make a record of what she put. Then when i came to move out i had a bill of £4,500 for 4 months worth of gas!!! They agreed they were very wrong in what they had done so they agreed to fix the issue. 12 months later i am still without the issue being resolved and now they are saying i need to pay them £105 to close the account. Soo in total for 4 months worth of gas in a 2 bedroom flat they are charging me £50 a month because i was paying them through DD @ £25 a month while i was with them.

    Customer service were helpful but i needed to talk to a manager who i found very rude and said she will increase my bill if i cause and more problems. I found this very bad customer service and would not recommend this company to anyone!

    Also i can say that i was also told i would get callbacks and emails but i got nothing from them at all.

    If i could go less then 1 start i would!!!!!

  92. Mr Michael Ashworth says:

    how do i start to collect airmiles on my duel fuel account which i have just opened with you

  93. Prema Jacob says:

    I am amazed that you would have contact phone numbers for customer service that are disconnected!!!! I am embaressed for your company! I was hoping to speak to someone to answer my questions particularly since my e-mails were ignored!!i guess this is not unique reading the other viewpoints.

  94. Andrew H Penman says:

    I am currently with British Gas for my gas and electricity and was looking at your website and see I can save money with yourselves, however is thers a scheme whereby disabled people get cheaper gas and electricity.

  95. Mr D A Reid says:

    It is so sad,that what was invented to improve mans life on this planet,has now become a tool of SUCH greed and confusion.POWER.

  96. Gassy Smell says:

    All gas suppliers are the same.

  97. S Thomas says:

    I was thinking of switching to Atlantic, but after reading the comments above I won’t be. It would seem that their customer service is non exsistent and that they don’t care what people think, or even try to resolve issues, by simply contacting people when you say you will. Sorry but I want good customer service with whoever I sign up with.

  98. Gill Anderson says:

    I echo the former reviewer – if I could award minus ten stars, then I would consider this more appropriate.

    I switched to Atlantic, following a uswitch search. They managed to bodge the gas transfer, by attaching my new account to an erroneous meter point reference number. Thus I was paying them by direct debit and simultaneously receiving threatening letters from British Gas, which steadfastly (and correctly) maintained that they were still my supplier and that I owed them money. This confusion took more than three months to unravel, since no one at either supplier was prepared to investigate the issue and resolve it. Similarly, my electricity switch has not been without problems. I called Atlantic with my meter readings on the switch date – 14 November 2007. I reconfirmed these readings on 31 December, 31 January and finally lost my rag and demanded to speak to the manager on 8 Feb. For some reason my meter readings had been ignored throughout and a set of (incorrect) estimated readings had been sent to my former supplier and applied to my initial bill. Again, no one at Atlantic was prepared to fix the problem and it took repeated calls and final loss of cool, before the manager agreed to fix the reading and chase up with my former supplier. He also agreed to confirm these actions via email, which did not happen, so I called again today (13 Feb) to confirm. I spoke to Kelly – another manager, apparently – who should never have pursued a career in customer services. She baldly stated that the mix-up was my fault, as I had only provided my meter readings on 31 December, thus forcing Atlantic to provide an estimate to my former supplier. When this caused my blood pressure to rise, she shouted at me and was the epitome of rudeness and ill-informed inappropriateness.

    To be honest, I could cope with the original error(s). Mistakes happen. What I cannot tolerate is the comprehensive and continuous lack of commitment to customer service that has been displayed by Atlantic. To this end, I shall wait until my final bill appears from my former supplier (when?!) and then switch again. Life is too short for this much aggravation.

  99. Michael Ryall says:

    Why in price comparison are we not given the actual unit price. Then we could work out the comparison ourselves and make a decision. They or you seem to go on usage charge or D/D payment to make the calculation.

  100. Malcolm Smith says:

    Frankly puzzled by some of the negative posting on here. I transferred to Atlantic two years ago. I’ve found costs to be much lower than EDF – and customer service helpful, courteous and very prompt. The online account management facility is excellent – and largely removes any need to telephone the supplier. They are first class!

  101. Ian Pollard says:

    I find Atlantic E & G to be trying hard but not quite getting there. Their internal communication must be just about non-existent as it always takes about three attempts to get anything done. I am a relatively new customer just having moved house, I will give them three months to see if things improve, if not, I will find another supplier.

  102. Paul Woodward says:

    Very happy with Atlantic Gas and Electricity and was pleasantly surprised when I received a rebate for 1 month’s electricity credit directly to my bank as promised when I signed up even though I had forgotten all about it. Never had the need to contact them and the eBill system is great to use. Would definitely recommend.

  103. Clive Wilkinson says:

    I moved home on the 2nd May. On the 24th April I contacted Atlantic and advised them. On the 2nd May, after moving, I gave them final and new readings. On the 18th May, I was surprised that my bank account was £165 less than it should be.

    It transpired that Atlantic incorrectly advised me that they could supply gas & electric to my new address and had finalised my supply accounts, taking the money out of my bank without sending me statements.

    I phoned them and spoke to a manager who admitted the error and said he would refund the money (they haven’t done this yet). Additionally he said he was unable to advise me as to who my current suppliers were.

    I contacted Energywatch to complain and they found out who my suppliers are, using the same database which Atlantic have access to.

    On the whole, I was on the phone for about an hour and am less than happy with Atlantic, although I did save money when they were supplying me.

  104. Patricia Burton says:

    Your gas may be cheaper but your customer service is non-existent. Atlantic Gas owes me a large amount of money and is well aware that the mistake is of their own making. I want my money back and cannot even get to speak to a manager. I have been promised call backs and emails and every time I live in hope that Atlantic Gas will keep its word, but it does not. I am moving very shortly therefore this matter is even more pressing to get sorted immediately. You have no right to keep my money! If there was a minus ten star below, I would award it to Atlantic Gas.

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